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Most often when an individual needs tow truck services they are not sure who to call. A lot of times when this service is needed it’s in that the case of an emergency. It could be as a result of a collision. Or, it could be that a car has broken down and needs to get towed. When this happens the individual wants to find a tow truck in the area where they need the service. If it is not an emergency then it gives more time for the car owner to shop around to what’s available in their area. Throughout Ontario there are many tow truck services. There is usually one found in the majority of areas were drivers may need their services. In the Toronto and GTA area there are several companies that provide their services for towing.

Abrams’ Towing

roadside help

This towing company takes great pride in having Ontario’s largest towing fleet. Along with their towing services they offer roadside services. Which is a beneficial to individuals that don’t need a rvictowing see but need some roadside help. They have partnered up with many other associations. To be able to provide extensive towing services. They even offer the services of towing via a tractor-trailer across the province. They have a fleet of over 160 trucks. They’ve been in business since 1984. They employ more than 200 team members that cover Toronto and the GTA. On their Facebook page they have 6,493* followers and a 4.* rating. On their LinkedIn page they have 127* followers. They are claiming to have eight* locations throughout Ontario. On Google they have 394* reviews with a 4.9* star rating.

Dynamic Towing

Dynamic towing offers a variety of towing services to the Toronto area. They also break down their towing services into the following categories;

  • A long distance towing
  • Flatbed towing
  • Local distance towing
  • Exotic vehicle towing
  • Heavy duty towing

They are available 24 seven 365 days of the year. They have highly qualified technicians on staff. To make sure that all their towing services get carried out flawlessly. Part of their mandate is to cut down the wait time for towing services, and they work very hard at a 30 minute arrival time. They believe that they are way ahead of their competitors when it contents to customer care. Also, they take great pride in being able to handle all emergency towing situations. They currently have 39* Google reviews giving them a 3.8*rating.

PK Towing

PK towing serves not only to Toronto but all the surrounding areas. They have ten years of towing experience. Also, they work hard at offering affordable towing prices. They claim to be one of the leading companies when it comes to the towing industry. They encourage teamwork among their staff. Also, they are available 24* hours a day to provide their towing assistance. The company currently has 40* reviews on Google giving it a 4.9*rating.

Towing Services Toronto

Towing Services

They offer both local and long distance towing. They also have the ability to provide trailer towing. The areas that they cover are extensive which includes Toronto and the surrounding area. They also deal with the Ottawa Québec areas. Their mandate is to offer reliable and affordable towing services. Plus, doing so as quickly as possible. The company currently has 68* Google reviews giving it a 4.9*rating

JP Towing

This company offers a variety of different types of towing services. Included in this is underground garage towing. They have a 24-hour emergency work crew on staff to meet the needs of their clients. They have a variety of different types of tow trucks in their fleet of vehicles. Which allows them to be flexible in the type of services that they offer. They currently have 142* reviews on Google giving them a 3.* rating.

Discount Towing

Discount Towing offers a full line of towing services. These range from light to medium duty as well as heavy-duty towing. Among their fleet of vehicles they have slopes, roll off, tilt and loads. They are located in Concorde and service this area. Also, they do not run their services 24 hours. They currently have Google reviews giving them a 3.1* star rating. For those that are in the Concorde area that runs into difficulty then they may want to rely on this towing company. For being a local resource.


Freeway is located in the Toronto area and services those in need of towing services in this region. They are an authorized agent of CAA. Also, they have been in business since 1998. They claim that they have built their business by offering reasonable pricing. With no compromise in quality work. They currently have 36* Google reviews giving them a 4.5* star rating.

SSR Towing

This is a company that offers some different towing services. Which includes heavy towing. They service the Toronto as well as the GTA areas. Their services are available 24/7. They make the commitment of having their tow trucks arrive in less than 30 minutes.  Plus,they consider themselves to be a fast response emergency service. When it comes to their towing. The company currently has 30* Google reviews giving it a 3.9*rating

GTA Towing

GTA also services the surrounding area of Toronto as well as the city itself. They offer 24-hour a day service. They rely on the latest technology. Also, they have excellent communication to allow for fast services. Among the towing services that they offer it includes flatbed tows as well as truck tows. They can do heavy duty towing and can commit to long distance towing. Currently, they have 34* reviews on Google giving a 4.1* star rating.

Road Runner Towing

tow truck

This towing company considers themselves to be a leader in this industry.  Serving the Toronto and surrounding area. On staff, they have skilled tow truck operators with many years of experience. They are open 365* days of the year operating 24* hour service each day. On their Facebook page, they have 33* followers. For Google reviews, they have a 4.1* star rating.

*Data current as date of live posting

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