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Buying insurance in Ontario can be a quick, easy and a hassle-free experience. Some of the insurance companies serving this province have chosen to do so through brokers. Others sell their insurance products through agents. They all have main websites. Which the insurance companies use to promote their products. Also, to put interested insurance shoppers in touch with their representatives.

Co-Operators Insurance

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Co-Operators Insurance offers a full line of vehicle insurance products. Which allows insurance shoppers to get the type of personalized insurance they need. They have been in business for over 70 years. As a Co-Operative business, it means it is run by groups of people. Throughout the various communities of Canada. They offer their vehicle insurance products through agents. Ones that are available within the communities. Insurance shoppers can find an agent close to them. They can do this by visiting Co-Operator’s website. They need to enter their postal code. Then the insurance shopper will have a qualified vehicle insurance agent. One to work with to get the insurance they need.

RBC Insurance

Many they think that RBC only offers banking services. But, they have branched out into the insurance industry. Including the offering of vehicle insurance. They have broken down their insurance information. With good information on the mandatory insurance that is required. Then a section for optional to add on to the basics. Also, there is an informative section for those requiring special auto insurance. They encourage vehicle insurance shoppers to obtain a quote through their online portal.

Intact Financial Corporation

Intact Insurance is a favourite of many. It is one of the insurance companies that focus on discounts. One of the significant ones is the My Driving Discount. For some, it can give them a reduction in their premium costs by 25%. They place their focus on the type of car being insured. Also on the driving habits of the insured. They have reduced their concerns for those who have minor convictions. They also reach out to those who are using their vehicle for commercial purposes. To get them to check out their reasonable vehicle insurance coverage for this. They sell their insurance through brokers who have affiliated with them. To find a broker an insurance shopper can do so through the main site of Intact.

Aviva Canada

Aviva considers itself to be one of the leading insurance companies in Canada. They have over 4000 employees to represent them. Those interested in buying their vehicle insurance can do so through brokers. Ones that have formed an affiliation with this insurance company. They offer vehicle insurance under their personal insurance section. Also, they insure a variety of different types of vehicles. Their emphasis is on discounts. It is with insurance discounts for bundling. As well as for retired vehicle insurance shoppers. They also encourage a clean driving record which they reward through their discounts.

Belairdirect Vehicle Insurance

Belairdirect makes shopping for vehicle insurance easy. Their website is an informative one. It breaks down the different types of vehicle insurance that they offer. This allows insurance shoppers to become informed as to what this company has to offer. They encourage individuals to get a quote directly from their site. One can begin with the basic and mandatory insurance and then build upon their policy from there.

Economical Insurance Group



Economical is proud to be a Canadian insurance company. One that serves all regions of Canada including Ontario. They offer a full line of insurance products including vehicle insurance. The company works through brokers. To find a broker in Ontario one needs to enter their postal code on the website for Economical. The company has chosen to team up with independent insurance brokers. They have been doing this for many years. This way they believe it allows insurance shoppers to have options. In their choices of insurance coverage.

TD Insurance

TD is also another company that is known for its banking services. But has grown rapidly in its opportunities to buy vehicle insurance through them. They encourage insurance shoppers to get online quotes, and they may be able to get a 5% discount. Plus, they also offer preferred rates for alumni and professionals. They have placed their focus on discounts in the vehicle insurance category. For green car discounts.

State Farm Insurance

State Farm has chosen to offer their insurance packages through agents. As opposed to affiliates. They offer different options for being able to buy the insurance for one’s vehicles. They can get a quote online or by entering their postal code they can be put in contact with a local agent. One of the new aspects of State Farm is that they are going to become part of Desjardins insurance company. They too focus on their discounts offering a variety of these. These include the telematics program as well as the multiple vehicle discounts.

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance

Individuals can buy vehicle insurance through Wawanesa. They will get teamed up with a broker in their area. Their head office Ontario branch is located in Toronto. They offer a full selection of auto insurance packages. They have also created a long list of potential discounts for insurance shoppers. These are available to individuals in specific areas. While the list of discounts is long they may not be available to every area.



This insurance company likes to make buying auto insurance quick and easy. They do this by allowing insurance shoppers to get a quick quote from their main site. Or the option is to get a more detailed quote. For their focus on discounts, they outline the winter tires discount. Also, the loyalty discount is two of several.

There are some quality insurance companies in Ontario. It provides some great opportunities for insurance shoppers to get some quotes. By doing this, they can make some vehicle insurance comparisons. This means some potential savings on premium costs.