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Is Vandalism Covered by Insurance?


A lot of people have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with vehicle vandalism. These individuals know how distressing and costly this can be. The first question that comes to mind is if their insurance covers vandalism.

There is a basic amount of insurance that drivers in Canada must have on their vehicles. Vandalism protection is not part of this. The type of insurance that covers vehicle vandalism is Comprehensive insurance. It is optional and is bought separately from other types of insurance. It is a good investment, and it provides other types of insurance protection as well.

Comprehensive Insurance can cover almost anything that can happen to a vehicle. It is beside of what takes place in an accident. It may cover…

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Acts of Nature
  • Fire damage
  • Explosions
  • Shattered window components
  • Possible damage from objects that have fallen on it
  • When damage is done in civil disturbances
  • Damage from animals as a result of impact or collision also damage by animals

Every insurance company is different. So, it means that what they will cover in regards to vandalism can vary. Plus, it means there can be variations in comprehensive insurance. It is one of the reasons that makes shopping for insurance a good idea.

Do You Have To Pay a Deductable for Vandalism?

A deductible with insurance means the part that you will have to pay when making a claim. It means the insurance company will not cover all the costs. For example, for vandalism, an insured may have a $500. deductible. If an object were to fall on the vehicle, it could result in $700. worth of damage. The insured would pay the first $500. of this claim. Then the insurance company would pay the remaining $200.

Usually, the driver will have the option of how much they want their deductible to be. It may apply to both collision and the comprehensive part of their claim. In most cases the higher the deductible means, the cheaper the premiums will be. It is because the insured is taking on the responsibility of a part of the costs. It saves the insurance company money. In return, they are passing on some of those savings. It is with a lower cost for the comprehensive insurance.

The Worst Types of Vehicle Vandalism

vehicle vandalism

When one discovers that there has been vandalism to their vehicle has to them it is the worse type. Any damage done to one’s private property such as their vehicle is bad, no matter how minor it is. Some types of vandalism to these vehicles are worse than others.

The worse types of damage are not always visible.

Gas Tank Tampering

Some vindictive individuals will do something to the gas in the automobile. They may add water or sugar to the gas tank. Or worse still they could put a rag into the tank opening and set this on fire. One case in the US a party or individual drilled a hole in the gas tank of a business vehicle.

Smashed Windows and Mirrors

This may be the most common type of vandalism to a vehicle. It is an act that is noisy and tends to draw attention fast. Culprits will usually go about their nasty task of smashing in the windows then flee as quick as they can. One of the reasons for this type of vandalism is so they can steal something from inside the car. Others do just because they enjoy being destructive. On a rarer occasion, it’s done to get back at the vehicle owner as retribution.

Denting the Vehicle

Vandalism includes having a dent put into the car. It can be anywhere on the body. Sometimes the motive for this is the individual doing the damage was in a fit of temper.

Paint Damage

Paint damage can be secondary type damage as a result of one of the other types of vandalism. There are some more unusual ways that damage is done to the paint. One report stated that deli meats left on the car for 24 hours could damage the paint. It’s believed the chemicals from the meat interact with the paint. It can cause the paint to peel off with the meat removal.

Unwelcome Artistry

Another common type of vehicle vandalism is when someone paints graffiti on the vehicle. Or they make comments on the vehicle using spray paint. It’s done in a quiet manner, so a lot of damage is possibly done before catching the individual.


Keying is a common term. It is when an individual takes a key or other sharp object and creates damage to the paint finish of a vehicle. The most common is taking this object and running down the entire length of one side of the vehicle. Or, they will carve in a quote, message or saying into the paint.

Punctured Tires

Punctured tires is another act of vandalism that is done quick, easy and in a quiet manner. A sharp object is used to puncture one or more tires.

How to Prevent Car Vandalism


Comprehensive insurance is a good choice. It’s a good idea to take extra steps to help prevent vandalism. Even though one may have comprehensive insurance.

Watch Where You Park the Vehicle

Vehicle vandalism can happen anywhere and at any time. Most often it is when the vehicle has been parked. Being a little cautious when choosing where to park the car may help.

When parking in an above ground parking facility try parking in the centre section of the parking lot. Cars parked closer to the sidewalks are easier to key. Most parking lots have an attendant. So individuals lurking around on the parking lot grounds are more noticeable.

At home, parking the vehicle in the garage is the safest measure. Motion sensor lighting may help when leaving a parked car in the driveway. It may help to deter an individual from vandalizing the vehicle.

Exterior cameras aimed at the driveway may act as another deterrent. Even if these are fake, they just might be enough to may a person think twice about damaging the vehicle.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.