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parking lot

It is natural for everyone to have concerns about their vehicle insurance. They want to focus on how much the premiums are. Plus, they worry about what could increase these. It brings up the question of what happens with accidents in parking lots. Will it increase the cost of the insurance?

Is an Accident in Parking Lot 50/50?

parking lot

It is a common myth to think a vehicle parking lot accident puts both vehicle owners at fault. Many times one of the drivers is not even present when the accident occurs.

The only good thing about a parking lot accident is that they are usually minor. But, this is not always the case. Still, the insurance company will want to determine who is at fault.

How Does the Insurance Company Determine Who is At Fault?

Insurance companies have a format they use for investigating an accident. Each company may differ, but they will all look for the same things.

Many of the same methods are used as those for investigating other types of accidents.  But, some extra investigating may be necessary. The Insurance companies use fault determination rules to decide who is at fault.

Also, there are rules that apply to parking lots just like there are for driving on roads. Many times drivers are not aware of these. Or, they just take them for granted. It is the responsibility of drivers to know the rules that pertain to where they are driving.

One type of accident that can occur in a parking lot is as a result of the right of way. People sometimes get confused about who has the right to move first. Other times poor judgment comes into play.  Parking lots are often crowded and can be a source of frustration. At times people lose their patience. As a result, an accident can occur.

The Insurance Company will not take this situation into account. They will look at what the specific rules were and were they followed. If a driver did not follow the right away protocol, they could be at fault for the accident.

Another common accident that takes place is when one is backing out of their parking spot. Sometimes they back into a vehicle that is in the moving lane. Or, two cars may be backing out at the same time.

The insurance company will again look to see if there have been any driving infractions.  Then determine which driver was guilty of this.

If the accident is as a result of two vehicles backing out who is at fault may be different. In this case, both drivers are making the same mistake. Then this could be a fifty-fifty at-fault accident.

How Much Will My Insurance Go Up After a Parking Lot Accident?

parking lot

The big question is always how much with the insurance premiums increase. The answer will depend on a lot of factors. Of course, the primary one being who was at fault.

Also, every insurance company will make their determinations. They are going to look at many different factors.

What is the history of the driver like? If the driver has been driving for many years with a clean history, this may help. In some cases based on this, there will be no increase in premiums. Even if the driver was at fault. Or, if there is then not by too much.

The downside is that the accident will show on the driving history. The insurance company will likely make sure of this. Now going forward the driver needs to strive to keep the driving record clean.  For another long period at least. Usually, the period for this is six years. But it can vary according to each insurance company.

If there has been a previous accident, then it can change things. If it is a second at-fault accident within a specific period. On average, this covers a five year period. Chances are there will be a significant increase in the premiums.

There are generalities. There will be other factors that are taken into consideration. For example, some insured have first accident forgiveness added to their policy. Some insurance companies offer this as a discount.

What Happens if the Parking Lot Accident is a Hit and Run?

Another occurrence for parking lot accidents is hit and runs. A driver may hit another vehicle and leave the scene. The damage can vary. In a lot of cases, there is at least a dent. Plus, possible paint damage. Still, the damage may be under $2,000. So the driver who was at fault figured it did not need reporting.

The driver of the damaged vehicle should report the accident to the police. No matter how minor. If the driver is going through their insurance for a claim. It may mean the driver can take the vehicle to a collision center. An accident report is then obtained. Most insurance companies will want this report. They will want it to start a claim. Without it, the insured might not be able to submit a claim. Of course, the driver of the damaged vehicle is not at fault.

Parking Lot Accident Ontario

Every province has their own rules. Insurance companies have their own rules for the insured in each province.  Insured individuals need to know how their insurance pertains to their province.

Someone Hit My Parked Car Do I Have to Pay the Deductible?


In most cases, the expenses for the repairs would not include a deductible. The accident is a collision. There are no deductibles on collision. If damage occurred to the vehicle for some other reason in the parking lot, it might be different. For example, somebody rammed a shopping cart into your vehicle. The damage resulted in a minor dent in some paint damage. In this case, you may have to pay the deductible. The claim could come under the comprehensive section of the insurance policy.

Know What Your Insurance Does For You

Insured individuals should know what coverage they have. It is better than second-guessing what the insurance company will do.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.