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The world is a busy place, and we all have somewhere to be; with that being said, we all need the means to get where we’re going quickly and efficiently. For many families, the idea of owning two cars versus one is a no-brainer. With kids to move around and jobs to get to, it often seems impossible to function without at least two different modes of transportation.

However, not everyone is sold on the idea of having two cars. In fact, there are many people who opt to utilize trains, buses or even bikes to get from A to B. For those who are not sure whether having one or two cars is more beneficial, the following are the pros and cons of owning two cars versus one.

By comparing the benefits and setbacks, car owners will be able to answer the question, “’it worth it to own two cars?’

The Pros of Owning Two Cars

Two Cars

Discounts on Insurance

By owning more than one car, most people or families are eligible for multi-car insurance. This has its advantages since these policies usually offer a discount on the premium. By owning multiple cars and grouping them under one policy, there is the potential to save lots of money.

If an individual or family happens to have more than two drivers in the household, they also have the option to add additional cars to one insurance policy. The more cars they add, the better their discount will be. For those who are happy with their policy, it’s a good idea to consider adding any extra vehicles that are acquired; it’s possible to save up to 20%.



One of the most obvious advantages of owning two cars versus one is the convenience of it. If there are at least two individuals in a household who both require transportation, having more than one car can quickly solve most issues.

The benefit of owning two cars is that households with more than one person can easily get where they need to be, without having to wait or take public transportation.


For those who are asking themselves ‘Should I own one car or two?’, they might consider what would happen if the only car they owned broke down. Without having a second option on-hand, they may not be able to get where they need to go. They might also have trouble getting family members to school or work.

The advantage of owning two cars is having the assurance that there is always a backup option in case disaster strikes.


Cars are all made differently, and having two options that perform differently can often be a benefit to owning two cars. For example, if one car is better on gas, it would be ideal to use that vehicle when gas prices are high. Similarly, if one vehicle is safer for winter weather, car owners would have the option to drive that one in colder seasons.

The Cons of Owning Two Cars

Additional Costs

As with all things, the more we have, the more everything costs. While owning two cars instead of one has its advantages, many people will also notice that having two cars means twice the money to maintain them, to fill them up with gas, to insure, etc.

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that leasing another car means being on the hook for quite a long time while it is being paid off. If an individual or family is not ready for additional monthly payments, they might consider using one car and utilizing public transport when necessary.

One Renewal Date for Insurance

When owners with multiple cars choose to utilize multi-car insurance, they will certainly be able to find businesses that will offer discounts; however, there are some factors to consider. For example, when grouping vehicles into one policy, renewal dates for each car will all land on the same date. At this point, premiums will be higher; it will help to be prepared to make larger payments.

Car owners might also consider the history of other driver’s in their policy, and how their previous record might affect the payments. Drivers who have been flagged as “high risk” usually have much larger insurance costs, and grouping them together means adding in those raised premiums. Very old and very young drivers are also seen as higher risk drivers, so it’s helpful to keep that in mind as well.

Carbon Footprint

two cars

While there are some environmentally-friendly car designs on the market, they still cost a pretty penny. When asking the question ‘Is it worth it to own two cars?’, car owners might consider how badly they need the second car, and whether they can go without it.
Arguably, one car is better for the environment than two, so if anyone is looking to reduce their carbon footprint, cutting back on vehicles is one option.


Is it worth it to own two cars? The answer lies in the actual need for two vehicles, as well as the comfortability with costs. Those groups who have multiple drivers with various transportation needs may not fair with only one car, while those who don’t do too much traveling may be able to get away with only one.

For those who agree that more than one car is necessary, there are certainly benefits to having that second vehicle on-hand. Not only is it convenient, there are also lots of discount options when car insurance policies are conglomerated into one. Anyone who wants to learn more about an opportunity like multi-car insurance can find out more from their insurance broker.

There are both pros and cons to owning two cars; however, it is the family’s lifestyle and specific needs that will determine which scenario is more beneficial.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.