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It is not unusual for individuals to want to get a car quote before they even own the car. What the question comes down to is this possible? And if so, how is it done? Plus, what is the purpose for this?

Why Would One Want A Car Quote Without a Car?


The cost of insurance throughout Canada is not cheap. Although vehicle insurance in some provinces is less expensive than others. For many, it is an expense they cannot avoid. In Canada, it is compulsory to have car insurance.

Occasional Drivers

There are many people who don’t need a vehicle on a regular basis. A lot of people use public transit or other ways for getting around. But, at times they may need to use a vehicle. For such purposes, they may want to borrow a friend’s or a family member. This car owner will probably have their insurance. Some drivers may not be comfortable with the type of vehicle insurance there is. Some become listed as an occasional driver. It would mean that they are covered, but they might not feel there is enough coverage. For these people, they want the option of being able to buy their insurance.

Health Reasons

Quite often car owners have to refrain from driving their car for health reasons. They may need to rely on others to drive their car for them. These drivers may want to have their own insurance. That way they know they have proper coverage. It may be that the vehicle owner only has basic insurance. The new driver may not be comfortable with this limited amount of insurance.

Financial Reasons for Non-Car Ownership

Sometimes parents will finance a car for their young one. There are times where some people do not qualify for financing. It means that someone else has to be responsible for financing the car. They become the purchaser and the car owner. The driver wants to get their insurance. They want resources to be able to buy insurance as a non-car owner.

With many people being on a budget they have to be careful with this expenses. Many have become more conscientious about their shopping habits. It includes shopping for their insurance.

To be a good shopper for anything one needs to be an informed shopper. It includes shopping for car insurance. To do this, it means more work. That is if one wants to get a good deal on their insurance costs.

There are a lot of steps an insurance shopper can take to help get better rates on their insurance.

Knowing the Insurance Metrics

Insurance companies use different resources for helping to set insurance rates. One of these relates to the vehicle that the insurance is for. Insurance companies focus on reducing their risks. Their risks revolve around the number of claims they have to pay out. For this reason, there are some aspects of the vehicles that can factor into this.

There are lists compiled each year that show the cheapest cars to insure. A savvy insurance shopper may want to pay attention to this. Those that have not yet bought a vehicle may wish to use this information as a guideline.

They can use the information on the list. Also, they do this to see which insurance companies are providing the best rates. Plus, they can gather this information in a few different ways.

Calling the Insurance Company Direct


There is an option for insurance shoppers to call up any Insurance Company they wish. Using those that provide insurance for Canadian drivers. The insurance company will ask a series of questions. Some will be for personal information. Other questions will be about the vehicle. The insurance shopper can then give information. About the car, they are interested in insuring. Even though they do not own the vehicle yet.

Using Insurance Quotes

Rather than go through the arduous task of calling each insurance company individually, there is a better alternative. One can go to a quality quote site. By providing the same basic information, they can now get several quotes in a quick and easy manner. It is one of the most effective ways to go about insurance shopping.

It is an ideal method for the non-car owner. Within a short period, they have a good number of quotes that they can now base some decisions on.

They can decide whether the insurance is affordable for the type of car they are thinking of buying.  It can even go a step further. The insurance shopper can now look at each insurance quote individually. It gives them the opportunity to make some comparisons. Added to this they can research what extra offerings each Insurance company has. For example, the type of discounts they may be offering.

Non-Car Owners Insurance

Insurance companies offer many different types of vehicle insurance packages. These are sometimes referred to as standalone policies or coverage. The driver who does not own the vehicle may not want extra insurance. Such as collision and comprehensive. But they do want the liability. Then again depending on the circumstances, they may want this coverage as well.

Every insurance company has their own set of insurance products that they offer. A non-car owner will have to determine which insurance companies offer non-car owners insurance. Then they will need to learn what it exactly covers. They need to know their options.

There is the opportunity for non-car owner insurance shoppers to utilize quote comparisons. They can do this based on their non-car ownership specifics.

Why Shopping for Insurance Rates are Important

good driving

It is the driver of the vehicle who requires insurance. That is why there are options for getting insurance for non-vehicle owners. They may not be driving on a constant basis, insurance budget shopping is essential. There are some great ways for keeping insurance costs down. Even the driver who is using this type of insurance has to have a good driving record. Or they are not going to enjoy reduced premiums. Knowing what other factors come into play for setting insurance costs, helps. It presents opportunities to buy insurance that has a reasonable price.

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