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Timmins Ontario

Some think that Timmins is a small remote town. However, for the North Western region of Ontario, it is the 4th largest city. As such, there is a heavy demand for vehicle insurance here.

Paib Insurance

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Knowing what you want to get from your insurance broker will help you pick the right one for you. Checking out Paib Insurance will give you a good idea of what this company has to offer. They offer a full line of insurance which also includes auto insurance. They have insurance packages for many different types of recreational vehicles. Their mandate is to provide you with the best service possible. Also, to be there to answer all of your questions. Currently, this company has no reviews on Google* reviews.

BMT Insurance

For those living in the Timmins area, they need to be able to rely on an insurance broker that is going to be dependable. That is what they can expect from BMT insurance. They are connected to some quality insurance providers. To make sure that they can get the best price for insurance packages that their clients need. They have received a top brokerage award for 2016. The company is committed to professionalism. At the same time offering personalized service. They have been serving this area of Ontario for over 50 years. They take great pride in being a trusted brokerage firm that the Timmins residents can rely on. Currently, the company does not have any Google* reviews.


Some may want to consider the Allstate agent serving Timmins. Insurance shoppers are going to find their insurance solution here. Many enjoy having personalized service. They will appreciate the Allstate agent here as this is what they offer. Currently, this agent has one* review on Google reviews giving a 5.* star rating.

Cambrian Insurance

Some in Timmins like personalized service for any of the products they are going to buy. These individuals want to rely on Cambrian insurance for their auto insurance needs. This company is a simplified company that believes in making insurance buying easy. They want to sit down with their clients. To discuss your needs and then find the best packages with the best pricing. On their Facebook page, they have 1,724* followers. They currently do not have any Google* reviews.

Local Insurance Brokers

One of the most important products to buy is insurance products. Especially when it comes to vehicle insurance. When one is shopping for this type of insurance, they want to seek out the best brokers possible. For those in the Timmins area, they may want to check out the Local Insurance Brokers. This is a company that has been in this business for over 100 years. They have partnered up with some of the very best insurance providers. Ones that service Canadian insurance needs. For a one to one service with great care, this is what can be expected from that this brokerage firm. Currently, the company does not have any Google* reviews.

Rivet Insurance

There is no second-guessing when it comes to one’s insurance needs when dealing with Rivet. This is an honest upfront brokerage firm. One that believes in making it quick and easy to buy vehicle insurance. The company offers a variety of different insurance packages. They are intent on offering the very best in customer care. They are heavily involved in the community. Believing that they have the responsibility to give back to those that support them. The company acts as a representative of their clients and puts their interest first. On their LinkedIn page, they have 38* employees with 117* followers. Currently, they have no reviews* on Google reviews.

Sun Life


Sun Life is prepared to assist the Timmins residents with their insurance needs. This will also include vehicle insurance. Which will be provided through their affiliate Belair Direct. One can expect quality products at reasonable prices. When dealing with this insurance provider.

Roichaud Insurance

This is an insurance broker that provides a variety of different insurance packages. Insurance that takes care of the Timmins area. The broker currently has five* reviews on their Facebook page.

PBL Insurance

This company can provide insurance for those living in the Timmins area. They have over 100 years of experience. Plus, they are classed as one of the top independent broker firms for Ontario. This Company has gained a great deal of respect. They have personnel that is passionate about the services that they provide. Also, they provide all types of insurance including auto and home insurance. Some want to bundle their insurance. They may have the opportunity to get discounted rates by doing so. If not there are other ways that this company will work towards getting them the discounts. For their vehicle insurance that they need and deserve.

Intact Insurance


A well-known insurance provider is intact insurance. They service clients right across Canada. This is ideal for those that want to deal directly with an insurance company. As compared to going through a broker. This includes the Timmins area. They have a good selection of vehicle insurance to choose from. They also insure other types of vehicles. One can contact the company directly, and they will be put in touch with an agent that will cater to their needs.

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