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car paint job

Most people take pride in their car. Not only in the way it performs but also in the way it looks. Often the most significant problems with the car’s appearance will be with the paint. A lot of cars have their appearance marred because of paint chipping, or it is peeling. For some, they wonder if their Insurance Company will pay for a new paint job.

Reasons Why A Vehicle Needs a Paint Job


Usually, it is just worn and tear on the paint finish that causes it to look bad.

Age can cause the car to rust which then affects the paint.

Using the wrong products on the paint could damage it.

All these are common causes of why a car needs a paint job, but vehicle insurance does not cover all of them.

When Will an Insurance Company Pay for A Car Paint Job?

Different circumstances determine when an Insurance Company will pay to have the car painted.

No-Fault Accident Insurance

Every province in Canada has a rule that everyone who is driving a vehicle has to have auto insurance. The type of insurance can differ among the provinces. In Ontario, there is no-fault insurance. However, when it comes to insurance claims, there is always someone that will be at fault. The claim is paid depending on who is at fault.

The costs incurred by the insured are paid out by the insured’s insurance company. It happens no matter who was at fault in the accident. It is important to know that the driver who is at fault will probably experience a hike in their premiums.

Some accidents create a need for the car to be re-painted. Third-party insurance will cover this.

Not at Fault Accidents

For individuals who are less than 50% at fault for the accident, they will have the paint job covered. The other driver’s insurance will pay for it. While this is good news, there can be some exceptions to this. The paint job is not covered if the total costs of repairs exceed the fair market value of the car.

If it does, then the third-party insurance may write the car off. If this happens, you will receive a payout of the value of the car at the time of the accident.

At-Fault Accident Insurance

There may be concerns about who will pay for the paint job when a driver is at fault in an accident. If the individual obtained collision coverage, then their insurance company will cover the cost. It is paid out of the collision portion of their policy. A classification of no-fault means the insured is at least 51% at fault.

Why It is Important to Have Collision Coverage


In every province, it is mandatory to have insurance. The requirement is for basic insurance or otherwise known as no-fault insurance. As named it only covers the basics for the Insured. Adding extra coverage is sometimes beneficial for covering repairs. It means adding additional coverage like collision coverage.

Vandalizing and Paint Coverage

Usually, a paint job covered by insurance is a result of an accident. It can also include damage as a result of vandalism. Vandalism coverage is through comprehensive insurance. It is an option to purchase.

Comprehensive coverage is insurance that handles damages caused by situations other than collisions. It covers claims for damage caused by theft or vandalism of the vehicle. Or it can include claims for the damage created by falling objects or flood damage for example.

Watch for the Deductibles

You may have to pay for part of the paint job. It is because of the deductibles. Deductibles are typical when it comes to damages covered by comprehensive insurance.

Your deductible is the amount that you have to pay before your Insurance Company pays the rest.

Every Insurance Company is different in what they set as deductibles. In the case of vandalism, an entire paint job is not always necessary. It might be that you can get a paint repair done for less than your deductible. In this case, the better step would be not to file an insurance claim. In many cases filing a claim causes your insurance premiums to go up. If you can avoid having to file a claim then the better it may be.

The Value of Extra Insurance

Understanding the costs of a paint job without insurance is essential.

For example if because of an accident or vandalism your car needs a new paint job, how much would it cost? It is not a service where you can quickly search the internet and find a pre-determined price.

A paint job quote takes into account a lot of variables. Research about the cost of paint jobs reveals this. The age of the car and the amount of damage are two considerations. So is the type of finish on the car. These are just a few of the variables that will help to determine the cost.

Chances are the cost of the paint job will be much higher than the deductible. These higher prices can be hard on the pocketbook. Some feel they are saving money just by paying for basic insurance. Basic insurance is mandatory. The real question is, is one saving money? Or is it taking an unnecessary risk?

When anyone is checking out which insurance to buy it is important to keep the “what ifs” in mind. Compare this to the vehicle and whether it would be worth having a paint job done if it were to become damaged. Purchasing both comprehensive and collision insurance requires careful thought and consideration.

Real Value In Insurance


There is a real value from Insurance coverage. Some think that a paint job is a minor thing. It is not when it affects the overall appearance of the vehicle.

A damaged car even from a minor accident may be no more than paint damage. Yet, the costs of a new paint job can be quite high. Knowing that the insurance coverage will pay for this gives peace of mind. A car that has even slight paint damage must be re-painted. At least in the area where it occurs. If it’s not then, there is a risk the car will rust, and further damage occurs. Insurance that covers paint jobs prevents this.