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Broken car front window

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your vehicle. Most of which are not covered by your insurance. However, there are some mishaps that are covered by vehicle insurance. Provided you have opted in for the right type of coverage. One very common occurrence is a cracked windshield and whether the Insurance company will help with this.

Common Confusion Over a Damaged Windshield and Car Insurance.


As with many different factors concerning vehicle insurance, there can be different areas of misconceptions. Yet, vehicle insurance is so important one should understand what they are covered for.


It is not a good idea to report the cracked windshield to the Insurance company.

It isn’t a matter of whether it is a good idea or not to report this to the insurance company. But, is a matter of whether there is a good purpose for doing so. Also, going to depend on the cause of the damaged windshield. Plus what coverage the insured has. Also, how much is the cost to have it replaced?

Reporting the cracked windshield will increase the premiums.

Some insureds think that the moment they report their damaged windshield that because it is a claim the premiums are automatically going to go up. This is not necessarily the case. Many times it doesn’t. It will depend on a few circumstances. The insurance company will take into account the deduction also how many claims have been issued.

Some vehicle window replacement experts indicate that in most cases insurance companies will allow for two windshield replacements in a six-year period. They haven’t had clients come back to say their premiums increased because of this.

It is okay to drive with a cracked windshield.

This is one that drivers in Ontario must be aware of. In many cases it is not okay to drive with a damaged windshield. The reason being is because it can create some dangerous situations. It can obscure the driver’s view. It can also affect the integrity of the structure of the vehicle.  Many drivers don’t realize the importance of the windshield.

Windshields are designed to aid in the safety of drivers and passengers in the case of a front end collision. The design of it can transfer the force of a front-end collision, so less personal harm is done. It does this by transferring the force to the chassis.

When does the windshield Need to be Replaced?

There are times when a windshield can be repaired and doesn’t need replacing. Most experts say if the crack is smaller than a Canadian two dollar coin it can be repaired. Anything above this needs to be replaced.

Another purpose the windshield has is for keeping the airbag system where it should be.

There are many different fines that can be levied to drivers with a cracked windshield that can average a cost of $85. This ticket can then appear on the driver’s history. In turn it could have an effect on the insurance when the insured is reviewed for renewal of their insurance.

No matter what the Insurance Company will not cover the cost of the windshield replacement.

There may be a few times where the insurance company will not cover the cost of the windshield replacement.

One is if this type of damage is not covered under the insurance that the vehicle owner has.

The second is if the deductible is higher than the cost to have the windshield replaced.

How Does One Include Windshield Damage To Their Insurance?

For this type of insurance coverage, an insurance shopper needs to look at comprehensive insurance.

Is Comprehensive Insurance Worth It?


As with so many other insurance questions, the answer is it is all going to depend. Comprehensive insurance covers more than just damaged windshields. It is the type of coverage that looks after a variety of damages that can be caused outside of a collision. Such as;

  • Damage as a result of theft or vandalism
  • Or, damage as a result of acts of nature
  • Also, if one’s vehicle were to get damaged in a public place for example from a riot.

So when you are considering comprehensive coverage, you need to take all of these potential risk factors into account.

Also, you need to consider the value of your vehicle. Would it be worth repairing? Comparing this to the cost that you will be paying for your comprehensive insurance premiums.

Most often with comprehensive insurance, there is a deductible. What this means is the insurance company will pay the excess cost above the deductible. For example, you may have a $500. deductible. Your windshield replacement may cost $300. In this case, your insurance company would not pay for anything. But, if your windshield replacement was $750. then you would pay the first $500. The balance of $250. would be paid by the insurance company.

Factoring in the Cost for Windshield Replacement

You need to consider what the average cost would be for the replacement of your windshield. The price can depend on whether it is the front or rear windshield. The estimates range from $20. to $300. A lot depends on the make and model of the vehicle.

Know Where Your Insurance Stands on Windshield Claims


One mistake that many insurance buyers make is not asking their insurance company enough questions.  During the time they are insurance shopping. It is little questions like about the windshield that can make a big difference. Every insurance company is different. So one cannot assume they are all going to treat a windshield claim the same.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.