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When one is buying or selling a vehicle, they want to use as many resources as possible. To make it a positive experience. There are several different resources available to do this. Two of the most important ones are the used vehicle information package. And the other is the carprove report. It would be most difficult to say which of these would be more important for either the buyer or the seller. If one had to come down to choice, then it would have to be the used vehicle information package. This is because this is mandatory if one is going to be selling a vehicle.



Carproof is an excellent resource. Some may feel that it is more important to the buyer, but it is just as important to the seller.

What Does Carproof Provide?

Carproof is in the business of providing valuable bowl reports when it comes to a vehicle. Many individuals want to know the history of the vehicle that they are thinking of selling or buying. This report is going to give them all the information that they need.

Accident History

When an individual is looking at a used car what they see can be deceiving. The car may look great on its interior and what can be seen visually on its exterior. It is what is going on or has gone on with the inner mechanics that are going to be important. The car may have gone through a repair. As a result of an accident. The buyer and seller should be aware that the vehicle was in a collision. Carproof will provide a report. One that will outline any damage that was done to the vehicle. No matter whether it is from a collision or some act of nature.


There are some individuals that will sell a vehicle when there is money owed on it. Some do this knowingly, and others may not be aware. A buyer may not be aware that there is money owed on the vehicle. They could end up being responsible for paying this loan.


It is not uncommon for a vehicle to be subject to recall from the manufacturer. Most often this is because it has been discovered that there is something faulty in the vehicle. It is important for the vehicle owner to attend to the recall notice. But, there are some vehicle owners that do not. They will sell the vehicle without attending to this important matter. Carproof will report to whether there has been a recall that pertains to the vehicle of interest.

Why Is Carproof Important To The Seller?

This information that is being provided about the history of the vehicle is important. It is important to the seller. A seller can sell the vehicle with confidence. It is going to create a lot less hassle for the seller. Sellers do not want buyers coming back that are disgruntled. All because they found out something about the vehicle that was not revealed. It allows the seller to be transparent with the sale of the vehicle. Buyers are more apt to pay the asking price for the vehicle when the seller is upfront with them.

Why Is Carproof Important To The Buyer?


Any individual that is going to buy a used car wants to know as much about it as possible. When the seller is providing them with the car proof report, they are privy to a lot of information. That is important to them. The seller may not want to provide this. Then it is well worth the effort of the potential buyer to obtain the Carproof report themselves. It helps to reduce the buyer beware factor.

The Used Vehicle Information Package

This is a resource that is critically important to both the buyer and seller. It is a mandatory program that’s used in Ontario for those that are selling and buying vehicles. It can get purchased through the ministry at a reasonable cost.

What Does The Used Vehicle Information Package Provide?


This package has a lot of detail that needs to get filled out by the seller. It is information that’s provided to the buyer so they can make an informed decision.

Information about the Vehicle

Specific details about the vehicle have to get listed in the package. This includes

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Body type
  • Cylinders
  • Power

Vehicle History

The history segment of the vehicle wants to know who the present owner is. It must also list any previous owners and the city that they reside in. Added to this is information about the odometer reading at the time of sale.

When the package gets bought, it will include information. As it pertains to the license plate that is being used on the vehicle.

It is also going to contain valuable information about the condition of the vehicle itself. Vehicles driven in Ontario must be mechanically fit. To verify this safety standards certificate has to get issued.

Financial Aspects

There are financial aspects that have to be considered when buying or selling a used vehicle. The package is going to contain information about any liens that are on the vehicle. It also has information about what’s considered to be the average wholesale value. Of the vehicle that is going to get registered as it pertains to the sale. This is important because the resale sales tax is going to get applied to this.

There will also be a bill of sale section to be filled out in this information package.

There are several similarities between these two resources. When it comes to Carproof, there may be more expansion on the basic information. That which gets provided in the used vehicle information package. At the very least this package is going to be one that is necessary. The Carproof is optional. Many are keen on learning as much about their vehicle purchase as possible. They will want to rely on this report as well.