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woodstock Ontario

Woodstock does not have a big population, but many that live and work here do need to drive. This means they must have a least the mandatory car insurance. There are brokers here to assist them in getting this plus additional coverage at reasonable rates.

JamiesonHilts Insurance


This is an insurance brokerage firm that has a history dating back to around 1918. Throughout the years it has grown into the quality brokerage firm that it is today. The company offers a full selection of different types of insurance. Woodstock Insurance shoppers will want to check out what is offered here. The company sets up packages for personal insurance needs as well as for business needs. They not only focus on car and truck insurance but also antique vehicle insurance. Also, motorcycle drivers and scooter drivers will have their needs met here as well. Vehicle insurance can be expensive. It can also be confusing. It is for this reasons that the insurance shopper needs to be able to depend on the experts. The experts are usually found in quality brokerage firms like this one. At present this company has one* Google review giving it a 5.* point star rating.

Etherington Insurance Brokers

This is a network of insurance brokers. Ones that offer insurance offerings to those in the Woodstock area. The company believes in offering good customer service. They do this by being available to answer any questions the insurance shopper may have. The company will ask a series of important questions. Looking for answers from the insurance shopper. To determine which insurance company is going to offer the best coverage. Also, one that will bring the best rates. There is a lot of components that come with auto insurance which makes it overwhelming. Here the brokers will explain the mandatory coverage. They will also go over the different options that each client may take advantage of. Included in the services will be the intention of getting the best insurance discounts. Currently, the company does not have any reviews* on Google reviews.


BrokerLink is a collection of brokers that have formed the BrokerLink entity. It is common to see them in many cities and towns throughout the province. They are a company that believes in simplicity when it comes to insurance shopping. They don’t believe that shopping for insurance should be time-consuming. This is a company that will work quickly to provide insurance solutions. That each client needs. Yet at the same time, they will provide individualized service. They are well aware that one insurance policy does not fit all. Every driver in Canada is required to have insurance. But most want to go beyond the basic. BrokerLink is a company that can help them do this. On their LinkedIn page, they have 930* employees. Here they also have 2995* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 20,080* followers. For this particular office, there are no Google* reviews.

Walter Bianco Insurance Agency


There are a lot of insurance shoppers that prefer to go with one specific agency. As opposed to going with a brokerage firm. For those in Woodstock that choose this route, they may want to take a look at this agent. This is an agent that supports the State Farm insurance company. State Farm is well known for the comparative insurance packages that they offer. They offer a good line of auto insurance options. It is most important that each individual gets the right vehicle insurance. According to their needs. This is an agent that is going to help them accomplish this. Currently, this agent has six* reviews on Google giving him a 2.3* star rating.

Ann Lofthouse – StateFarm

For those that like a simple approach to their auto insurance using a quality broker can be the solution. State Farm has an agent located in the area to assist the Woodstock residents. It is this agent that is taking care of the insurance needs here. When it comes to auto insurance, she will ask the right questions. To find the best coverage for each client. On her LinkedIn page, she has 149* connections.

McFarlan Rowlands

This is an insurance brokerage firm that also caters to the needs of Woodstock residents. Here they can find the auto insurance that best suits their needs. The company does offer other types of insurance packages. This is a company that goes back to 1896 with their abilities to provide insurance coverage. They currently have 15* offices that service the southwestern portion of Ontario. They work with a selection of insurance companies that they feel are quality based. It allows them to best serve their client’s needs. Vehicle insurance shoppers often have a lot of questions that they need answers to. This is a brokerage firm that will provide those answers. At the same time, they will work closely with the client. To determine their specific requirements. On their Facebook page, they have 283* followers. They have three* reviews giving them a 3.3 star rating.

Josslin Insurance

This is an insurance brokerage company that also serves the Woodstock area. They have certain priorities that they have set in regards to their values. Also, they insist on respect for their clients. Plus, They have a passion for the work that they do, and they stand on integrity. This is a company that offers a full selection of insurance choices. Among their many offerings is the car insurance. The experts here that deal with this segment of what they offer to believe in education.  Also, they will educate their clients as to what their requirements for insurance are.  Plus, they will outline what their additional options are. They will also ask the right questions to get the most feasible discounts. For this company, it is all about making sure their clients get the best treatment possible. They want them to have the best coverage at the best prices. On their Facebook page they currently, have 197* followers.

David McNeillie

David is an agent that is proud to serve the Woodstock area, residents. He does this by bringing them affordable insurance. This involves auto insurance as well as property and home coverage. He is an agent that represents State Farm. Also, dedicated to getting a fair insurance pricing for each client that he works with. He realizes that buying insurance can be difficult. He strives toward making this a simple process. His goal is to have his clients walk away with the proper insurance at the right prices.

Brittany Agius – The Co-Operators

towns and cities

Many people are familiar with the Co-Operators insurance company. Their offices are seen in many towns and cities. For Woodstock residents, they can take advantage of what this company has to offer. They can do this through this Woodstock agent. Brittany is going to be diligent in getting the best insurance coverage. For each client she serves. The Co-Operators Insurance Company is known for offering competitive vehicle insurance rates.

Jon Collins & Associates

This is another quality agent serving the Woodstock area. This agent supports the offerings of the Co-Operators insurance packages. Jon works closely with his clients. He will identify their specific insurance needs. Once this is done, he will be sure that the right package is presented to them. Plus, it will be at the right price.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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