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In Canada, you can sue whoever you want to. Even if you sign an agreement that you will not sue the person, you can still technically sue them. Waivers give the other party some legal ground, but they definitely don’t cover them for everything. There are several circumstances in which you might have to sue your car insurance provider in order to receive compensation. When your provider denies your claim or when you are injured by someone who doesn’t have insurance coverage are the most likely scenarios.

Why Would I Have To Sue My Insurance Provider for Denying A Claim?


When you are denied a claim that you feel you deserve compensation for, you might have to sue your insurance provider. Generally, in order to get anywhere with a settlement, you have to have proof that the insurance company denied your claim in bad faith. A claim that is denied without reason or without an investigation is a great example of this. Other good reasons include the failure to communicate important information to you, putting off the claim for an unreasonable amount of time, paying far less money than what you are deserved, and not negotiating a claim with you. You don’t always have to jump to file a lawsuit right away. Try talking to a supervisor from the insurance company, they might be able to assist you.

Can I Sue My Insurance Company If I Was at Fault?

You can definitely sue your insurance company even if you are at fault for an accident. It doesn’t matter how the accident took place, if your insurance companies are in the wrong, you have the right to sue them. An insurance company can treat their clients wrong regardless of whether or not their clients are at fault for an accident. You always have the right to sue. You can definitely sue your insurance company if you feel you need to. Generally speaking, you can sue your insurance company for things like economic losses, direct financial losses, and bad faith.

Can I Sue My Insurance Company for Taking Too Long?

Sure, you can sue your insurance company for taking too long to look at your insurance claim. This act would go under the category of bad faith. If an insurance company is found guilty of performing bad faith, they are going to have to pay for the suffering that they caused. Sometimes insurance companies get backed up with a whole bunch of claims at one time and delay claims. However, this is not really a good excuse to take poor care of clients. When taken to court, for this reason, it is likely that you’re going to receive compensation. However, each case is different and if you are curious whether you have a case, you might want to speak to a lawyer.

Why Would I Have To Sue My Insurance Provider for an Injury I Received from Someone Who Does Not Have Insurance?

The reason why you would have to sue your insurance provider for an injury from someone who doesn’t have insurance is that the other person will not be able to compensate you. Your insurance company is likely to fight you in court. However, it is supposed to be their responsibility to protect and reimburse you. In the event that a personal injury occurs, they are still supposed to be there to assist. Your insurance company will likely be on the hook for any economic loss, financial losses, etc. that you suffered in the event of an accident. However, not all insurance companies are going to pay up without a fight. Paying out claims hurts their profits. The more they payout, the less money they make, so you can expect that sometimes they are not going to be agreeable.

Can I Sue My Insurance Company for Pain and Suffering?


The only way that you can sue someone for pain and suffering is if they caused the accident. This essentially means that you can sue the driver of the other vehicle for your pain and suffering. However, you cannot sue your own insurance company for pain and suffering as they are not at fault. The best way to be to find out who to sue and how much for is to talk to a lawyer. If you do have pain and suffering after an accident, there is likely someone that you can sue for compensation. The Canadian laws are set up in a way so that they are fair for all parties involved. You can expect to receive some kind of compensation one way or another. Although, you might have to go to court in order to be able to get it.

How to Sue an Insurance Company After an Auto Accident?


Your first step to suing an insurance company is to hire an attorney. You may want to look to see what kind of experience the lawyer you are hiring has in the courtroom. Generally, the more experience that a lawyer has, the higher the chance there is that you will win the case. Your next step is to help your lawyer gather up evidence against your insurance company. Make sure that you get a copy of your insurance policy and reasons from your insurer as to why your claim was denied. Whenever you speak with your insurance company, make sure that you keep copies of all communication. Once this is done, your lawyer may contact your insurance provider to negotiate a settlement. If you cannot settle out of court, you can bring a suit against your insurer and have the settlement handled by a judge.

To Conclude

It might not seem to be morally correct to sue your own insurance company. However, sometimes suing your own insurance company is completely necessary to receive compensation. If you are not treated correctly, you deserve to at least have a chance to receive some compensation for that. Not using your insurance company is sure to result in no compensation whatsoever in some cases. Insurance companies get sued all of the time. This is just part of the way the system works in Canada.