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Anti Lock Brakes

Every vehicle owner pays a certain amount of attention to the safety features their car possesses. What they may not realize is that insurance companies do too. Vehicle manufacturers will sometimes use the addition of safety features for competitive purposes. Not all vehicles possess the same safety features. One that has become quite common in the newer vehicles is the Anti-lock brakes. It happens to be an important feature to Insurance Companies.

What Are Anti-Lock Brakes?

safer braking

They are commonly referred to ABS, meaning anti-lock braking system. The main purpose of this system is to provide safer braking. When a driver applies the brakes, the ABS prevents the brakes from locking up.

When a driver needs to brake, they automatically apply pressure to the brake pedal. It allows for the release of brake fluid to the braking mechanism. To be effective a specific amount of braking fluid needs releasing. If too much brake fluids released, the wheels will lock up. When this happens loss of the vehicle can take place. The Anti-lock braking system controls the release of the right amount of brake fluid.

What the ABS is doing is pumping the brakes. It means the driver does not have to perform this pumping action manually.

Do All Vehicles Have the ABS?

The anti-lock braking system only came to the market in the late 1960s. Some vehicles had them installed during the manufacturing process. Others did not. The majority of the cars hitting the market today have these as part of the safety features.

Different Types of ABS Systems

New vehicles that come with the ABS installed will have the appropriate type for that particular vehicle. Insurance companies pay close attention to what vehicle manufacturers do. The Insurance provider will rely on the auto manufacturers. They will trust they are making the right choice as it pertains to each vehicle. It is unlikely that an insurance company would want to know what specific type of ABS is in the vehicle.

How Does the Anti-Lock Braking System Affect Your Insurance?

Insurance companies are all about safety factors. The more safety built into a vehicle, the less risk of a claim may be present. The ABS can help reduce accidents. Therefore Insurance Companies encourage the purchase of vehicles that possess these. They do this by offering discounts on insurance for vehicles possessing the ABS.

Is It Worth Getting An ABS System Installed?


It is important to take as many steps as possible to reduce insurance costs. When buying new vehicle attention is put on different features. Features that can help reduce insurance costs is really important. Not everyone is buying a new vehicle. Yet, they still need insurance. Some wonder if it is worth having an ABS installed. That is if the used vehicle does not already have the anti-locking brakes.

Its estimated that to have this system installed it would amount to about $5,000. Of course, this would depend on the vehicle. As well as the installing company. It means comparing this to the savings from an insurance discount. Every insurance Company offers different discounts at various prices. Some offer a 10% discount on vehicles with anti-locking brakes. It may not be worth the cost of paying $5,000. to have the brakes installed specifically for insurance savings.

Enhancing Your Security Without an ABS System

Your driving record is going to be important. Not having any accidents appearing on this goes a long way in getting better insurance rates. Driving skills plays an important role in this. Paying attention to proper braking procedures is critically important. It is just as important even without the ABS. Drivers who do not have this system to rely on have to be extra careful. They need to be sure they are fully trained in proper breaking procedures. For these drivers, it means having to know how and when to pump the brakes properly when required. Basically, they have to do this procedure manually whereas the ABC does it automatically.

Other Variables for the ABS Insurance Discount

Insurance companies have a lot of flexibility when it comes to offering discounts. They will usually try to stay competitive. Plus, they will also consider other factors. Driving conditions in a region may be one of these. Some drivers deal with the harsh driving condition, particularly in the winter. It can make braking needs more significant. Drivers have to deal with braking in snow and icy conditions. It could be that the Insurance Companies will factor this in. Meaning it may be even more important when it comes to the anti-locking braking system. It might be in these cases the insurance companies will offer an even better rate than a 10% discount.

Shopping for Insurance Discounts


The ABS is just one of several discounts that may be available to individual drivers. Shopping for Insurance the right way is worth the time it takes. This type of shopping can be a time saver. Those that use quotes to help them get started find this is a great time saver. One of the advantages to using this type of resource is being able to do comparisons. Instead of a broker determining which insurance is best the shopper can make their own decision. They do this based on the information the quotes provide them with.

Following this, a person can do further research in regards to the discounts. Like those for the ABS discount. It’s done by presenting the right questions to the Insurance Provider. Having an understanding of what potential discounts are available is beneficial. Often combinations of discounts can create substantial savings.

For example, some insurance companies will offer discounts for cars with ABS systems. Plus, they may offer another discount for having snow tires. These are great incentives for saving money on insurance premiums. At the same time, these features enhance the safety of the vehicle. The ABS is all about braking which involves the tires of a vehicle. Having snow tires along with an anti-locking braking system provides extra safety. Especially when dealing with harsh winter driving.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.