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When one is moving out of Province, there is a lot to do. There are many different changes to make.  It is easy to forget about some of them. One of these changes is changing the vehicle insurance. It is one responsibility that needs taking care of as quick as possible.

What Do I Need to Do To Change My Vehicle Insurance From One Province to Another?

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The first thing one should do is familiarize themselves with what the rules and regulations are. As it pertains to the car insurance. Every province is different. One thing that is not different is that every driver in Canada must have car insurance.

 The Canadian Driver Licence Compact

There is some confusion to whether a driver’s record transfers between provinces.   There is an agreement among many of the provinces. It concerns information for drivers licences and records. It’s called the Canadian Driver Licence Compact. So it is possible that the insurance companies could get some driving history information.

Proof of Driving History

Some experts feel a good thing to do is for a driver to get proof of their driving history. They can get it from the current insurance company. It will only be necessary if the driver is switching insurance companies. This type of proof is a claim experience letter.

Staying with the Same Insurance Company or Switching?

In some cases, some drivers want to keep their same insurance Company. Others want to consider shopping for new insurance coverage once they move.

As soon as a driver knows the date, they are moving and the new address they should notify their insurance company. It will allow the Insurance company the time to draft up the new policy. There may be several things that can change. It will depend on the province. If one is moving outside on Ontario, the rates may go down. Ontario is one of the most expensive provinces for car insurance.

Things to Consider about Changing Insurance


One has to think carefully about changing insurance. Especially if there is an option to keep the existing insurance. Changing may mean losing some of the important discounts that are now used. For those that are important to the driver, this needs careful thought. But, many insurance companies do offer the same discounts. Something to keep in mind for new insurance.

Why You May Have to Change Insurance Companies

Not every Insurance Company offers insurance for every Province. It may be that the Insurance provider cannot provide coverage for the driver moving. In this case, the driver will need to seek out a new Insurance Provider. It will mean a transition from one Insurance Company to another.

Some drivers want to start fresh. It includes starting with new insurance coverage. If so, then the driver will want to deal with an Insurance Company that offers packages. As they pertain to the province, they are moving to. New Insurance requires the proper shopping attention.

Shopping for New Insurance

It may take a little time, but it will be well worth it. A driver can find insurance for their new province with no problems. All they have to do is get insurance quotes. Making sure they apply to the new Province where it’s needed. Then do further research into the quotes of interest should be the next step. These fast and easy insurance shopping measures help to get some good insurance deals.

There is a lot of things to learn about insurance. But it is information that can help to make a difference in the cost of insurance. With the convenience of being able to get quotes, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be taken advantage of. There are no hassles of trying to determine who provides insurance in the new Province. A driver can narrow down their quotes to pertain to the specific province. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

The Transition from One Insurance to Another

The timing of change of insurance is going to be important. There cannot be any lapse in coverage. Arrangements with the new Insurance Company is important. The specific date that the coverage goes into effect has to be set.

The next step then is to inform the current Insurance provider. They need confirmation about when their coverage needs to stop. It should coincide with the start of the new provider.

If this is not done then the insured needs to know if there is a retroactive cancellation clause.

There may be some financial implications when cancelling insurance before the renewal date. There could be penalties. Or the premiums need to be prorated. These are all factors that need discussing with the existing Insurance Company. Any money owed will have to be paid.

How Long Do I Have to Change My Vehicle Insurance?

A driver needs to know this. It will depend on the driver regulations of a specific province. A province may allow thirty days or more before the driver’s licence needs switching over. The province will demand proof of insurance when the driver is going to be driving in the province.

Another important factor is what the rules of the current Insurance company are. Every insurance company has different rules. Some may say that you only have two weeks or maybe thirty days to transfer.

The right step to take is to contact the Insurance company immediately. Ask them how long the grace period is. Making sure that new insurance is in place as quickly as needed.

What Happens If I Don’t Change My Vehicle Insurance From One Province to Another?


One thing that drivers do not want to do is mislead their insurance companies. It can lead to fraud. Drivers need to provide accurate and truthful information to their Insurance provider. It includes keeping them updated of any changes.

Not informing them of a move to another province is misleading. It will probably mean the insurance is void. It is the law in Canada that every driver is insured. Drivers who have no insurance are breaking the law. This is an additional penalty they could end up with if discovered.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.