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mercedes benz

Many would think that it is nice to be in a position where the choice of cars for ownership comes down to the Mercedes or Audi. This brings its own set of difficulties. A lot of money is going to be paid for either one of these brands so nobody no matter how much extra money they have wants to buy one that could have some negative aspects about it. This means knowing which is going to be the best choice, the Mercedes or the Audi?

Audi Vs  Mercedes  Reliability

The Audi has a lot going for it if one is focusing on sophistication, looks and comfort. When it comes to reliability, this is where it begins to slip in the rankings concerning high-end luxury vehicles.  In some vehicle rating statistics, this brand has taken the twenty-third place out of thirty-two for reliability. What may step the Audi up a notch to offset its weak reliability is the diesel versions and their good performance.

The Mercedes doesn’t create a high range of satisfaction when it comes to reliability either. In some of the ratings, it took eighteenth place out of thirty-two for reliability. So looking at scores such as this even though not all that impressive it still puts the Mercedes slightly ahead of the Audi for reliability.

Audi vs Mercedes in Canada – Maintenance Costs

The following charges give a very broad range of what maintenance costs can be for these two brands. The lower figures are those that apply to pre-purchasing of maintenance packages for each year over a four-year term. Keeping in mind that usually these maintenance packages only cover the basics. When you see the higher costs for maintenance, these are examples of what the costs can be for maintenance on a particular model or year.

Top Ten AudisAverage Maintenance Costs



Top Ten MercedesAverage Maintenance Costs
Sedan  A-Class Hatch$1,538
Sedan B-Class Hatch$324
CLA Coupe$324
C Class Coupe$399
C-Class Wagon$399
GLC  Coupe$399
C Class Cabrioler$399
SLC Roadster$525
Sl Roadster$1179


When you are trying to determine maintenance costs, there are a lot of different factors you need to consider. Aside from the credibility of the brand you have to look at the specific model as well as the year. Both of these vehicles can be expensive in regards to parts. Then not every mechanic is trained to work on these high-end vehicles. So costs can be increased based on this.

Audi vs Mercedes Race:  Which is Faster

For those that are looking for speed in their luxury vehicle and comparing the Audi vs. Mercedes, they are not going to find much of a difference if any. Keeping in mind that the manufacturers of these vehicles are competitive, so they strive to stay on par with one another. Also, it is going to depend on the specific model because they all have different specs.

The Audi:

Most consider the Audi R8 V10+ to be the leader of the two with a top speed of 205 mph. This vehicle can go from 0 to 60 in just 32 seconds. That is enough speed for almost anyone. Speed doesn’t just count on the flats either. How it performs when taking corners has to be accounted for. This particular Audi has good weight distribution which allows it to offer good speed in the corners.

The Mercedes:

Mercedes is proud of its top speed performer which most think is the AMG GT R.  Its top speed is 198 mph.  It can go from 0 to 60 in 35 seconds. So although slightly less than the Audi it still can put out the speed when desired. Another important factor is that it has a front engine, so that helps with the weight distribution.

Audi vs Mercedes Insurance

Insurance is always a big consideration when it comes to vehicles. Although the make and model are going to play an important role so are many other factors. Such as;

  • Who is going to be driving it?
  • The driving record.
  • The primary purpose of the vehicle.
  • The area in which the car is kept.
  • What province the car is insured in.

The following is a comparison of insurance in the Toronto area for the Audi and the Mercedes giving examples of the most and least expensive according to models.

Audi R$2,079Mercedes GLA250$1,056
Mercedes CL550$1,905Audi Q$1,186.

Although insurance costs are going to have to be considered they should not be the deciding factor on whether you want to buy an Audi or Mercedes. You can cut your costs for insurance on either of these vehicles by getting quotes for the best prices. You can also take advantage of insurance discounts that may apply to you.

Audi vs Mercedes Safety

Safety Is a big factor for anyone buying a vehicle no matter whether it is a luxury, sports or compact type. Both Audi and Mercedes have put a great deal of effort into their safety technology.

Some of the main features of Safety Technology being used in these vehicles.

Pre-SensePre-Safe Brake
Traffic Jam AssistDistronic Plus
Adaptive Cruise ControlPre Safe
Stop and GoNight View Assist Plus
Vehicle Exit AssistActive Lane Keeping Assist
Turn AssistActive Blind Spot Monitoring
Collision Avoidance AssistAdaptive High Beam Assist
Night Vision Assistant
Advanced Safety Systems


For vehicle manufacturers to develop new safety technology, they will focus on crash test results to help them improve. For the IIHS their top pick for 2017 was the  2018 Audi Q5, but it didn’t meet the criteria for 2018 as a top pick.

The 2019 Mercedes Benz C-Class has made it as a top safety pick by IIHS.


When it comes to safety and crash ratings, there should be no major concerns between the Audis or the Mercedes. Other factors such as speed put them on par with each other. When it comes to reliability one may be a little further ahead with the Mercedes. But overall there aren’t enough differences between these vehicles in the major factors to sway one’s decision.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.