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Most people that live in Canada and particularly Ontario realize that they need a license to drive most types of motorized vehicles. Where confusion can set in is whether they also need insurance. One of the most favored recreational vehicles is ATV. Drivers of these want to know what their insurance responsibilities are.

Auto Insurance Coverage for ATVs


ATV owners and drivers can drive on private property. When they do there is no insurance requirement.

An ATV is like an off-road vehicle. Both the owner and driver are responsible for this vehicle. In regards to any injuries that may occur as a result of the operation of this vehicle. It also includes responsibility for property damage.

Do I Need Insurance to Drive My ATV in Ontario

There can be some confusion when it comes to insurance and this type of recreational vehicle. Some believe that their home insurance will cover them when operating this vehicle. It is not the case. Farm insurance does not include coverage of ATV ownership and driving. Both of these thoughts are a fault. Everyone should know exactly what their insurance coverage includes. It goes for all types of insurance.

Some Insurance policies may have specific clauses within them. It may state that the operation of vehicles that require motor vehicle registration is exempt.

Owner and Driver Responsibility

The owner of the ATV may allow others to drive the vehicle on occasion. If so the owner has the responsibility of making sure the vehicle is properly insured. It is according to government regulations. Drivers also have some responsibilities. They must make sure that the vehicle has regulated insurance on the ATV.

Proof of Insurance

Peace officers will sometimes stop ATV drivers. At this time the Officer may ask for proof of insurance. The driver must be able to provide this proof. It means that the driver must be carrying the proof of insurance certificate with them. Or they should have immediate access to it.

What is All Terrain Vehicle Insurance

Most people know what an ATV vehicle is. Some don’t realize that this is a vehicle that must have All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Insurance. It is a specific form of insurance that is for the coverage of ATVs. The insurance companies will use additional metrics. These are for determining the cost of premiums for owners and drivers of this type of vehicle.

Do You Need a Licence to Drive an ATV?


The driver of an ATV can be no younger than sixteen years old. The type of license needed to drive an ATV is the G2 Licence which is the same as the G2 license for driving an auto. Or the driver can also have a valid M2 license. An M2 license is a license that applies to driving a motorcycle in Ontario.

There are also specific rules for operating an ATV. For example, it is mandatory to wear a helmet. The helmet must have a chin strap that’s fastened securely under the chin of the driver.

Basic Mandatory Insurance

To begin with, drivers must have the basic mandatory insurance to own and operate this type of vehicle. The mandatory insurance is liability insurance. It is the segment of insurance that covers some of the costs related to injury or property damage.

Extra Coverage

A lot of ATV drivers like to have additional insurance coverage. Both the driver and the owner are responsible for this vehicle. In respect to when it comes to making sure there is proper insurance coverage. So, even owners who may not drive it that much still want good protection.

Additional coverage may include extra liability coverage. Accidents on ATVs can be very serious, and there may be more of a risk of bodily harm in the case of an accident. Then minimum required liability insurance may not provide enough coverage.

Collision insurance is another option that many will add to their basic policy. It would help cover the costs of the ATV if it were to collide with some object.

ATVs can be expensive to buy. They can also be a target of theft or vandalism. Quite often where they’re parked can lead to damage from acts of nature. The insurance coverage that would help with this is comprehensive insurance.

Shopping for ATV Insurance

Not every company offers ATV insurance. Those that do will vary in their restrictions and what they offer. Some of the variations are….

a) They will insure the vehicle only for recreational use.

b) Various wheel sizes like 4 or 6 or 8 up to 900ccs.

Insurance Restrictions


Each insurance company that offers ATV insurance will have its own restrictions. Although some may offer this type of insurance, they may not do it. Denial could be for the following reasons….


The owner, as well as all drivers of the vehicle, must have the proper license. The insurance company will probably ask you to list all who will be driving the vehicle. If this criterion is not met, it could mean refusal of insurance.

ATV Modification

Some ATV owners like to modify or customize their ATVs. Some of these modifications are not permitted by the insurance provider.

Driving History

Past losses or any convictions can appear in the driving history. The insurer will pay attention to these. It includes any legal issues like charges of fraud insurance.

Type of ATV

The type of ATV that needs insuring will also be a big factor. An insurance company may not provide insurance if it’s classed as a Youth model. If ATVs are used for any jumping or competition or racing, might not qualify for insurance.

The ATV should be made in North America and recognized in distribution channels in Canada or the US. If not some insurance companies may refuse to provide insurance for it.

Quad Bikes

ATVs are now commonly referred to as Quad Bikes.

There is a lot to learn and consider when buying ATV insurance. Getting quotes and shopping for ATV should bring good results.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.