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Welland Civic Centre

Welland is a busy city located in the Niagara region. Pelham is a town close to the city. Both have a lot of drivers in need of vehicle insurance. To help them shop for the best rates, there are brokers who service this area.

Young Brokers


Young Brokers has been serving clients with insurance products for over 100 years. They are intent on building good customer relationships. Their mandate is to have clients that will remain with them for a long time. They know it is difficult for insurance shoppers to find the right insurance. This is a brokerage firm that likes to support its community. They do this by participating in some of the local events. As well as making donations to charities. They have signed up with several well-established Insurance Companies. So they can offer their clients choices. Each of them offering a selection of insurance products. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 138* employees. On this page, they have 564* followers. On Google reviews, they have 7* reviews. This has given them a 4.6* rating.

FE Coyne

This insurance broker has been serving clients with their insurance needs for more than 100 years. They deal with a variety of different types of insurance. For vehicle insurance, they work hard at putting together good coverage. That which meets each driver’s individual needs. One of the things they are noted for is the special attention they give to each insurance shopper. Many don’t realize that there can be some significant discounts. As it pertains to vehicle insurance. This brokerage firm will make sure they capitalize on these for their clients. Aside from passenger vehicles the company also arranges insurance for recreational vehicles. At present, the company has six* reviews on Google. This is giving them a 4.8* rating.

Main Mudie Gowan

This insurance brokerage firm has several different categories of insurance. One of these is the personal insurance category. In this segment of insurance is the vehicle insurance. The professionals here will work closely with their clients. To get them the type of vehicle coverage that they need. This firm originally started meeting the insurance needs in 1957. They work closely with some of the leading Insurance firms. This gives them great flexibility in putting together appropriate insurance packages. With the focus being on affordability. The company has 2* reviews on Google. This gives them a 5* rating.

Duliban Insurance

Since 1976 this company has been involved in the insurance industry. They are quality insurance brokers. Their policy has been dedication and honesty. They put their clients’ needs first. Not the Insurance companies that they have partnered with. Also, they like to be considered as the “hometown” insurance brokers. Plus, they focus on what discounts they can get for their customers. They like to keep them informed to what is available to them. For example, the possible savings with Telematics. The company also creates policies for the electric vehicles. They have 864* followers on Facebook. Here they have a 4.8* rating. On Google reviews, they have 43* reviews. This has given them a 4.8* rating.

Reuter & Reilly

Here insurance shoppers can get a quick quote. Or they can deal directly with one of the professionals here. Who will walk them through their insurance needs. This company has been meeting insurance needs for over 60* years. They are dedicated to the services they provide. Their mandate is to provide the best insurance coverage possible. While at the same time striving for affordable rates. They take the time to get to know their clients. This way they can stay on top of what potential vehicle insurance discounts may be available to them. On their Facebook page, they have 126* Followers. Based on 4* reviews. Here they have a 5.* rating. On Google, they have 4* reviews. This has given them a 3.5* rating.

Ryan Boese


Ryan is the State Farm agent serving this area. He has been with this company since 2008. His priority is getting the best insurance rates. The auto insurance packages offered by State Farm are versatile. Meaning they are compiled to meet the needs of each client. Vehicle insurance is a personalized product. Ryan will work hard at getting the appropriate discounts for each client. Currently* this agent has 6* reviews of Google. This has given a 2.5* star rating.

Mason Insurance

For those looking for auto insurance, this is an insurance brokerage firm that can help. The company has been in business for over 90* years. They also help to provide insurance for antique and collector vehicles. Plus, recreational vehicles. They have a group of quality insurance companies that they rely on. To provide the insurance coverage for their clients. Currently* the company does not have any reviews on Google.

Billyard Insurance

Billyard is made up of a group of insurance specialists. They have several offices to meet the needs of insurance shoppers. Not only for vehicle insurance but other types of insurance as well. One of these offices is located in Welland. This company makes a lot of promises to their insurance shoppers. One is the Save Big promise. This one refers to making sure that each of their clients never pays too much for insurance again. As long as they are with this insurance group. They will make sure that the rates are checked each year to see that the client is getting the best deal possible. On their Facebook page, they have 360* followers. Here they have 37* reviews that have given them a 4.8*rating. On Google reviews, they have 90* reviews giving them a 5.* Star rating.

Bertie & Clinton


This is a group of brokers that was originally formed by farmers in the Welland area. They went into business in 1880. Today they continue to proudly serve this area. They make sure that the individual fully understands what their needs are. They will work closely with their insurance providers to see that the best rates are applied. Plus, they will be sure to see that all the applicable discounts are being utilized. Some of the discounts that they will focus on are the long-term a discount. Or the retiree discount. They also have a discount called Gen. Now Discount. This pertains to drivers under 25 whose parents are insured with this company. They will be eligible for a discount. On Google reviews, the company has five* reviews giving it a 5.* Rating.

Hope & Harder

This company has built their business on the premise that customer service must be a priority. They’ve been a broker service operating in the Welland area since 1971. They believe in offering personalized service. Based on the belief that vehicle insurance is an individual product. Aside from vehicle insurance they also offer other insurance programs. The company has 21* professionals on staff. They are also proud of the clients that they have had for many years. The Company also offers insurance for various types of pleasure vehicles. They have teamed up with a selection of top-notch insurance companies. At present they have one* review on Google giving them a 5.* star rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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