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Whether or not you can drive your Mom’s car without your own insurance really depends on your parent’s policy. You cannot drive either of your parent’s vehicles just because you live in the same house. To drive their vehicles, you must be added to their policy. So long as they drive the vehicle more often than you do, you should be listed as a secondary driver. As a secondary driver, you shouldn’t have a huge influence on their insurance premiums. However, you should expect to see some increase in your parent’s insurance. If your parents are not willing to add you to their policy, you will have to go and get your own.

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Child To Insurance?


The age of a child plays a huge role in how much it costs to add them to your insurance policy. The older the child, the less of an impact it’ll have on your insurance. Assuming that your child is a secondary driver, it is not going to have a massive impact on your insurance unless they are basically a brand-new driver. Any driver who is the minimum age to have a full license (16) is going to have the largest impact. This is simply due to the fact that drivers of this age have the highest risk of getting into an accident. An older teenager will still impact your insurance policy, but not nearly as bad.

Is There Any Way That My Auto Insurance Can Be Cheaper When Adding A Teen Driver To My Insurance?

Your insurance is not going to be cheaper than adding a teen driver to your insurance. However, there are discounts that you can attempt to pick up from your insurance provider. Things, like increasing your insurance deductible, insuring more than one vehicle, or bundling your house and automobile insurance, are great ways to get discounts. Specifically for your teenager, they can take a driver’s education course, which can lower their insurance premium. It is best to talk to your insurance provider to see what sorts of discounts they offer as discount opportunities range from company to company.

Should I Add Extra Coverage Since My Child Is Driving My Vehicle?


It is entirely your decision whether or not you add extra insurance coverage for your teenager. It is important to note that teenage drivers do have the highest risk of getting into an auto insurance collision. However, teenage drivers also have the highest auto insurance premiums in the industry. Due to this reason, if you want to add extra coverage, you’re likely going to have to pay a lot of money for it. However, adding extra coverage for your child might give you some peace of mind. They do at least have to have the minimum amount of coverage required in your province. For anything else, you will have to decide if it is worth it.

Can You Drive A Friend’s Car Without Your Own Insurance?

You cannot hop into your friend’s car and drive if you don’t have your own insurance. The only way that you are allowed to do that, is if you call the insurance company and get added onto your friend’s vehicle as a temporary driver. In order to be able to drive legally, you also have to have a valid license. It will be much easier to get insurance as a temporary driver in your friend’s vehicle if you have your own insurance coverage. Some insurance companies might deny you coverage due to your age. In which case, you might not be allowed to drive your friend’s vehicle at all.

Does Your Insurance Follow You When You Graduate License Classes?

Once you graduate from license classes and no longer have your learner’s permit, it is a nice feeling. However, if you happen to get some driving infractions as a learner, it will follow you. No matter whether you graduated from license classes or not, your driving record will stick with you for several years. Depending on what you were caught doing, some things can stick longer than others. Some insurance companies look further back than others to determine your insurance premium. If you have something on your driver’s record, it is definitely in your best interest to shop around with multiple insurance providers for quotes to see who will offer you the best policy. Some insurance companies are much more risk-averse than others and will offer you much cheaper rates than others even though you have a conviction on your record.

When A Teen Is Away At School Should They Still Be Listed On A Parents Insurance Policy?


It can be a hard decision to make whether or not to leave a teen on your insurance policy when they are away from home. However, insurance companies often offer discounts for student drivers which can plummet your insurance premium rates. You will have to think about how often your teen comes home and whether or not you want them to be able to drive when they are at home. Removing them from your policy means that once they are ready to drive again, you’re going to have to call your insurance company back up and get them re-enlisted on your policy. Either way, just make sure that your teen knows what you are doing. You don’t want them accidentally driving without having insurance.

To Conclude

Making sure that you are driving with insurance is extremely important. Talk to your parents about your current insurance situation before you ever step foot into a vehicle. When someone is caught driving without a license they can face very large fines, jail time, and even license suspension. You either need to make sure that you have your own insurance policy, or you need to make sure that you’re on your parent’s insurance policy before stepping foot into one of their vehicles. Your future insurance premiums and your clean driving record are definitely at risk if you don’t. Whenever any doubt arises, your best bet is to always call your insurance company as they will be able to modify your policy and let you know what you currently have.