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audi vs bmw

Out of the all high-end vehicles to choose from two that top the list are the Audi and the BMW. Which does one decide on? To help with this question, it is worth looking at a few of the important factors that come with choosing a high-end vehicle

Audi Vs BMW  Reliability



Don’t be surprised to see a difference of opinion when asking which vehicle is more reliable between the Audi and BMW. This is because it might depend on the various model within each of these groups. Many find that a particular model in the BMW is more reliable than one compared to in the Audi. Another model in the Audi may not be found to be as reliable.

The general consensus is that although the Audi is considered to be an excellent brand when it comes to something going wrong with a vehicle it is at the top of the list for high-end vehicles. Also, they are more expensive to fix.  The second in line is the BMW so most would say the BMW outshines the Audi for overall reliability. Taking a historical look at reliability and vehicles, the general findings were that the Audi A6 fell into the classification of being the least reliable vehicle.

BMW Vs Audi In Canada – Maintenance Costs


Naturally, maintenance costs are going to be of major concern for any car owner. Especially a vehicle owner who has spent big bucks on a high-end vehicle. Between the two favourite high-end vehicles, the maintenance costs can differ. However, there are several  other metrics that contribute to the variances in the maintenance costs of these two brands, such as;

  • What repairs are identified during the routine maintenance
  • What maintenance package has the owner bought
  • Who is providing the maintenance service
  • At what mileage is the maintenance being performed

The following is a general list of maintenance costs keeping in mind that there are several variables that will affect the actual cost of the maintenance.

Average Audi Maintenance Costs by Model

Top Ten AudisAverage Audi Maintenance Costs Canada


Average BMW Maintenance Costs by Model

Top Ten BMW’sAverage BMW Maintenance Costs Canada
2 Series$600 basic
3 Series$1,000
3 Series Wagon$950
4 Series$600 basic
4 Series GranCoupe$550
5 Series$600
6 Series$720
6 Series Gran Coupe$600
6 Series Gran Turismo$600
7 Series$600

Audi Vs BMW Race: Which Is Faster?

If one is looking at a particular race between the Audi and the BMW, then there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into account that contribute to the win of the race. For example, the skills of the driver. But, to look at the components of each of these vehicles that contribute to the potential for speed it allows for a much better determination of which one is faster.

The Audi:

The R8 V10+ is recognized for being able to do from 0 to 60 in a mere 3.2 seconds. It’s recorded top speed is 205 mph. Keeping in mind when looking at which is going to be the fastest it is also going to depend on a particular model as indicated here. There are specific features of a model that will contribute to the vehicles speed, such as its handling capabilities and how the weight of the vehicle is distributed.

The BMW:

In the entire line of BMW, the M5 which boasts of 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds just like the Audi R8 V10+ but the difference is this BMW is a four-door which many feel will contribute to its being slightly slower than the Audi.

Audi Vs BMW Insurance

With the cost of vehicle insurance today every vehicle purchaser has to give some thought to the cost of insurance. Insurance companies do care about the make and model of the vehicle. This is because the components of these vehicles can factor into the potential risks that the insurance companies may face with paying out claims.

Aside from the actual make and model of a car, there are other metrics insurance companies will take into account when determining the price of insurance. On average the Audi R8 V10 is in the top ten of most expensive cars to insure. One of the reasons that no doubt put it into this category is its speed capabilities. Insurance rates differ by province as well.

If you know what the average insurance rates are for your province, then compare this to some quotes that you can get for an Audi or BMW it will help you to do a comparison. For example, 2016 data shows that the average cost for insurance in Ontario was $1,445. Per year.

Audi Vs BMW Safety

To make a comparison of the Audi Vs. BMW safety will depend on the year of the vehicle. Being as each year, the safety feature is commonly enhanced. The comparison also depends on whether the safety features are standard or whether they are optional. If a vehicle buyer decides to buy the safety options, then it may put that, vehicles safety ahead of the other who only comes with basic safety features.

The Following is an Example of What a Specific Model of an Audi  as well as a BMW will possess as safety features:

Safety Features2018 Audi A32018 BMW 430
Anti-lock brakesYesYes
Stability ControlYesYes
Front Impact AirbagsYesYes
Side Impact AirbagsYesyes
Overhead AirbagsYesYes
Knee AirbagsYesYes
Security SystemYesYes


As can be seen, each of these makes and models possesses the same safety features, but aside from this, there are other components that go into determining the safety of a vehicle. For example, how it fairs in a crash test to give it a crash rating. For example, the 2018 Audi A3 is ranking high in its crash rating. But. The 2018 BMW 430 as yet has not been rated in its crash test.


To determine which vehicle between the Audi’s and BMWs is best for you it means taking a hard look at all the factors pertaining to each make that are going to be most important to you.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.