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There are plenty of reasons why a car buyer would want to buy a used car in Ontario. It is a busy province with a lot of vehicle sellers as well as purchasers. It is also a province that offers options when it comes to those who want to buy a used car. One of the most common ways is through a dealership. Some of the dealerships in Ontario offer both new and used vehicles. Then there are others that specialize in used vehicles only.

Buying a Used Car In Ontario

sale of vehicles

Fortunately also in this province, there are some policies in place. Ones that govern the sale of vehicles including used vehicles. However, there are No Lemon laws like the US has. Buying a vehicle is a big investment. This means that there should be some thought put into it. There are some steps that can be taken to make sure that the purchase like this is going to be a good experience.


Every individual has their wants when it comes to a vehicle. To make the proper purchase one needs to look at their needs first. This means planning for the type of vehicle that is going to be best suited for the intended use. Individuals that are single will have different expectations. About the used vehicle than those that have a family. Making a list of everything that one needs in their vehicle is a good starting point. It helps to create some organization and helps to prevent impulse buying.

The Budget

Most everyone will have a certain amount of money that they can pay for a vehicle. There are two segments of the finances used vehicle buying that have to get considered. One is how much of the deposit can get put down and how much one can afford to make payments. The more money an individual pays for a vehicle it means, the more that they are going to pay in monthly payments. As well as interests.

Deciding Where to Buy

Then there is the next big decision. Once an individual has decided on what their expectations and needs are in their vehicle. They should be aware of where they want to buy. There are many used car dealerships around, and they advertise in many different places. A lot of information can be found about them in the local papers as well as on the Internet. Most often they will have a website. They will advertise many of the vehicles that they have available for sale. Do keep in mind that used cars move quickly. Cars that get seen on their website may not be available at the time one physically goes to their lot to check them out.

Checking out the Make and Models

car models

One can prepare themselves even better. By checking out some of the models of vehicles that they get interested in buying. Most often if an individual has a favourite car in mind, they do have some knowledge about it. The other thing is deciding on what year of vehicle one may be thinking about purchasing. By knowing this further research can be done as to what the Canadian Redbook has it listed as for value. This way an individual’s going to get a good idea of whether they are getting a good deal or not.

30 Day Warranty on Used Cars Ontario

It may not be mandatory for the used car dealership to give a warranty. Many will offer this with any of the used vehicles that they are selling. Used cars dealers are in a business that they need to maintain their reputation. Some do not offer a warranty. A lot of things could go wrong with their vehicles. This is going to overtime affect their business in a negative way. An individual that is buying from a dealership in most cases they will find that they are dealing with reputable entities. However, as with any industry, there can be shady ones as well. There is an organization in Ontario that oversees the used car industry. It is the Used Car Dealers Association of Canada. Many of the auto dealer selling used cars throughout Canada have joined this organization. By doing so, they are being recognized as being trustworthy to deal with. Most often they will advertise their connection to this association. They do this with the sticker that is in plain sight in some part of their building.

Used Car Return Policy Ontario

Many dealerships have a used car return policy. Ones they are going to be relying on that they may have designed themselves. When buying a used car, it comes down to the cliché of buyer beware. There is no rule that says a used car dealership has to take a car back. However, when one buys a vehicle from a used dealership, they will be signing a contract. There may be circumstances that will allow for a used card to get returned. Many of the car dealers in Ontario belong to an organization. Called the Ontario Vehicle Sales Regulator. Those that buy from dealers that belong to this organization have a lot more protection when it comes to buying a used vehicle. This organization has a strict mandate that their members must follow. This mandate provides a great deal of protection for the vehicle shopper.

Cooling Off Period for Car Purchase Ontario

A lot of individuals are under the assumption that there is a cooling-off period. When one buys a used vehicle. Meaning that they can take the vehicle back if they change their mind within a period. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Ontario. Once the individual signs the contract they are bound by the contract. However, there are rules when it comes to contracts. The contract is an agreement that both parties make. There are times a seller has not honoured their part of the agreement. It may be grounds for voiding this contract.

Ontario Vehicle Ownership

Vehicle Ownership

The Ontario government does have some rules in place for buying a used vehicle. Ontario vehicle ownership means the vehicle must get registered in Ontario. Within six days of buying. When one buys from a dealership, they will normally look after the registration part of the purchase.

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