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There are many important volunteer and charity organizations throughout Canada. As such they are also staffed by many volunteers. These are those that do not get paid for their services. They are dedicating their time as a way of serving their community. By doing this, they are putting themselves in some risky circumstances. For example, many of the volunteers provide driving services. For them, they need to be sure that they are going to have the right vehicle insurance. That which is going to cover them and their passengers in the event of an accident. Finding this type of insurance can be a bit of a challenge. Insurance companies offer insurance packages for those that use their vehicle for business. Some people are volunteering and not receiving any remuneration. They wonder what category of insurance this is going to put them into.

Volunteer Canada Insurance


The volunteers are such an important group of people. Plus, a very large one across Canada. There are organizations available to assist them with some of their needs. These groups may not directly offer vehicle insurance opportunities. But they may offer advice in many different areas. For answering questions of the volunteers.

Volunteer Protection Act Canada

The government created a Volunteer Protection Act Canada legislation. Based on there being so many volunteers and the importance of the work they do.

This act outlines what the volunteers get protected against. Many volunteers assume that they are not going to be liable if they are in a collision. During their volunteer work. The act itself excludes protection of volunteers that are operating a motor vehicle. This means that the volunteer is responsible. To make sure that they have the proper vehicle insurance.

Non-Profit Insurance Canada

Most of the individual volunteers work for some type of non-profit organization. The individual organizations will have their insurance to cover them. For the different types of risks that they may be at. It may mean that they provide the vehicles for the volunteers. Then the organization has tended to the necessary insurance as it would need to by law. A volunteer using their vehicle needs to look at what their insurance is going to cover.

Not for Profit Insurance Companies Canada


There are many different insurance companies. Ones that service the drivers and businesses of Canada. Some of these insurance companies offer not-for-profit insurance to charity organizations. Again it will come down to the specific organization. About what insurance company they are using. To determine what vehicle insurance may be in place.

Insurance to Cover Volunteers

Volunteers need to check with their organization. To see what insurance coverage is in place. There is a chance that they may have group insurance coverage for the volunteer drivers. There is specific insurance in place for non-profit organizations. This insurance is usually compiled of several different insurance products. Included in many of these is auto insurance. In this case, it would be commercial insurance coverage.

Personal Insurance for Volunteers

There are a lot of volunteers that do not work for charity organizations. There are individuals that drive their neighbours to different types of appointments. Or may take them shopping on a weekly basis. Then there are the many moms who are active in school activities. They volunteer their driving services. It is not unusual for a parent to volunteer to drive a group of children to a sports activity or some other type of event. In the case of a collision where does this place the responsibility when it comes to the driver?

A volunteer puts themselves at a variety of different risks. There are insurance companies that recognize this. They understand that the needs of the volunteer may be unique. What some insurance companies are offering is liability umbrella insurance.

Is it Mandatory to Have Vehicle Insurance for Volunteers?

It is mandatory right across Canada for every driver to have vehicle insurance. They need to have at least the basic insurance coverage. Aside from this, each province has its own rules and regulations. There is a lot of confusion about what is required for volunteers when it comes to insurance.

In most cases, Volunteer drivers are not paid for their time to transport individuals in need. Their insurance coverage should cover the person as a regular passenger. What is important however is that the insured have the proper amount of insurance. They may want to have more than the basic amount of insurance. The basic insurance coverage only covers a certain amount. If the costs of the collision are more than what coverage is in place, then the driver may have to pay those costs.

Being on the Safe Side

Anyone that is offering volunteer driving services should know where they stand. When it comes to their auto insurance. Extending insurance beyond the basic requirements may not be affordable. For some people.

Some individuals may find the organization they are working for may provide compensation. For different costs. Those costs associated with their vehicle. Including paying a percentage of the insurance. This helps to offset the cost of insurance.

Those that are volunteering on their own may want to check with their insurance company. To make sure that their standard insurance coverage is going to be applicable. The insurance company may ask a specific number of questions. To be sure that the vehicle is being used in the capacity added that the insured is indicating.

Keeping the Costs Down


It is natural that a volunteer is going to want to increase their coverage for their protection. They should be able to do this quite easily. Without finding that the costs for the increased insurance are too much. They can do this by taking advantage of discounts that may be available to them. Insurance companies are always adding more discount opportunities to their insurance products. This is because they want to be able to compete against each other. They can only do this by offering competitive prices. Insurance companies are all about risks. They cannot simply do price beating because of these risks. The way they have been able to deal with this is by offering discounts.

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Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.