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Buying a car can be a bit of a stressful experience if you’re not prepared. There’s usually a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled out and if you’re buying a used car there are some other things to consider. First of all, there are always some questions in the back of the mind about the possibility of buying damaged goods and if that’s not stressful enough then you have to think about insurance. The process is pretty simple when buying a new car as the car dealer and lender that you borrow money from simply won’t let you drive off the lot without insurance, but the dealer will usually help you get the ball rolling so the process can be fairly straightforward. When it comes to used cars things can get a little more complicated.

Do I Need Insurance Right Away?


A common question that people ask when it comes to purchasing a used car is whether or not they need to have the car insured in their name before they can drive it at all. You don’t need a car insured in your name to take a test drive as long as it’s covered by the dealership or the private owner you’re purchasing from, but as soon as you purchase the vehicle and want to drive it away you have to have insurance in place before you can drive it or you’re leaving yourself liable in the event of an accident that can be quite costly.

Does It Matter If It’s A Private Sale Or Not?

When it comes to insuring a used car it doesn’t really matter whether you’re purchasing that car from a dealer or a private owner. The process is the same in both cases, although when you buy off a dealer they do tend to make things a little easier for you by helping you with the paperwork and smoothing out the process with your insurance company. If you decide to buy a used car from a private seller you’ll have to take care of everything yourself including making sure the car is properly insured before you drive it away.

Do I Need To Do It In Person?


In most cases, you do not need to sit down with your insurance agent in person in order to ensure that you have proper coverage for the used car you just purchased – normally this can be done over the phone. You’ll probably have to visit your agent in the near future to firm up the new policy, but you can usually get the ball rolling over the phone so that you can drive away.

Always Have Insurance


The bottom line is that no matter what type of vehicle you’re driving, how old it is, and where it came from you have to have proper insurance before you drive it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s new or used the legal requirements are the same. Driving any car, new or used, without insurance can leave you on the hook for a large liability bill and leave you open to significant fines as well.