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A quote is an excellent place to start to determine how much your car insurance will cost. Quotes can help you to decide on a car insurance provider. They can also be used to negotiate a better rate if you can get a quote in writing. Younger drivers need to compare quotes because they end up paying the most money for their insurance.

There is specific information that you must provide when you are contacting insurance companies to obtain quotes. If you have all of the information handy in a single location, then you can make several calls quickly. Once you make a couple of calls, they will get easier. You will soon know what a good quote is and what is not. Here is the information you will need:

Bank Information


Any insurance company that you contact will need information about your credit card or your bank account. The insurance company will run a credit check on you. A credit check will ensure that your credit is good before they will offer you an insurance policy. The main reason for this is to discover people who have bad credit. This is because they make late payments and may potentially cost the insurance company money with claims in the future. If your credit history is clean and you have made all of your payments on time, you should find lower premiums and affordable car insurance.

Social Security Number

You will need your social security number, and you will need the number of any person who may drive the vehicle. Your social security number is crucial because it is personal to you. This number should be provided to the insurance company when requested.

Your Driver’s License


If you do not have a driver’s license, then you should not be trying to get car insurance. Your driver’s license is a verification that you are legally qualified to drive and that you can purchase insurance for your vehicle. Insurance providers will want to have a look at your driving history before they offer you any insurance. If your driving record is clean, you are likely to get a better rate than if you continually rack up speeding tickets and other moving violations.

Is more than one person going to be driving the vehicle? Each driver will need to provide their driver’s license info. Checking this information is a crucial step for the insurance company. Have you had any license suspensions in the last six years? If your license was suspended due to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs you will need to disclose this. If you have any outstanding fees or fines, you will be required to pay those before you can obtain insurance for your vehicle.

Information About Your History

Have you been involved in an accident in the last ten years? Accidents must be disclosed to obtain an accurate quote. Have you taken a driver training course? Driver training can help you to qualify for a lower cost of your insurance. Locate your certificate of completion, driver training certificate, or other paperwork so that you can offer up the right information when asked. You need to know how many years you have had continuous insurance. Your insurance history will help to provide the most accurate quote possible.

Vehicle Use Information

The insurance company will ask you if you will be driving your vehicle for business or pleasure. You will also need to know if you plan to drive your car to and from work. The insurance company will need to have an estimate of how far that distance is. You need to know the estimated mileage you will incur each week. All of these factors make a difference in your car insurance quote.

Information About Your Vehicle

The insurance company needs to know what type of car they are insuring. You must provide them with the VIN or vehicle identification number that is unique to your vehicle. The VIN is found on a small tag or sticker on the inside of your windshield or in the driver’s side door. If you can’t find it, ask a local car dealer or someone who is knowledgeable about vehicles. The insurance premiums that you will pay are dependent upon the type of vehicle that you will be driving. Newer cars have the best safety features and are easier to insure, however, more modern vehicles can be expensive to insure because of their replacement cost.

Older vehicles may not have very many safety features or other essential items such as airbags. An older vehicle will also have a lower replacement cost so you may be able to obtain cheaper car insurance. Most people choose an older vehicle because they can save a lot of money on their insurance and they have a limited budget for that purpose. The most expensive cars to insure are the ones with high horsepower, sports cars, and luxury vehicles. Be prepared for a higher quote if you drive this type of vehicle. If you are insuring multiple vehicles, you may qualify for a lower rate known as “fleet insurance”.

Extra Information


You should be able to answer some fundamental questions including providing your address and your date of birth. As the principal driver, you need to provide information about any tickets you might have incurred including failure to wear a seatbelt. You do not need to report parking tickets. You should know what type of coverage you would like because this can narrow down your options and save time. By being prepared in advance, you will be able to access the most up-to-date and accurate quote from each insurance agent that you speak to. You can get the insurance policy that you need quickly and without too much hassle when you have all of the information handy that you will be asked for.

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