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RV Trailer

Most everyone cares about their vehicle insurance. Most drivers will make sure that they have the proper insurance coverage. It should be according to their needs.

Often what is not considered is the type of trailers that they might be hauling. Some do not realize that these may need insurance.  Each of them needs looking at in a different manner.

In many cases, the trailers are registered. If they are used on public roads. The registration of the trailer also registers the ownership of it.

Trailers are those towed behind a vehicle such as a car or light truck.

Different Types of Trailers


There are many different types of trailers. All have a different purpose. These include;

  • Travel trailers
  • RVs are sometimes classed as travel trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • Sports trailers
  • Horse trailers

As well as several others.

Is Car Insurance Needed for a Trailer?

It is going to depend on the type of trailer whether it needs insurance.  It may be compulsory in some cases. In other cases, it may not be. But, there may be an option to have it insured.

Recreational Trailers

Recreational trailers encompass a different variety of trailers. These can in include a fifth wheel. Or park models. Also tent trailers.

There may be several options available for ensuring these type of trailers. It is going to depend on the insurance company that is used. There may be an option to have this as an add-on. Adding it to vehicle insurance. Or another option is to have it as stand-alone insurance. The best way to decide is to speak to the insurance company. About what they have to offer. If one is not happy with this, they always have options. An option of being able to shop around.

In general, the regular vehicle insurance should protect them from liability. But, every insurance company is different. They all have limitations. It is essential that every insured driver check their policy. To see what their allowances are in regards to towing. There most likely will be a section of the policy that will refer to this.

Trailer Haulage Concerns

trailer haulage

The type of concerns that comes with trailer haulage is the possibility of a collision. This would be factored into the collision insurance. But, many times with trailers they are hauling different types of goods. For the recreational type, they often have many personal contents within them.

Utility trailers they are used for hauling a variety of different types of equipment. The same applies to the sports trailers. These are hauling different types of items. Such as ski-doo’s or motorbikes for example. Many of the sports vehicles have their insurance. These insurance packages often include the trailers.

With utility trailers, there is the concern of the goods that they are carrying get damaged. These could be a lawn cutting equipment. Or snow removal equipment for example. The goods themselves are nor covered under the standard vehicle insurance. But the trailer itself is if the damage is covered. One needs to look at whether their insurance allows for add-ons. To see if it covers the contents. Or looking at a whether their home insurance would cover these items.

Is Trailer Insurance Expensive?

It varies whether trailer insurance is going to be expensive or not. It all depends on the circumstances.

One may have an expensive tent trailer. It gets damaged in a collision. Then having good insurance on it is worth it. Some may have the same item that doesn’t have much value.  Then having any insurance on it may be an unneeded expense.

It is important that the use of the particular trailer is fully understood. One has to take a close look if an accident were to occur. What would be the cost factors involved? This helps to determine whether investing in insurance is going to be worth it.

One has to consider the same options for the trailer. As they would for their particular vehicle. Some may be happy just with having extra liability insurance coverage. Others may feel that they want collision coverage. As well as theft insurance along with vandalism. There can be crossovers with other types of insurance. It’s important to see which covers what. Then a more informed decision is possible. As to what is the best insurance to buy.

Some of the decisions that are made are whether one wants to buy an add-on to their insurance policy. This is going to increase the premiums. Depending on the purchase of the insurance. There is also another option. An option of looking to see how it would fit in with the home insurance policy.

Stand Alone Insurance

For RVs and house trailers, most people prefer to buy stand-alone insurance. One of the reasons for this is because it is only used for a part of the year. Some insurance companies may take this into account.  They may provide a reduced rate in the offseason. Or perhaps they may suspend the insurance. For the nonseasonal use. But in this case, one has to consider the comprehensive coverage. As it would be suspended as well.

Utility trailers are most often just added to the regular vehicle insurance. One needs to discuss this with their insurance company. To see if there is any extra cost for using a utility trailer. When used under the standard vehicle policy. That which they are now enjoying.

Be Informed


It is better to check with the insurance companies. Rather than the second guess about the insurance. When it pertains to towing a trailer.

Explaining what the intentions are. Also, about the type of trailer. It will help to clear up any misunderstandings. The driver of the vehicle doing the towing knows exactly what type of protection they have. It is better to know this now. Rather than find out that the current insurance policy has specific restrictions on this. It is especially true if one ends up having to put in a claim. One that involves a trailer of some sort. Only to find out that it is denied.