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Everyone needs car insurance to be able to drive in any of the provinces in Canada. The type and amount of insurance may vary. In any event, insurance can be expensive. Many drivers worry about what can affect their car insurance. One of these concerns is parking tickets.

Will Parking Tips Increase your Insurance Premiums?


Insurance policies can differ according to the provinces in Canada. In general, parking tickets will not affect the insurance premiums of the insured. However, there are other consequences that can come with parking tickets. Although, this will only take place when one goes to renew their license.

The other consequence when it comes to a parking ticket is having to pay it. Parking tickets can vary in the amount of the fine. It will depend on the specific parking infraction.

Common Parking Ticket Infractions

In Ontario, it is relatively easy to end up with a parking ticket if one is not careful. Plus, it is because parking can be difficult in the busy areas of the cities. Some of the cities are more difficult to park in.

Some of the common parking infractions are….

  • Parking in a no-parking zone
  • Handicapped parking is not allowed without a permit
  •  Driveway parking infractions, i.e parking in a driveway improperly so it is blocking the sidewalk
  • Parking in a snow zone

Not moving the parked car after the time permitted has expired.

Indirect Ways That Parking Violations Could Affect your Insurance


Many parents have young drivers in the home. At first, they may want insurance coverage under their parent’s insurance. Ideally, they want to obtain their insurance as soon as possible. By doing this, it helps them build a good driving record. When they do this, it can help to reduce their premiums.

There are definite steps to practice to develop a good driving record. One of these is by building good habits as a driver. It means being cautious with the number of parking tips one ends up with. If they become careless with their parking habits, they may become lax with their diving habits. Then this could lead to driving infractions that would affect the insurance premiums.

Driving With A Expired Licence Sticker

If parking tickets accumulate and they are not paid, then a driver’s license renewal may not be possible. Driver’s licenses are renewable every five years in Ontario. Some are tempted to drive without a license until they can pay the fines. They assume if they drive carefully they won’t get caught. Thinking this way is a fallacy. There could be many reasons why the Police may stop you.

Do Parking Tickets Go on your Insurance?

Many provinces have made it difficult to get a license renewal if one has parking violations. Based on this many wonders why Insurance Companies are not concerned about a parking ticket. Asking why they are not allowing these parking violations to affect premiums.

One of the reasons they are affecting driver license renewal is because there are so many outstanding parking fines. Also, it is an innovative way of getting the driver to pay their parking fines. Insurance companies have no interest in this.

Parking violations are not moving violations, so they do not get put on the driving records. Insurance companies are only interested in driving records. It is for those that they are going to insure.

What Is on The Driving Record?

It contains the same information as what is on the driver’s license. Also, it has additional information such as convictions under the Highway Traffic Act. It also includes Criminal code convictions. Other information is also included here along with the demerit point total. It does not include any information about parking violations. Therefore insurance companies have no easy way of accessing information about drivers. It is referring to the parking violations.

Insurance companies are more concerned about moving violations. Plus, these become categories. The categories are major, minor, and criminal. If Insurance Companies did consider parking violations they would come under minor infractions. In many cases, the category doesn’t affect the premiums. Not unless there is a conviction and depending on what the offense is.

Extend Your Good Habits By Paying Parking Fines Quickly

Taking care not to get parking fines is one way of developing overall good driving habits. If one gets a parking ticket then paying it quickly Is another way of building on good practices. Plus, it is not forgotten about. You will not have to deal with it when you go for your license renewal.

Think About the Money


The big concern is whether the Insurance premiums will go up with parking tickets. Yet, the cost of parking tickets can mount up quickly. Being careless and getting too many of these would likely be more costly than the increase in premiums if parking tickets were a concern of Insurance Companies.

What many don’t realize is that there are different price ranges that come with parking tickets. Of course, this will depend on which province in Canada the parking violation occurred. A shock to many is when they realize that these tickets can range from $30. To $450. In fines. Many find this hard to believe for a non-moving violation, but it is a reality. If one has a parked vehicle going beyond the time limit for a parking meter the fine can be $35. Parking in a fire route is a more severe parking offense that comes in at $250. Then the ultimate offense of parking in an accessible space will cost you $450. If you have parked here illegally. Parking in these spots requires you to have a valid permit, and the permit must be in clear view.

The best approach is to refrain from getting parking tickets in the first place. At the same time maintain a good driving record.

Parking violations focus on the safety factors of the cars parked, so they do not interfere with the safety of others. There are times when a parking violation can challenge in the courts. However, there has to be valid proof as to why the parking fine was not justified.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.