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leased car

When one decides to buy a vehicle, it can be a challenge on how to decide what is best to buy. In Ontario, there are a lot of options for car buying. One can easily buy almost any type of new vehicle that they want. There are also some great opportunities for buying used vehicles. Then within this category, there are some extra options. Like buying a previously leased car. So how does one decide if this is the best option for them?

Buying a Car Off Lease In Ontario


Some do decide to buy a car off lease in Ontario. They should have an understanding of what they are investing in.

What is a Car Lease Off Option in Ontario?

Many individuals driving in Ontario have decided to lease their vehicle. They do this for a different period. On average it may be for a two or three year period. Then once the lease is up, they have another decision to make.

They can buy out the car that they have been leasing. But most often individuals that lease vehicles want to upgrade each time their lease is up. This is one of the reasons why they lease, to begin with. When they do this, it means that their end of lease vehicle is not going to go on the market for sale. It is now available to those interested in buying a car lease off option.

Buying a Leased Car From a Dealer

In most cases, the leased cars that are up for sale will be available through a dealer. The majority of dealers in Ontario are reputable. They belong to some prestigious organizations that have set stringent mandates for them. This gives a buyer confidence. In knowing they are dealing with a reputable dealership. This confidence should extend to purchasing any end of lease cars that they are offering for sale.

Leased Cars for Sale Ontario

If an individual is going to go for an off lease vehicle they should check out what resources are available. For them to be able to do so. Some individuals have a specific type of car in mind that they want to buy. They are going to want to seek out the end of lease sales that offer this particular type. One can check out their local dealerships. They can also look online. Quite often these cars are found at public car auctions.

What You Need to Look For When Buying a Previously Leased Vehicle in Ontario?


No matter what type of used vehicle you are going to be buying there are certain factors about it. Ones that you should keep in mind.

The Age Factor

You need to consider the age of the vehicle. How important the age of the vehicle is to you is all going to depend. It will depend mostly on what you intend to use the vehicle for. If it is going to be a secondary car then most likely the age will not be as important. Many of the previously leased vehicles that go on the market are only two to three years old. Although there could be some good choices in ones that are a bit older than this.

The Mileage

Most people are skittish about buying a used car that has too much mileage to it. With a previously leased vehicle, the mileage is usually quite acceptable. It is because when the vehicle was under lease the mileage to be accumulated was agreed upon. As per the lease agreement,

The Interior Condition

Even though someone may be buying a used car they still want the interior to be decent. Again one of the rules that come with leasing a vehicle is keeping the interior in good condition. Usually, those buying a previously leased vehicle will find the inside of the vehicle is in excellent condition. There may be some exceptions to this. But this is rare. It is because if the individual who leased the car did not do this, it would cost them extra money.

Service Record

There will be a service record that gets maintained for a leased vehicle. The interested party in buying this vehicle should review the service record. To make sure that the car has not had a lot of problems in the past.

The Advantages of Buying a Previously Leased Vehicle

There are some things that you do know about the previously leased vehicle. About the one, you are thinking about buying. It most likely has only had one owner. It has gone through a rigid inspection. Also, the individual who leased the vehicle had a lot of responsibilities concerning the vehicle. Ones that came with their lease. If they did not honour these, it would have meant they had to pay extra money out at the end of the lease.

End of Lease Safety Inspection

One thing that you can count on is the end of lease safety inspection. When it comes to previously leased vehicles in Ontario. This inspection is quite detailed. It gives some reassurance to the new prospective buyer.

Taking Some Extra Precautions


There are a lot of advantages to buying a previously leased car in Ontario. One should still be cautious. It is not a wise idea to take any dealership’s word totally on the integrity of the vehicle. As a potential buyer, you have some responsibilities.

You should check out the history of the vehicle. It may only provide you with limited information. But it will still give you extra information. That you may not have got from the dealership where you were doing business with. There are different resources that you can use for this. Such as through the IBC, or Carproof.

You should still take the car for a test drive. Also, check to see what warranty is being provided and the details about what it covers.

Pay attention to all the details that come with car buying. You should be pleased with buying a previously leased car in Ontario.