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Trois Rivieres is a city located in the province of Quebec.  Drivers here enjoy different driving atmospheres according to the seasons. But this particular area of Quebec is known to have relatively harsh winters.

Lussier Dale Parizeau


Lussier is an insurance broker that offers a variety of different packages for car insurance. They are also a full-service insurance broker. As every driver in Québec must have insurance. This company offers the basic coverage. Also, they offer optional coverage with some specialty programs. Some of the packages they offer are replacement insurance and loss of use coverage extension. This is a relatively big broker who states on their LinkedIn that they have 436* employees. They have received seven reviews on Google reviews giving them a 4.3*-star rating.


Promutuel has been in business for over 160 years. They have a large network of associates that they work with to bring their clients the best-priced insurance. This is a large insurance brokerage company. On their LinkedIn page, they are claiming they have 1005* employees. They have a great following on Facebook with 8973* of followers. And here on Facebook, they have received a 3.4*star rating. The company is very active in offering discounts as well as running contests. As yet*there have not been any Google reviews submitted.

La Capitale

La Capitale likes to focus on the vehicle discounts that they offer. They have claim forgiveness. Also, they offer $100 savings for new clients for two-year auto coverage. Other discounts are comprised of 20% off of insurance costs for drivers with no claims. Then for those that are being kind to the environment with electric or hybrid driving, there is a 15% discount. Do note that discounts can change at any time. They are listing 147* employees on their LinkedIn page. They have received a 5.* rating on Google reviews based on one review.

PMA Assurances

With 78* employees as indicated on the LinkedIn Page, this company is ready to do business. They are an Insurance broker that offers vehicle insurance. Plus, all other types of insurance offerings. They 554* followers on Facebook.

Caron Marion

This Insurance Brokerage Company is claiming that their agents have over 50 years of experience in the Insurance Industry. They have placed a heavy focus on their vehicle insurance products. Making sure that coverage is available for many types of vehicles. They offer customized packages depending on the client’s needs.

Assurances 3G

A combination of three companies is what Assurances 3G is comprised of. Part of their many services is the offering on vehicle insurance packages. They work with a large number of insurance companies. Also, they are stating that their employees have over fifty years of combined experience.

IA Assurance

If you are looking for vehicle insurance in Trois Rivieres, then you may want to check out IA Insurance. They make a point of trying to offer as many discounts as possible.

Michael Giroux

There are all types of insurance needs in Trois Rivieres. To meet these needs, there are insurance brokers like Michael Giroux. They are networked with some well-branded Insurance providers.

Assur Experts

This Insurance Brokerage offers a full line of insurance products. For those in need of vehicle insurance, they should be able to find exactly what they are looking for here.

Alpha Assurances

As an insurance broker services Trois Rivieres, this company has made sure that they have a full offering of insurance packages. They have focused on being able to gather as many discounts as possible. It is worth checking out what they by way of money savers when it comes to vehicle insurance.

Driving In Trois Rivieres

Everyone driving in Canada must have vehicle insurance. This includes the those operating a vehicle in Trois-Rivieres. As it is a city located in the Province of Quebec. Drivers can drive with basic insurance. This is insurance that can be purchased through private insurance companies. Insurance brokers provide the service of shopping around for insurance on behalf the insurance buyer.

Expectations of Insurance Brokers


Insurance brokers do not charge their clients for the services that they provide. Money is made from commissions. It is when the broker arranges for insurance through an Insurance company. The Insurance company pays the broker a commission for finding them a client.

Your Broker Works for You

The Insurance Broker is expected to work for their clients. Not the Insurance Companies. By doing this, it means they have the obligation to shop responsibility for vehicle insurance for their clients.

Advice and Suggestions

An insurance broker will listen carefully to what a client needs. It is the only way they can insurance shop for the client effectively.  It means that the broker must be knowledgeable. They must be aware of what the Insurance Companies have to offer. It is in this way they can match up the client with the best insurance company.

Most brokers have a network of insurance companies that they work with. Vehicle insurance is a personalized product. Each insured person is unique in their circumstances. The brokers have to be able to find the best match for these needs. They can only do this if they are fully aware of what their Insurance Company affiliates have to offer.

Getting the Best Deal

Best Deal

The Insurance Broker will ask many questions of their clients. It is so they can determine what their qualifications are for vehicle insurance. Insurance Companies offer a variety of different discounts. The Insurance Brokers can determine those which the client qualified for. Then this allows the broker to seek out those Insurance Companies that offer these. Clients of insurance brokers need to build a good relationship with their brokers. They should feel comfortable enough to ask any questions. Plus, they should know that they can rely on their brokers to assist them with any claims that they may have.

Knowing the important role that Insurance brokers play supports the need for shopping carefully for an Insurance Broker that is going to offer good quality services.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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