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If you are driving in Canada, you are not allowed to drive with an expired license. It is against the law to drive with an expired license and you can receive a fine of $325. When you get pulled over and police realize that you have an expired license, they are not technically supposed to let you drive away. They may direct you to a licensing office if they are feeling nice. It is more likely though, that they will tow your vehicle and tell you to get someone to pick you up.

Does a Ticket for Driving without a License Affect Your Insurance Rate?


Getting a ticket for driving without a license will, unfortunately, affect your auto insurance rates. This ticket acts almost the same as a speeding ticket. However, this type of ticket is generally a little bit easier to fight in court. So long as you get your license renewed as soon as possible, you will generally be okay. In all likelihood, if you go to traffic court and you renew your license the day after the incident occurred, the ticket will be dropped. However, if you wait for a longer period of time, you run a much higher risk of the ticket sticking.

How Do I Renew My Driver’s License?

Generally, in Canada, your driver’s license is valid for a period of five years. Once you need to renew your driver’s license, you simply have to go to a service center to get it renewed. It is quite easy to do, however, there is a fee attached to renewing your driver’s license. The fee ranges depending on where you live in Canada. Your new driver’s license will generally be delivered by mail to you within around a month’s time. The best part about renewing your driver’s license is that you don’t need to redo any tests in order to do so. Unless you are over the age of 80, in which case you will have to take a vision test, complete a screening test, and a group renewal session.

What Happens If My Learner’s Permit Expires?

When your learner’s permit expires, unfortunately, your license will disappear. If you had a learner’s permit or a G2 class license and let it expire, you have to do the whole licensing process all over again. However, the 2nd time around, you no longer have to wait the year of driving between getting your G1 and G2 class license. You should be able to get both of these two licenses consecutively. The best way to go through the graduated licensing program though is to not let your license expire and to just get your G class license as soon as possible. This will allow you to be eligible for cheaper insurance as well, which is always nice.

Do the Police Have a Right to Impound My Vehicle If I Drive with an Improper License?


Even when you are not driving your vehicle, if someone else drives your vehicle without a driver’s license, your vehicle can be impounded. You are responsible for making sure that everyone who drives your vehicle has a valid license. This includes making sure that their licenses aren’t expired. It does not matter if you lend your car to a family, friend, or for business, or anything like that, if someone drives your vehicle with an expired license, it can be impounded. Unfortunately, this means that you’re going to have to pay money to get your car out of the impound lot. However, this law is in place to make the roads safer for all Canadians.

Will My Insurance Pay for Claims If I Have an Expired License?

When you get into an accident with expired insurance, you are in trouble. Your auto insurance company is not legally required to cover you if you happen to get into an accident. Also, due to this incident occurring, you are likely going to have a very tough time getting your auto insurance renewed once your policy expires. In fact, you might be deemed a high-risk driver by insurance companies. This means that you’re going to be paying a very large amount of money for your auto insurance premium upon renewal. Some companies might not even take you on as a client at all.

When Are You Supposed to Renew Your Driver’s License?

Your local service center will send you mail telling you when you have to renew your license. They will let you know exactly when your license expires so you can renew it. Your local service center allows license renewal as early as 180 days before the license expires. If you let your license expire, you can get your license renewed up to 12 months after it expires. However, this doesn’t happen very often. Largely due to the fact that it is illegal to drive with an expired license and most people renew it before it expires.

When Do You Have To Renew Your Vehicle Registration?

vehicle registration

Your driver’s license is not the only thing that can cause you issues if it expires. Your vehicle registration expiring can also cause you problems. Vehicles have to be registered at a service center and you can choose to register your vehicle for one or two years. Just like your license, you can renew your vehicle registration online if you desire to. It is much the same as a driver’s license in that you can renew your vehicle plate sticker 180 days before it expires.

To Conclude

Your insurance will not be valid if you drive with an expired license. You do have the right to fight this in court. However, you will likely lose. This essentially means that driving with an expired license will hold you accountable financially for any damage that you cause to your vehicle. Luckily, driver’s licenses clearly state on them when they are due for expiration. Renewing your license is extremely simple and well worth the time and effort it takes to do so. The consequences of driving without a license are severe. Best of all it can easily be avoided by making sure that your license is up-to-date every five years.

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