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Car Scratch

There are a lot of mishaps that can take place in a vehicle. Many of these are as a result of a collision. These can be major or minor. Then other damage can take place as acts of nature. Or, due to theft of the vehicle. Plus vandalism.

One of the common types of damage can be scratches. While these may seem minor, they can be expensive to repair. They need taking care of. If they aren’t then more damage can occur. Such as rusting and peeling of the paint. Not to mention scratches detract from the look of the vehicle.

Vehicle scratches can be expensive to correct. For this reason, the vehicle owner wonders if they should go through their insurance?

Do Scratches Get Covered by My Insurance?


Vehicle insurance can cover the cost of scratch repairs. It will depend on how the scratches came about. If the scratches were just from normal wear and tear, these are not covered. If this is not the case, then the insurance company has to determine what part of the insurance would cover this.

Collision Coverage

It is not uncommon for vehicles to get scratched in minor accidents. It is a common occurrence with parking lot accidents. The scratches could be from contact with another vehicle. In this case, the damage would come under the collision section of the insurance, most likely.

Acts of Nature

There are many different acts of nature that could lead to scratching a vehicle. Heavy winds could cause a branch to fall and graze a vehicle enough to cause a scratch. In this case, it would be the comprehensive insurance coverage that would deal with this.

Vandalism and Vehicle Theft

Vandalism and vehicle theft are also covered under the comprehensive insurance. If the vehicle is scratched as a result of either of these occurrences the insurance would cover this.

When Can I Claim a Scratch on my Vehicle with My Insurance?

As soon as you recognize that scratches have occurred, you can report this. It needs reporting to your insurance company. Details about the causes will need disclosing. This way the insurance company will know what segment of the coverage is applicable.

If it’s caused by a collision of some sort the insurance company has to do more investigation. They have to determine the at-fault percentage for the accident itself. Even though it may be a no-fault accident. It is because insurance companies are mandated to provide some percentage. It applies to each of the drivers involved in the accident.

What Should You Do When Your Car Gets Scratched?


What you should do when your car gets scratched depends on the circumstance. If it is as a result of an accident, then it may need reporting to the police. The damage to both cars may be under $2,000. total. If so the drivers can go to a reporting centre to complete a report.

Sometimes the individual who caused the scratch may drive away. They don’t stay around to deal with the issue. It is then as a hit and run. It is still worth going to the reporting centre. So that it’s documented. That way the cause of the scratches is confirmed with the Insurance company.

If the scratch is a cause of vandalism, it should be Police reported. This way the car owner has a record for the insurance company.

Which Type of Insurance Do I Need to Cover Scratch Damage?

The type of insurance that you are going to need to cover scratches damage will depend. It will depend on the circumstances. If it is as a result of an accident, then a collision coverage is what will cover the damage. If it is as a result of some other act, then comprehensive insurance will provide coverage.

Will My Insurance Go Up if I Submit a Scratch Claim?

Most get concerned that if they put in an insurance claim the cost of the premiums is going to go up. In the case of scratches, this will all depend. If it is as a result of a collision, it is going to depend on the circumstances. The insurance company will have to determine the percentage of fault about the collision.

It will also mean considering whether there are other possibilities that the insurance cost is going to go up. But if it is due to a collision, then it is wise to report the collision. No matter how minor to the insurance company. A decision as to who is going to cover the cost of the repairs is determined.

Is It Worth Claiming Scratch Damage?


If the claim is made under comprehensive insurance, the circumstances are different. In most cases for comprehensive insurance, there is a deductible. If the scratches are minor, it may not be worth going through the insurance company for a claim. It may mean that the deductible is more than the cost of the repair. But, this is not always the case. If the scratches are deep, it could mean a lot more repair. It will mean that this is more expensive. Each individual is going to have to weigh out the pros and cons. In regards to whether they want to use their insurance to cover the cost.

If the scratches are caused by the actions of another person, this needs consideration.  The other individual may say that they will pay for the damage repair and then not follow through. If this happens then, the vehicle owner is stuck with the costs. Unless they then decide to go through their insurance company.

Making the Right Insurance Purchases

It is sometimes difficult for individuals to choose their insurance packages. They may tend to want to bypass the comprehensive. It is a personal choice. It means looking at some “what if” scenarios. A good example of this is the possibility of a scratched vehicle. Looking at what the typical cost would be is one factor. Then looking at what the deductible would be is another. Looking at these factors combined can help with decision making. Keeping in mind that there are lots of other issues. Ones that comprehensive coverage applies to.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.