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red car

There are so many different components involved in vehicle insurance. It can become confusing and quite challenging. Those that are intent on getting good rates are aware of some of the factors that will affect their premiums. Many are under the impression that the colour of the car can play a factor. Even further to this, there are several that believe red cars are more expensive to insure.

How The Insurance Companies View The Colour Red


Many are pleased to know that the insurance companies are not going to care about the colour of the car. It may come as a surprise to some . Especially those who believed that they should stay away from the red coloured cars.

What Is Important To The Insurance Companies?

Even though the colour of the car is not important, there are other components that are.  There specifics about the vehicle that is important.

The Year

Newer vehicles are built with much more advanced technology. It is this technology that often lends to the safety of the car. Some insurance companies may factor this into the premiums. The other concerns they have about safety is creating the least risk they are at for having to pay out a claim.

The Make

The make of the vehicle is important. There are many cars imported into Canada, and as such, they come at a much higher price tag. If the insurance company has to replace these, they are going to have to do it at the value of the vehicle. If it comes with a high price tag, then it comes in at a high cost for the insurance companies. Over and above this if the vehicle needs repairs, the same premise applies. It can be far more expensive to repair a foreign make. It is harder to get the parts for. They are usually more expensive. Often it requires a specialized mechanic to be able to do the work. These are all costs that add up to the insurance company. They are going to make sure to offset these costs through their premiums.

The Model

The model of the car one may think shouldn’t be important to the insurance companies. Yet, it is because some models are loaded. Which means they have a lot more bells and whistles to them. Any of these can become damaged in a collision which is going to increase the cost of the claim. Most insurance companies would prefer to insure a vehicle that is a basic four-door. But they have to be competitive and be able to offer insurance for the many different models that are out there.

Body Type

Insurance companies care about the body type. It is for the same reasons that they care about the year and the model.

The Engine Size

Insurance companies care about the power that is driving the vehicle. The more power there is, the more tendency there may be for the driver to push the vehicle to its upper limits. It means speeding and could create another safety factor.

These are all factors that insurance companies will take into account. But at different levels. Every insurance company is different. They have their viewpoints about what is important to them. One thing that they will all have in common is that they don’t care about the colour of the vehicle.

Is There Anything To Red Cars Being More Prone To Theft?

red cars

Some think red cars may be more prone to theft.  It is for this reason they think the rates will be higher. It has been a fallacy that’s been s around for many years. Some research has shown that there is nothing to support this. But there has been one study that showed that some other car colours were more prone to theft. These were the silver grey and blue. There are just not enough statistics or supporting data for the insurance companies. In respect to the colour of cars.

Even when it comes to the repairs quite often, there are paint jobs needed. But most of the repair outlets carry a full selection of these colours. Or can match them exactly, so there is no reason for concern here.

Getting Better Insurance Rates

Those who wonder about car colour and insurance rates should have an interest in what will reduce them.

There are several things at that can help get better rates.

Shopping Around


A driver should never think that all insurance companies are the same. Or they are all going to provide the same rate based on the specific vehicle that needs insuring. There are many other components that go into deciding what insurance premiums are going to be. To help get some savings one should shop around for their insurance.

An argument that is often raised about this is that this is too time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be that way. Especially when one can access the Internet. Then go about getting several quick quotes. It doesn’t stop there as these quotes can now be compared and researched further.

Asking The Right Questions

Asking insurance companies the right question is a good practice. It is another way to be able to determine if one is getting a good deal on their premiums. One of these questions should be about what discounts may be available. There are so many discounts that are available now for insurance. They are well worth asking about. If they are not available to the driver now, they may be in the future. It is one way that a driver can work towards the future for decreasing the cost of their insurance.

These are all small steps. But when done together they can create some great insurance savings. So, for those that have an interest in buying a red car, don’t let the worries about insurance factor into this. Keeping a clean driving record goes a long way in helping to keep the costs down. Also, taking the time to do the comparisons is well worth it.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.