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Bradford is a rural community in Ontario but one that is very busy. It is close to the Holland Marsh where a lot of people go to buy fresh veggies. As such, there is often a lot of traffic. Drivers here want and need good insurance coverage.

 Insure It Tupling

commercial insurance

This is an insurance brokerage firm that is intent on being a full-service insurance provider. They carry many different types of insurance. It includes personal and commercial insurance. In their insurance line, they have a long list of insurance packages. Ones that they can put together for their clients. Included in this is auto insurance. Also, they insure many different types of recreational vehicles. They have been in business since 1952. The company is proud of the service that they have provided for the Bradford area. They have grown over the years. Also, they have a full team of professionals on staff. To meet the needs of each client that wishes to take part in their services. Currently, on Google reviews, they have 2* reviews giving them a 4.5* star rating.

Lomonte & Collings

This insurance brokerage firm puts a heavy emphasis on offering personalized service. They realize the importance of auto insurance. Also, how stressful purchasing it can be for their clients. Aside from auto insurance they also offer packages for motorcycles. Plus, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles. For those that are classic vehicle owners, they can count on this insurance firm. To find them the insurance that they need. They believe that they can empower their clients with the right insurance knowledge. By doing this, buyers can make the right choices. The company believes that their clients need to know what their options are. Vehicle insurance is mandatory in Canada. But there are many that have additional needs for insurance. This is a company that can meet those needs. On their LinkedIn page, they show that they have three *employees and six* followers. On on their Facebook page, they have 123* followers. They have one* review here giving them a 5.*Rating. On Google reviews, they have one review giving them a 5.* star rating.


The Co-Operator’s insurance company have plenty of satellite offices. Across Ontario. They have made sure to have one here for the Bradford clients. Co-Operators is a company that can offer a good selection of insurance products. They will have options available for those in need of vehicle insurance. The agent here will work diligently on getting the applicable discounts. To help lower the premium rates. Currently, this agent has three* reviews on Google giving a 5.* star rating.

State Farm Insurance

Those that would like to deal with an agent rather than a broker may want to consider State Farm insurance. They have an office here. One that has a professional and experienced agent. Ready to handle the needs of those looking for insurance. For those looking for vehicle insurance, they can count on this agent. They will inform them of what is available to them at the best pricing. Currently, this office in Bradford does not have any Google* reviews.

Bradford is a relatively small town just situated outside of Newmarket. For those that wish to expand their research for insurance, they may want to look towards some of the Newmarket brokers. Ones that service the Bradford area.

SWB Insurance

This is a company that takes great pride in being an independent insurance brokerage firm. They take their job of assisting clients with insurance very seriously. Plus they have a true interest in meeting the needs of those that they serve. The Company has been serving the community for over 65 years. Although located in Newmarket they are glad to receive new clients. Especially from the Bradford area. One of the priorities they have is letting clients know what their insurance options are. At the same time, they are intent on not adding any pressure to buy insurance that is not necessary. They also strive towards getting the best rates. Which means taking a close look at the insurance discounts.

Greensides and Breen

This Insurance company likes to make insurance buying easy. Especially for those that need vehicle insurance. Clients that are interested in what they have to offer can contact them directly. Or they can ask for a quote online. The professionals here are always ready, willing and able to answer any questions. Those that an insurance buyer may have. They have been serving the Newmarket and Bradford area for over 75 years. Also, they are well established and knowledgeable about the products that they carry.  Plus, they have lined themselves up with top quality insurance providers. Ones who they can trust to give them the products that their clients need.

Safeway Insurance

Richmond Hill

Safeway insurance is located in Richmond Hill. Which is less than a half hour’s drive from Bradford. They have been in business for 45* years and offer a quality line of insurance packages. They are intent on providing excellent service. For all their clients including their vehicle insurance customers. Insurance for drivers is mandatory in Canada. It requires some careful shopping to get good rates for those living in Ontario. Ontario has a very high rate of insurances. However, this is a company that will work diligently to help bring those costs down. They will do this by making sure that they line up with quality insurance providers. Ones that can offer competitive rates. Plus they will pay attention to the discounts that their clients may qualify for.

BrokerLink Insurance

Those wanting to find quality insurance can do so by finding a BrokerLink insurance provider. For those living in Bradford, there is an office in Aurora that will serve them. BrokerLink is becoming very popular across Ontario. It is because they are a company that is easy to deal with. Also, they are known for getting an insurance client’s needs attended to quickly. They will work very diligently on getting the best quotes for each client. They consider each client to be an individual with individual insurance needs. On the company’s LinkedIn page they have 930* employees with 2,999* followers. On the company’s Facebook page they have 20,080 followers.

State Farm

State Farm is an insurance provider that has many offices located throughout Ontario. For the Bradford area, they have multiple offices surrounding this region. Those that can be of assistance to those in need of all types of insurance. They are well known for their vehicle insurance packages. Plus, they entice clients to contact their specified agents. To assist them with their insurance needs.

David McMechan Insurance

David is an insurance agent that represents State Farm. He works out of the Newmarket area as well as Richmond Hill and also serves those in Bradford. One can talk to David directly. Or get the necessary quotes online through his website. He has been representing State Farm since 1987. He has a full understanding of just how important insurance is. He also realizes that it can be very complex buying this type of insurance. He is there to assist every client as the need arises.

Anna Raeli

Anna is a State Farm agent that works out of the King City area. She would be most pleased to assist those in Bradford with their insurance needs. She has 19* years of experience with the State Farm insurance company. She works with a team that has 55* years of experience combined.

Keith Jupp

deal online

Keith is the agent that is responsible for the Markham area. Those in Bradford may not wish to visit the agent personally because of the driving distance. They can certainly deal online with this agent. He is there to answer and meet the needs of those looking for quality vehicle insurance coverage. As well as other types of insurance.

Nicole McCann

Newmarket and Bradford have a lot of clients that are in need of insurance. Another broker for State Farm that represents these areas is Nicole. She is experienced and dedicated. Intent on providing the insurance packages clients may need for.

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