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A vehicle operator driving on public roads in Canada has to register the vehicle. To register a vehicle, there are specific requirements. One of these is having valid insurance on the vehicle. It is mandatory, and drivers must have proof of insurance. The only valid proof of insurance is the insurance certificate.

Vehicle Registration


There may be different rules and regulations in place for each of the provinces in Canada. It is as they apply to vehicle registration. The registering of the vehicle with the government includes having a vehicle permit. Also, license plates and proof of the minimal amount of insurance are required by law.

Mandatory Insurance

Vehicle permits and plates are not given without valid proof of insurance.

The individual wanting to register the vehicle has to arrange for insurance coverage through one of the many different private insurance companies. Some provinces sell mandatory insurance through the government.

When buying vehicle insurance, there are several different options available. However, what is mandatory is a third-party liability. The coverage can be no less than $200,000. This minimal insurance is for the benefit of others. It provides insurance coverage to the others involved in the accident.

The insurance covers the costs of injury or damage to property as a result of a driving accident.

What is optional is additional insurance coverage. It is coverage that will cover damage that has occurred to the insured’s vehicle. It is collision insurance. Then a further option that is voluntary is comprehensive insurance. This type of insurance covers other events. These are events that can cause property damage like fire, flood, and vandalism.

The Pink Slip

Once you have taken out the insurance that you need and want, the insurance company will provide you with a liability insurance card. It is often referred to as the pink slip. It applies to the vehicle that you have insured.

This proof of insurance card contains a lot of important information. It will show your name as being the insured driver. Also, it will show the name of the insurance company. Plus, it will give details about the vehicle it is covering. It will also show the start date of the insurance as well as the expiry date.

What Do You Need to Do With the Proof Of Insurance Card?

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have it with you when you go to register your vehicle. Once you have produced this, then you can continue the registration process. It pertains to getting the green slip which is the vehicle registration. The applicant will also get their license plates.

Then you need to put this proof of insurance card in a safe place. But that safe place must be where you have access to it at all times when you are driving the vehicle that it is insuring.

The Police will ask for proof of insurance if you are in a collision and you were a driver.

It will be your pink card. Some drivers keep this in the glove box of their vehicle. Others carry it in their wallet or purse. The glove box is convenient, but if the car happens to get stolen, then the insurance card does too. Also, if you are in a collision, the car may be too severely damaged for you to be able to retrieve the pink slip.

What Happens If You Can’t Produce Proof of Insurance?

It can be stressful when you need to produce your proof of insurance, and you don’t have it. In some cases, the authorities will give you a small period to provide it. They may give you 24 hours to bring your pink slip to your nearest police station. Every province has its own rules and protocols. These are when it comes to failure to produce the proof of insurance card. Not having this could mean you will receive a fine. It could also lead to the impounding of the car.

Proof of Insurance Going to Get Easier

Providing proof of insurance is likely about to get easier in Ontario. Steps are now in the process to allow for digital proof of insurance. It is good news for those who forget to carry their pink slip with them. Now they will be able to produce the proof of insurance through their smartphone or other devices.

Driving Someone Else’s Vehicle

One reason why someone cannot produce the proof of insurance is that it’s not their car. The insurance pertains to the vehicle. When an individual is going to be driving a vehicle that isn’t theirs, they should carry the pink slip with them. With respect to the Police, you are not breaking the law by driving someone else’s vehicle. You are breaking the law when you cannot provide proof of insurance.

Checking the Accuracy of Your Proof of Insurance Slip


Human error is entirely possible when it comes to the pink slip. The insurance agent could make a mistake in your name, or details about the vehicle. Usually, when stopped by the Police, you will need to produce your driver’s license. If your name doesn’t match that which is on the insurance card, there could be problems. Inspect your pink slip as soon as you get it. If there are any errors contacting the Insurance company will be necessary. They will have to correct this. They will send you out a new one immediately.

The Dates on your Proof of Insurance Slip

When inspecting the proof of insurance slip the start and expiry date is on the slip. Insurance renewals mean having a new slip issued. It will show the new expiry date.

The insured should be aware of when there are requirements for a new slip.

Other Circumstances for Producing the Proof of Insurance Slip


As stated when registering the vehicle the applicant must show proof of insurance. Also, when the Police ask for it than producing it is necessary.

In addition to this, proof of insurance when purchasing a vehicle is often required. For car renters, they too may have to produce their pink slip.

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