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Buying insurance is an important task. Every driver in Canada must have insurance. To help them with this purchase there are several quality brokers to choose from in Victoriaville.

Lussier Dale Parizeau


Those looking for vehicle insurance note that this is a personalized product. Therefore they want personalized service. This is a large brokerage firm serving many areas in Québec that will assist with this. They have a large team of brokers that also act as advisors. It means those that need further understanding of their insurance needs will find it here. This company although large believes that each client needs personalized service. They offer all types of insurance. For their vehicle insurance offerings, they focus on getting the best coverage. Along with the prices that are manageable. On their LinkedIn page, they have 254* employees. Also 1100* followers here. On their Facebook page, they have 3535* followers. They also have a presence on YouTube that they are currently building. They have two* Google reviews giving them a 4.* point star rating.

Gerard Hamel

This company is intent on listening to the needs of their clients. They are a company that offers a good selection of different insurance packages. Many individuals that are shopping for vehicle insurance want a company such as this. One that they can rely on. They realize that every client has individual needs. The company wants to work towards meeting these needs. Most often this includes having a speedy response with setting up insurance required. Clients also want it to be affordable and want to have the choice of options. Currently, this company has five* reviews on Google giving a 5.* point star rating.


Wawanesa likes to make its presence in every community where there are insurance needs. For Victoriaville, they are intent on offering vehicle insurance packages that are competitive. The company is large, and it offers many different types of insurance packages. Insurance shoppers for vehicle insurance can trust what this company has to offer. They will work diligently on providing the necessary coverage. Along with obtaining as many discounts to make the premiums insurable. Currently, for this area, there are no Google *reviews.

Promutuel Insurance

This is a company that has opened an office here in Victoriaville. They have done this so they can offer a good choice of insurance packages. Included in this is automobile insurance. It is a company that is intent on making vehicle insurance buying an easy process. They do this by quickly identifying their client’s needs. Then they will proceed to put a comprehensive insurance package together. It will include that which is needed and also will offer options for the individual shopper. The company is well recognized and respected in the industry. On their LinkedIn page, they have 1005* employees along with 6121* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 8995* followers. For this area in the Google reviews, they have three* giving them a 4.3* star rating.

Alpha Assurance

vehicle insurance

Shopping for vehicle insurance does not have to be a difficult task. At least not if one is using the services of Alpha insurance. They offer a full line of insurance products. Those looking for auto insurance are going to find that this is a company that is easy to deal with. They are going to answer all questions. They’re going to make sure that their clients are fully informed as to what their coverage is giving them. They will inform the clients of what potential discounts will help reduce premiums. The company does not currently have any Google* reviews.

Essor Insurance

Some individuals prefer to buy insurance through a well-recognized insurance company. One of these is Intact insurance. They have a representative that is serving Victoriaville. This representative will be diligent in shopping for the best rates. According to the client’s needs. One can count on this agent to be their support for any insurance issues that the client may have. Their LinkedIn page shows 170* employees with 2013* followers. Their Facebook page shows that they have received 70* reviews. Giving them a 3.* point star rating. As of yet, they have not received any reviews* on Google.

DPA Assurance

The insurance broker here is intent on providing personalized service. The agency offers insurance coverage for commercial, dwellings and car insurance. The car insurance provider is Intact insurance. A company that is well known across Canada. For their exceptional offerings in insurance for vehicles. For a quick and easy solution, this is the broker to contact. Currently, this agent has no reviews* on Google reviews.

Ovation Assurance

Insurance shopping does not have to be difficult. The first step is finding a quality provider. Ovation is one that fits into this category. They will work with clients that are looking to re-ensure their auto vehicles. Also, they welcome new clients. Ones that are looking for insurance for their vehicles for the first time. Currently, the company does not have any Google* reviews.

Valerie Lebrun

emergency service

Valerie is a representative of SSQ auto. It is her mandate to listen carefully to what her clients are in need of. She will work diligently at getting insurance policies together with the proper coverage. She also realizes that affordability is a priority. When a client is in need of an emergency service this agent is there for them. Currently, there are no reviews on Google* for this agency.

IA Insurance

IA insurance is a name that constantly pops up when individuals are shopping online for vehicle insurance. They are a company that is also serving the Victoriaville area. They are dedicated to providing quality insurance packages including applicable discounts. Also, they are there to listen to their client’s needs. Plus, they will strive to make sure that their clients are aware of all of their options. The company is aware of how overwhelming shopping for this type of insurance can be. The agents here will take the confusion out of this type of insurance product. Clients can be sure that the representatives here are there to support them.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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