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There are plenty of good reasons why one would want to buy a vehicle in Ontario and take it to Quebec to use. There is no reason why this cannot get done. But, there are rules and regulations that need following when doing this. You will need to follow the Quebec rules for registering a vehicle from outside of Quebec.

Provincial Requirements


Quebec has provincial requirements in place. For vehicles that will get driven on the roads and highways in this province. This province is fairly strict about the condition a car must be in. If it is going to get driven in this province on a regular basis.

Mechanical Inspections

Bringing the vehicle into this province means it will need a vehicle inspection carried out. This has to get done through a mechanical inspection centre. There are online resources to help with finding a service outlet in Quebec that will deal with this. The Quebec ministry gets concerned about vehicles that are being brought in. Ones that may not meet what they classify as standard type vehicles. For example, sometimes individuals buy modified vehicles in Ontario. That they want to use in Quebec. These vehicles fall out of the normal standards.

Prohibited Registrations

Individuals that are going to be driving their vehicle in Quebec will not be able to get it registered. If they have some legal issues. Like fines that are outstanding. Or if they have a repeated offence against them for DUI or a hit and run accident.

You need to know what the requirements are for qualifying to register a vehicle. The next step you need to take is to gather the necessary documents that will allow you to register it.

The documents you will need are….

  • You need identification of who you are. This can be your driver’s licence. Or, you can use a valid id document that has a photo with it.
  • You will need the bill of sale. If you are leasing the vehicle, then you need to show the leasing contract.
  • The registration office needs to know the actual weight of the vehicle. This may show on some of the documents that you have.
  • You are bringing the vehicle in from Ontario. So you need to have the Ontario registration certificate. If this is not applicable, then you will need the salvage certificate or the title.
  • The mechanical inspection certificate as mentioned above

These are the standard documents that are usually required. But it is a good idea to contact the registration office to see if additional documents are required.



To register a vehicle in Quebec, there are some costs that get associated with this. The cost is going to vary. The ministry cares about the type of car you are bringing in from Ontario. If it is a luxury vehicle, it is going to cost more to register it. There are set criteria as to what constitutes a luxury vehicle for this province. It has to do with the price if it is over $40,000. Also, it weighs less than 3,000kg. Plus it is not seven years or older.

If it is a large cylinder vehicle, it will cost more to register it.

Also where you live is going to impact the cost of the registration. It will cost more if you area of living is within an area where public transit is available. Or if you are living in the Montreal Agglomeration.


No matter where you are driving in Canada you need to have vehicle insurance. There are many different private insurance companies in Quebec to assist with this. The law in Quebec states that you have to have no less than $50,000 minimum coverage. This insurance is available through the private insurance companies. It is the Civil Liability Insurance coverage.

Making Sure Your Car is Fit for Quebec


The Quebec Ministry makes several suggestions. About what to do before you buy a car then bring it into Quebec.

Stolen and Salvaged Vehicles

When one is buying a vehicle outside of their province, they may run a greater risk. Of it being a stolen or being a salvaged vehicle. The Quebec authorities recommend that a VIN check get done. It should get done before buying the vehicle.

Checking the Vehicle History

Most often when one is buying a used vehicle, the seller is not going to provide all the history. As it pertains to the vehicle. Quebec does not need the vehicle information package that Ontario does. If one is buying a vehicle in Ontario the seller is going to need to produce this to the buyer. If the seller realizes that you are going to be registering the vehicle in Quebec they may not provide this. You can still use one the resources recommended by the Quebec registration office. To do your history check.

Buying from a Reputable Source

There are plenty of ways to find vehicles for sale in Ontario. There are also some great resources that list some reputable vehicles for sale. For example, buying vehicles through CARFAX. It means you are going to get a report that gives you the history of the vehicle.

There is no reason why buying a vehicle in Ontario and taking it to Quebec should be a hassle. The buyer needs to get informed. About what is expected of them to register the vehicle in Quebec. It should be a straightforward process.

Rules and regulations can always change. It is a good idea to always check with the registration office as to what their current rules are. It is wise to do this before one even purchases a vehicle.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.