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Windsor is located on the southern tip of Ontario and directly opposite Detroit in Michigan. The Ouellette Avenue divides Windsor into east and west. The population was estimated in 2011 at 210,891 and is very diverse next to Greater Toronto Area. The crime rate in this city is on the lower side. This city lies on the busiest highway in Canada and is the western terminus. Transit Windsor provides bus service and Ambassador Bridge is getting very busy traffic every day.

We compared the rates of car insurance in Windsor of many major insurance providers to get an idea of pricing. We also did a comparison of car insurance rates in major Windsor neighborhoods to know the range of annual premiums.

Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes In Windsor

RankAuto Insurance CompanyAnnual Rate
1The Cooperators$1,777
2Travelers (Dominion Product)$1,873
4Travelers (Chieftain Product)$1,944
5Gore Mutual$1,985

Most Expensive Auto Insurer In Windsor


As per the above comparison chart for car insurance quotes done in Windsor, the highest quote was by Echelon. The average annual car insurance quote was $3083. Echelon is one of the insurance companies that provide insurance to the residual market. High-risk consumers who could not find insurance coverage with regular insurers may approach Echelon. This may be a reason why their insurance quote is so high.

The difference in premium between the quote by Echelon and the lowest rate by another insurer was by $1306. This is a variation of about 42% in premiums. The next highest quote was by CAA at an annual premium rate of $2871. So the difference between them and Echelon in premiums was by $212.

Cheapest Auto Insurer In Windsor

The comparison chart indicates that the lowest car insurance quote was by The Co-operators. Their annual quote was for $1777. Following closely, the next lowest quote was by Travelers Group (Dominion Product). They quoted $96 higher than the former. Their annual premium was $1873.

Car Insurance In Windsor Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodsCar Insurance can be as low as*
Morton Industrial Park$1030.00
South Walkerville$1137.00
Central Windsor$1137.00
East Windsor$1137.00
Forest Glade$1137.00
Little River Acres$1137.00
Pillette Road Village$1137.00
Brighton Beach$1203.00
Uptown Ottawa St.$1341.00

Most Expensive Areas For Car Insurance In Windsor

We performed a survey using a sample driver and car profile for some major neighborhoods in Windsor. The highest quote for car insurance was calculated for the area in Uptown Ottawa Street. The average annual insurance rate was quoted in this area for $1341. This area is one of the oldest in Windsor with a history of more than a century.

The next highest insurance quote was calculated for the area of Brighton Beach in Windsor. The average annual car insurance premium quoted for this area was $1203. The difference in quotes for both areas is by $138.

Least Expensive Areas For Car Insurance In Windsor

The comparison of car insurance rates in various neighborhoods revealed that the area at Ojibway had the lowest insurance cost. The annual car insurance premium for this area was quoted at $1027.  The next lowest insurance cost was calculated at a difference of a mere $3. This was for the area of Morton Industrial Park at an annual insurance premium of $1030.

Road Safety & Tips For Driving In Windsor


The markings for traffic movement control and signs are managed by 2 operating units in the city of Windsor. The Sign Shop oversees the manufacturing of all signs for informational, constructional, and regulatory purposes. This is used to educate the public about the right-of-way and to indicate special projects, city projects, etc. They are also responsible for providing graphics to identify the city’s fleet of vehicles.

The Operations Unit manages the maintenance and installation of more than 90,000 traffic signs. These include regulatory and informational signs. This unit also paints all markings on the pavements at about 286 intersections with signal lights. This covers about 416 km of roadways including many municipalities such as Tecumseh, Tilbury, Towns of LaSalle and Amherstburg, etc.

The Windsor roads and sidewalks maintenance care for the following sections:

  • Alley Maintenance: Windsor City’s alleys are paved, graveled, or have grass.
  • Bridge Maintenance: This has details of the maintenance of bridges and a list of bridge repair projects being done currently.
  • Public Fence Repair: This section explains the process for reporting a damaged fence maintained by the City of Windsor.
  • Road Maintenance: Any pothole repair, gutter & curb repairs, road repairs, and shoulder grading come under this section.
  • Sidewalk Information: Repair and maintenance of sidewalks that are uneven and hazardous can be found in this section.

Traffic Calming Measures In Windsor

curve warning

There are many traffic calming measures initiated by the city for reducing traffic by studying the issues and finding solutions. Currently, there have been 2 traffic calming studies as follows:

  1. Conservation Drive spanning from Foster Avenue to E.C. Row Avenue. There are curve warning signs installed on both curves. The visibility of traffic signs is improved now after trimming trees.
  2. Hall Avenue & Shepherd Street East spanning from Tecumseh Road East to Ottawa Street. This also covers the area from Parent Avenue to Hall Avenue. In this area too there is a level 1 signage warranted. There have been more signs for warning speed limits of 40 km/hour installed. Clay Park area has warning signs updated and installed.

The following intersections in Windsor had no reported collisions from 2009 to 2013.

  1. Wellington Avenue and College Avenue
  2. Pitt Street East and McDougall Street
  3. McHugh Street and Mickey Renaud Way
  4. McKay Avenue and University Avenue West
  5. Richmond Street and Walker Road
  6. Seminole Street and Ford Entrance (west)

Comparison Chart for Collisions from 2009 to 2013

YearFatalityNon-fatal CollisionsProperty Damage onlyTotal Collisions

As per the above comparison chart, there has been a decrease in the total number of collisions over a span of 4 years. The number of collisions cut down by 89 when comparing data for 2010 with 2013. This is a drop-in collision number of 2.28%. A similar trend showed for collisions causing property damage only. The numbers decreased by 57 and that was a drop in numbers by almost 2%.  The data for collisions that were non-fatal increased from 2011-to 2013. The fatality number increased to 4 from 2 in 2010 but the trend has shown a downward movement as the fatality number reported in 2012 was 7.

* Methodology

For The Survey, We Assumed That The Auto Insurance Premiums Are For A 35-Year-Old Man Who Owns His Car Honda Civic Model 2012. The Credit Rating Is Good And He Has Basic Liability Coverage. The Annual Mileage Ranges From 5,000 To 8,000 With No Traffic Tickets Since Last 5 Years.

Insurance Quotes Shown Here Are Examples Only. The Lowest Cost Insurance Provider Depends On Numerous Factors Related To The Car, Driver, Location And Driving Conditions. There’s No Guarantee That The Lowest Rate Provider In These Examples Produces The Lowest Rate For Every Driver.


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