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The VIN of a vehicle stands for its ‘vehicle identification number’. This number is like the fingerprint of a car, and every single one is different. This identifying code is usually 17 characters long and includes numbers and letters. If the code is not 17 characters, it may have been made prior to 1981.

The VIN number itself is not hard to find. It can usually be located on the dashboard of the vehicle and is easily seen from the outside. If it is not there, it may be under the hood or inside the driver’s side door jam.

This code offers helpful information about the car and is often sought after by those considering purchasing a car. By having the VIN checked, buyers can learn about the year, the manufacturer, etc.

For those who want to do a VIN check, there are many online sites to consider. To sort through all of the sites, the following is a list of the top 5 VIN check sites:



As one of the most popular options, VinAudit is an access provider for the National Motor Vehicle Title Information (NMVTIS). VinAudit partners with non-profits, government agencies and more to give you the most comprehensive reading on any vehicle.

Some of the features included in their reports include:

  • Odometer checks.
  • Active theft checks.
  • Prior damage checks.
  • Past sales listings.
  • Title problem checks.
  • …and more.

VinAudit also offers free tools to help drivers recognize the value of a vehicle. Tools like the ‘Market Value Tool’ provide insight into the true retail value of a vehicle, while the ‘Ownership Cost Tool’ offers insight into expenses you can expect with any given vehicle for the next few years.

These additional functions are ideal for both sellers and buyers, to ensure they’re getting

Kelly Blue Book

One of the top 10 VIN check sites to visit is Kelly Blue Book. This website is ideal for comprehensive car checks and helps those buying either new or used cars. Detailed information that you can expect to learn about a specific vehicle includes:

  • Car history
  • Safety statistics
  • Features

This website ensures that anyone who is thinking about buying a used car knows exactly what they’re buying. Full vehicle history reports are accessible, as well as fair price evaluations based on a car’s condition and mileage.

Kelly Blue Book also partners AutoCheck, to access full reports that include a car’s past owners, repairs, thefts and more. Everything to know about a potential purchase will be provided by this VIN check site.

For those who are just starting their car shopping process, cars for sale are also included on this website.


license plate

As one of the top 10 VIN check sites, AutoCheck is ideal for owners, sellers, and buyers. Individuals can search for a specific car with either a VIN number or a license plate.

If a buyer knows what car they want already, they can run a single vehicle history report. For those who are still shopping, multi-vehicle history reports can also be run simultaneously.

While a full search will require a small expense, it is well worth the information provided.

For anyone who is just starting out in the buying process, there are others tools available as well. AutoCheck offers used car listings for new shoppers, as well as information on how to buy a used car.

By signing up for their monthly subscription, users can run as many VIN numbers and license plates as they like. They also have the option to download the AutoCheck app, and dealers can access a special member sign-in page.

There is something for everyone at AutoCheck. Anyone can access additional tools like their AutoCheck blog, Patented AutoCheck score process and information on vehicle buyback protection.

National Insurance Crime Bureau

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is a non-profit organization. This company works to fight insurance theft and crime and offers a wide range of services.

To help protect vehicle owners, they provide helpful information about theft trends, previously stolen vehicles and more.

The goal of the site is to raise awareness and to improve the safety of communities. For those who are looking to buy a car, the NICB has invaluable tools and information. VIN checks are a free service provided by the company, and five searches can be completed in one day.

For first-time buyers, this website offers information on common theft issues to watch out for.  Information on “cloning”, “washed up” vehicles and more are explained, and ways to avoid these problems are included.

Those who are unsure about the legitimacy of a used vehicle should visit this site for helpful tactics and tools.


Previous damage

Those individuals searching for vehicle histories in the United States or Europe might benefit from AutoDNA. This VIN check website runs background checks on any vehicle in either of these locations.

Those who are considering buying a used car may reveal information that even the current owner doesn’t know about.

Car reports from AutoDNA include verified information from financial institutions, national administrations and more. Being in the business since 2010, AutoDNA offers the experience that sellers and buyers can both benefit from.

Some of the information included in vehicle reports include:

  • Stolen car information.
  • Odometer readings.
  • Previous damage.
  • Previous use of the car.
  • The number of previous owners.
  • ….and more.

Process a free VIN check with AutoDNA, and explore the rest of the website for more information, tools, and tips.


With so many VIN check sites to choose from, it’s important that shoppers utilize some of the most trusted options. This list of the top 5 VIN check sites offers more than just checks, and consumers can benefit from additional tips and tools.

For anyone thinking about buying or selling a car, consider these well-known businesses. These companies have years of experience and are sure to point you in the right direction.

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