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No matter where you get your license in Canada, you should be able to drive across Canada no matter where you need to go. Unfortunately, at this point in time, you’re not allowed to have more than one license. If you happen to move provinces, you have to surrender your previous province’s license and get a license in the province that you are moving to. Fortunately, your driver’s experience will carry over with you to your new province. This is great news for you if you have a clean driving record. This means lower insurance premiums and less testing.

Where Will My Automobile Insurance Policy Cover Me If I Get into an Accident?


Almost all standard auto insurance policies will cover you if you get into an accident in another province or in the United States. Generally speaking, you can expect that no matter where you get into an accident you will be able to have your regular car insurance benefits. If you have collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, and high liability coverage, you should be able to receive all of these things. On top of that, you should also expect that you will be able to receive the full amount of things like education benefits, death benefits, rehabilitation benefits, etc.

How Do You Transfer Your License To A Different Province?

Generally, you have a total of 60 days after you move to transfer your auto license to your new province. Some provinces have a lower timeframe than others. It is extremely important to look into this matter before you move. To actually do the transfer, you simply have to visit your local service center. They should be able to exchange your license for you and tell you everything you need to know. Unfortunately, if you still have a learner’s license, you might have to completely redo your learner’s permit from the beginning. Generally, only full licenses can be transferred over to a different province.

Do I Have To Have The Minimum Insurance Requirements In Each Province To Drive There?

No, you do not have to have the minimum insurance requirements to drive in a different province. So long as you drive in that province with your own insurance, you should be covered. Your insurance company will pay for an accident if it happens to occur. You should not have to add anything to your policy to be able to visit a different province in Canada. However, if you are visiting Canada from a different country, you may want to consider getting travel insurance coverage.

Do I Need to Get Travel Insurance Coverage If I Live in Canada Already?

travel insurance

No matter where you travel in Canada you will be able to get free government healthcare. However, as soon as you cross the border out of your province you do lose some benefits. Many provincial plans do not cover essential medical care such as air and ambulance transportation, dental issues, prescription drugs, x-rays, etc. Many Canadians are surprised that this type of coverage does not extend throughout the country. Well, now that you know, you might want to actually consider getting travel insurance coverage if you are traveling to a different province in Canada. It is definitely better to be safe than to be sorry as you can be hit with a very large healthcare bill. You never know when an emergency is going to occur and it can very easily happen when you are traveling.

How Do You Transfer Your Auto Insurance to a Different Province?

There are actually some insurance companies that only operate out of specific provinces. Depending on where you move, you might not be able to keep your original car insurance provider. If this is the case, you will be forced to shop around for a new auto insurance company. It is a good idea to get coverage from your auto insurance provider in your new province without having a lapse in your insurance coverage. You are likely going to have to pay cancellation fees on your old insurance policy, but before you do that, make sure that your new insurance policy is in place.

Can I Keep My Auto Insurance Rate When Moving to a Different Province?

Unfortunately, just because you have a low insurance rate in one province, doesn’t mean that you will have one in another. Different provinces are at higher risk than others. Depending on the province that you live in, there can actually be a several hundred dollars difference in the average price of auto insurance. This is something that you might want to keep in mind if you are thinking about moving. You need to be able to afford the differences in auto insurance coverage. Your old auto insurance rate is likely completely out of the question. Call ahead of time if you want to know for certain.

Do I Need to Apply for a Particular International Driving Permit to Drive in a Different Province?


A tourist visiting Canada that has an international driving permit does not need to apply for a different permit for each province. An international driving permit allows you to drive anywhere you want to in Canada. In fact, an international driving permit can actually be transferred into both French and English. An international driving permit lasts for a period of one year before it expires. After that time, you’re going to have to apply to get a Canadian driver’s license in the province that you are living in. Once you get your Canadian driver’s license, you can continue to drive wherever you want to across Canada.

To Conclude

Canadian auto insurance licenses are pretty relaxed. You can drive anywhere you want to in Canada with a valid license issued by any province. However, it is important to make sure that you keep your license from expiring. You also need to make sure you have the proper license for the location where you live. Not doing so can result in fines being issued and you can even have your license suspended. As long as you keep on top of things, you should have no issues.

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