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police writing traffic ticket

Insurance Companies are in the business of making money. Just like any other business is. But, at the same time, they want to provide a quality service for their clients. One of their services is the provision of driver’s insurance products. They are going to make every effort possible to reduce their risks when providing these insurance products. To do that they have to know what the risk factors are that affect them. To determine this, they use many different resources. One of these will be a review of the insurance shopper’s driving history. On here they may see some traffic violations. Ones that they may take into account when determining the cost of the insurance.

Do Different Types of Driving Tickets Affect Your Insurance?


Insurance companies are going to look at your driving record. There is a reason for this. They want to be able to assess the information that they find here.  One area of focus will be on driving infractions. They will show as tickets that have been issued to the drivers. In combination with this, they will probably place the tickets seen into categories. In general insurance companies will categorize tickets as minor, serious and criminal. These categorizations speak for themselves.

Potentially Serious Tickets Regarding Insurance

Insurance companies are most interested in tickets that pertain to the vehicle being in motion. They will also pay attention to other resources when it comes to the seriousness of tickets. They may look at statistics that pertain to the driving infractions. Here are some examples. Added to their list of concerns will be tickets that pertain to insurance infractions.

Driver Distraction

To many they may not seem like a serious offense. With so many people using their cell phones while driving. But according to a recent article on the new driving laws regarding this are going to soon take effect.  The article states that …” New rules that will mean automatic driver’s licence suspension for convicted distracted drivers in Ontario will soon take effect after receiving Royal Assent, 680NEWS has learned.” source…

The article goes on to say the fines could be as high a $3,000 for a third or more offence. Also, a 6 demerit point assignment for multiple offences.

The statistics for distracted driving is shocking with it being estimated that 8 out of ten accidents in Canada is as a result of distracted driving.

The Insurance Impact

With new laws coming into place, and statistics such as this there is no doubt that this is one of several types of tickets that an insurance company is going to pay close attention to.

Driving with a G2 Licence and Alcohol

An alcohol conviction with this licence status will probably be considered serious by the Insurance Companies. Mainly because the law considers it serious. It comes with a 30-day licence suspension.

Insurance Impact

Most of the insurance companies will view this as an impaired driving conviction. The insurance rates are likely to skyrocket with this type of ticket.

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana


With this substance becoming legal the government is getting ready to pounce on drivers under the influence of this substance. The new laws are bringing in a driving suspension ranging from 3 days to 30 days.  Depending on the number of occurrences. This law is directed at the G1,2 and M1 and 2 licence holders.

Insurance Impact

Those young drivers or new drivers with these licences are most likely already paying higher insurance prices. Now add an offence like this to it, and it is going to be held over their head by the insurance companies for three years most likely.

How Much Does Your Insurance Go Up After a Ticket?

There is no firm answer as to how much the insurance will go up as a result of tickets. It is because other factors will play an overall role in this. Here are some rough examples that some have provided that are in the insurance field.

Think carefully about the convictions as this is the starting point for the rise in costs of the insurance premiums.

Minor Tickets

Although the insurance companies may vary many of them will overlook an increase for one or two minor convictions. An example of these is an unsafe move. Or failure to use seat belts. But, that doesn’t mean there are no indirect consequences. Don’t forget about those valuable discounts. Some insurance companies will give a 15% discount on the premiums for those drivers who are ticket free. So even for minor tickets, one could lose out on this discount. That would be like a 15% increase in the premiums if one were enjoying this discount.

Major and Serious Convictions

These are going to fluctuate drastically depending on the specific conviction. As well as the insurance company.

Every insurance company is different as they want to be competitive. However, when it comes to risks, they are all on the same page.

How Long Do Tickets Affect Insurance Ontario?

Your ticket infractions are going to affect your insurance for three years.

Reducing the Impact on Your Insurance for Ticket Violations


Once you get a driving ticket and you are convicted, you cannot turn back the clock. But you do have control over the future. This is what you need to focus on. Here are a few steps you can take to help lessen the insurance impact as a result of your tickets.

Make sure that you are guilty of the violation. Even if it is a minor ticket. Police do make mistakes. If you feel that you are not in the wrong, then it may be worth fighting the ticket in court. Just for the sake of the potential impact, it could have on your insurance.

If you get one ticket be sure you take extra caution in the future not to get any ticket that fits into any of the minor, major or serious categories. Accumulation of different tickets is just as bad as two or three of the same type.

If your insurance has increased as a result of your driving infractions, look for other ways to try and bring the premium cost down. There are two effective ways of doing this.

One is by taking advantage of as many discounts as you possibly can. This means being aware of what they are. Also, which insurance companies offer them.

The second is to become a savvy insurance shopper. This means getting some good quality auto insurance quotes based on your information. So you can make some comparisons to see who is offering the best rates.