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When it comes to vehicle warranties, many people have mixed feelings about them. Most like the thought of having extra protection. Others like the thought of the extra protection. But, they don’t relish the thought of the extra expense. Some feel like they are taking a gamble by either opting for or not going for an extended vehicle warranty.

Another aspect that adds to the confusion is whether to go for dealer extended warranty. Or, third party warranty. Some may have the option to choose. The following is a list of companies. Ones that offer extended warranty services for Canada.

Car Nation Canada


You may be buying your warranty through Car Nation Canada. If so, you will be dealing with Canadian Auto Warranty. Once you begin looking into what this company has to offer, then you are going to see a long list. Comprised of what can get covered under an extended vehicle warranty. They are going to offer you two plans to choose from.

Extended Plan

Seems to be most suited for those whose vehicle is still under manufacturer warranty. The extra coverage includes coverage for convenience. As well as coverage for items not covered under the mfg. Warranty. If the vehicle is not under mfg. Warranty there is premium protection as well as limited powertrain protection.

Wrap Plan

This is similar to the Extended Plan. But appears to offer a lot more variations in mechanical components.


This vehicle warranty company is prepared to offer up to 60% savings. Off the dealership prices. This vehicle warranty service provider has three plans in place to choose from.

There is the;

  • Fully Loaded Coverage which offers the full package for coverage.
  • Essential Components offers the majority of the Fully Loaded Coverage. With a few omissions such as emissions, airbag electronics, navigation, entertainment and phone.
  • PowerTrain Plus is a limited warranty package. One that covers Powertrain, seals & gaskets, air conditioning, and electronics.

A-Protect Warranty Corporation

This is a vehicle Warranty Company that has gone the extra mile. In developing warranty plans. They offer the following:

  • Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
  • Silver+
  • Gold+
  • Platinum+
  • Premium
  • Luxury
  • Luxury+

The most basic is the Bronze Silver Gold Platinum offer for powertrain warranty coverage. Which encompasses engine, transmission, and transaxle/differential. Along with towing and trip interruption. For those that want it all then they will need to opt for the Luxury+ plan. Even so with this plan, there are some exclusions that one should be aware of.

Lubrico Warranty

This warranty service company also has a variety of plans. Then they also have some add-ons for those that want specific coverage.

Their plans consist of;

  • Limited Powertrain
  • Powertrain Value
  • Limited Superior
  • Powertrain
  • Essential 8 Protection
  • Superior
  • Top Up

The optional add-ons are;

  • Air conditioning
  • Seals & Gaskets
  • Extra Coverage
  • Increased Claim Limits
  • Power Equipment
  • Car Rental

Autoguard Advantage

This company has made sure that they are not leaving anyone out. When it comes to meeting their insurance needs. They have many different plans which are comprised of;

  • Advance Coverage
  • Powertrain One
  • Primary Max
  • Promotion Plus
  • Economy Max
  • Primary
  • Promotion
  • Economy

It is just a matter of carefully reviewing which plan possesses the most coverage to suit your needs. There are many plans available. It means that you are only going to be paying for what you feel you need extra warranty coverage for.

Global Warranty


This company provides warranty coverage for both the US and Canada. For Canadians the warranty packages are comprised of;

  • Powertrain Drive
  • Advantage Drive
  • Maximum Drive
  • Ultimate Drive
  • Ultimate Wrap

The Company is promoting the fact that their warranties can be in place providing coverage up to 1,000,000. Km.

NationWide Warranty

This is a company that is committed to offering different types of warranty service packages. Their packages are comprised of;

  • Limited Powertrain Protection
  • Powertrain Protection
  • Premium Protection
  • Top Up Warranty

In addition to this, the company offers other types of protection services. Such a gap protection and theft protection plans to name a few.

Umbrella Warranty

Umbrella Warranty may not have as big a selection of individualized warranty packages. Compared to some of the others. But they have four comprehensive ones. Which should cover all the needs of those wanting this type of extra coverage. The packages they offer are;

  • Bronze Package
  • Silver package
  • Gold Package
  • Platinum Package

Coverage One

Coverage One has developed warranty plans with a focus on the budget as well as need. This gives the vehicle warranty shopper a good opportunity. To get the extra coverage needed while remaining on a budget. The packages offered are;

  • Ultimate
  • Pinnacle
  • Sentinel
  • Guardian
  • Eliminator

For those who want just the basic coverage, they will want to opt for the Eliminator. For those that want full protection, they will want to consider the Ultimate.

Peoples Choice Warranty

Another vehicle warranty Service Company. One of several that are recommended by OMVIC. Their extended warranty packages are comprised of;

  • Platinum
  • Top Up
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze


The Bronze package is the most basic version. However, there are options for add-ons. This allows one to customize their vehicle warranty package. It means not having to pay for coverage for items that one does not feel is necessary.

Shopping for Vehicle Warranty


There are plenty of vehicle warranty companies to choose from. Which service the Canada driven vehicles. Just as it is important to shop for good insurance the same applies to warranty coverage. It is important that the vehicle warranty shopper do their research. Also, for them to make comparisons. At the same time checking out the credibility of any warranty company one is going to do business with.

There are different ways to go about checking out a company. Warranty shoppers can check them out through the local Better Business Bureaus. Then they can look on forums and check out reviews online. Another option is to look to see if the Company is affiliated or recognized by reputable organizations. Such as the OMVIC.

Once a Company becomes of interest then what they have to offer by way of plans need to be carefully compared. Many of the plans allow for basics then with additional add-ons. It is worth it for an individual to take their time. They can make comparisons between plans and add-ons. To see which is going to give them the best coverage for the least amount of cost.