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When it comes to car insurance, it is always helpful to get the best rate. Some companies will charge a lot higher than others, so shopping around is ideal.

Rates differ from company to company, with a lot of factors coming into play for the final quote. Factors such as the city, the insurer, the driver and the car all have a part in how much an individual pays.

However, there are some misconceptions about what factors affect automobile insurance rates. For example, many people want to know what color car is best for insurance.

For some reason, many people have come to the conclusion that red cars have the highest rates. In reality, the color of a car has absolutely nothing to do with its insurance rates.

Those who are wondering what color car will get the best rates should know that it makes no difference. When an insurance company gathers information on a motorist, they will never ask what color the car is.

Therefore, searching for a specific car color will be of no affect when shopping for insurance rates.

What Color Really Means


Motorists who are thinking about buying a red car will not have to worry about higher insurance rates. However, they might have to worry about higher purchasing prices.

Compared to all other colors, red cars had the highest average monthly listing across almost all makes and models. The average was almost 10% higher than all other colors, which is something to note for buyers.

The second highest average was for black-colored cars, sitting at 7% higher than all other colors. In terms of popularity, silver and black seem to dominate motorist choices, with silver being the most in-demand.

Although red does seem to be a more expensive car, motorists are still drawn to it. This is usually because the color is exciting and eye-catching, and makes the driver feel good about themselves.

The demand for red cars allows their price tags to remain as high as they do. However, color seems to only have an effect on the price tag, and not on insurance.

Most Popular Car Colors in North America 

The image below demonstrates the most popular car colors in North America:

This report was complete by DuPont Automotive, who track annual color trends for ideas and insight. They also try to figure out why we choose the colors we do in our cars.

White is the color of choice for Canadians at 21%, with black close behind at 18%. While silver is one of the top contenders elsewhere, it sits at 17% in North America.

The top overall colors for cars are silver and black, while trucks and SUV’s most commonly see white and silver. Luxury cars are most commonly found in silver and white metallic, while convertibles and coupes are silver and black.

It is suggested that the color silver reflects the intrigue for technology and a modern look.

Car Color and Re-Sale

car color

While color has nothing to do with insurance rates, it does have a lot to do with resale value. It’s been reported that cars with neutral colors are easier to re-sell because they’re more attractive to buyers.

Not only are these car colors easier to sell, but they also tend to go for more money.

Cars that are red are sometimes harder to sell, simply because of the assumption that they get more tickets. For those motorists who want to re-sell their vehicle, it may be beneficial to re-paint the car ahead of time. By doing so, car owners might attract more initial buyers as opposed to scaring them away.

Car Color Fact and Fiction  

brightly colored cars

The color of a car influences its likelihood of being stolen

This statement is actually true. While it’s ideal to have a neutral colored car for resale, they also tend to attract more thieves.

Thieves tend to look for cars that will be easy to sell quickly. Cars that come in bright or odd colors are usually left alone, such as red, yellow, brown and orange.

Quite simply, it’s easier to steal and sell these cars or to take them apart and sell the parts. This saves time having to re-paint the car for a higher price.

The color of a car will increase the chances of being pulled over

This statement is partly true, but it isn’t based on any sort of bias. Brightly-colored cars always attract our eyes and ring attention to themselves. For cops on the road, this fact is no different.

Although they may not be targeting red cars directly, it’s easier to spot when one of these vehicles is going faster than the rest.

Bright colored cars stay cooler

There is a general consensus that brightly-colored cars have much cooler interiors in warmer months. Motorists who drive red, yellow, white and silver cars will experience much cooler interiors after their car has been in the heat.

In contrast, cars that are black or brown often retain more heat and make them unfavorable for warmer climates.


For anyone who is wondering what color car is best for insurance, the answer is none of them. Car color has nothing to do with insurance rates, so choosing a color is strictly a preference.

It may be helpful to know that that most popular colors for cars tend to be silver, white and black. Additionally, while these colors are popular for buyers and great for re-sell, they also tend to attract thieves.

Motorists should also note that cars who has foreign parts are often some of the most expensive to ensure. However, insurance rates are also based on the city, the insurer, the driver’s history and other factors.

There are certainly pros and cons to all of the different car colors available. Drivers who are thinking about a red car can rest easy knowing insurance rates and car color have no correlation.

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