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When it comes to owning a vehicle in Ontario, there are plenty of options. One can buy a new or used vehicle. Or another choice is to lease one. So which is better? Buying or renting a car in this province?

Renting a Car in Ontario

Renting a Car

There are lots of options for renting a vehicle in Ontario. Many of the dealerships that sell vehicles, offer leasing options.

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Lease a Car?

There are a lot of factors that go into vehicle ownership. Most individuals want to be able to choose the vehicle that appeals to them. This will bring them to having to make decisions about makes and models. Another big factor that always comes into vehicle ownership is cost. It is often this factor that leads one to try and decide whether they want to rent their vehicle or buy. One of the things that will arise to help with this decision will be their financial situation.

In the short term many find that leasing a car is better for them financially. It is because most often the payments that get made on a monthly basis for the lease are cheaper than what they would be on the financing. This is the short-term fix when it comes to the financial issues of vehicle ownership. There can be some long-term repercussions when it comes to leasing. There are a lot of conditions that get applied to the lease that has a direct effect on the use of the vehicle. If they are not followed, then the lease cost can be substantially more at the termination of the lease.

Is it worth it To Lease a Car?

When asking the question is it worth it to lease a car it is going to depend on many variables. Everybody has their own personal situation when it comes to their vehicles.


Some may find that they have better options for being able to choose a car of choice. When it comes to renting the vehicle. They may find that they can afford a lease for their vehicle of choice. Better than they would be able to handle the financing.

Another factor that may come into play is whether an individual can afford the down payment. That comes with having to buy a vehicle. However, there are several upfront costs that are going to come with the leasing of a vehicle. These need considering when an individual is contemplating on leasing of a vehicle. These can include the first-month payment in advance. As well as registration fees along with the taxes and even a security deposit.

Rent a Car Instead of Buying

The advantage of renting a car may be that the individual is going to be able to afford a new vehicle. Whereas if they are buying they may not find this to be within their price range.

Buying a Car in Ontario

The Advantages

Renting a car is convenient. There are also some advantages to buying a car that needs considering. When one is leasing, there is a lot of stipulations that come with the use and the responsibility of the vehicle. These are not the same stipulations that get put on one that is buying a vehicle.


An individual that is buying their vehicle does not have to get concerned. About how many miles they are putting on within a period. For those that are leasing a vehicle, this is a concern for them. For the leased vehicle the mileage gets negotiated. If the individual goes over this amount than they have to pay extra at the end of the lease.

Wear and tear

Another common concern when leasing a vehicle is the wear and tear that is being put on it. For those that own their vehicle, they do not have to answer to anyone else. About the wear and tear that the vehicle is being exposed to.

End of term

Some individuals decide they no longer want their purchased vehicle. Then they have the option to be able to sell it. Once the vehicle gets paid out than it is free of any financial responsibility. This is not the case with the lease. As there can be extra costs that have to get covered depending on the use and circumstances of the vehicle. At the end of two years, the individual can buy the leased vehicle out. Or arrange to lease another vehicle.

Buying vs Leasing


Some people don’t like a lot of restrictions put on them when it comes to their vehicle ownership. Then buying is much more feasible than leasing.vehicle ownership


One of the holdbacks when it comes to buying a vehicle is the cost of the monthly payments. It also used to be the cost of the down payment. Although a lot of dealerships now have no down payment options.

One also has to think about the fact that they are building equity in their vehicle when they are buying it. Which is not the case when they are leasing.

The Purpose of the Vehicle

One also has to take into account the use and purpose of the vehicle. Some are using their vehicle for business use. They believe that leasing may make better business sense. This is not always the case. Part of the lease expense may be a business deduction. But with buying a car, the depreciation can get used as a deduction.

The Options

When it comes to car buying in Ontario, there are a lot of options. Individuals that are going for a new vehicle have plenty of dealerships to choose from. Most often the same dealerships also offer leasing options. For those that do not want to buy a new vehicle, there is plenty of choices for used vehicle options. Again there are dealerships that specialize in used vehicles. Or there are private sales.

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