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temporary car insurance

It is well known that when it comes to car insurance, Ontario is one of the most strictly regulated provinces in Canada. Mostly, policies are sold on an annual basis. The minimum term that you could buy car insurance is for only 6 months. Car insurance is mandatory in Ontario. Hence, even if you were to use the 10-day temporary license plate stickers, insurance is a must. Some companies realized that there is a market for short-term insurance. Most companies only offer at least a one-year policy so as to ensure they maximize their earning potential.

Why Do You Need Temporary Car Insurance in Toronto


By law, all cars on the road in Toronto are required to have active insurance protection with at least minimum coverage. Temporary car insurance becomes a necessity for individuals who want to drive for a short period. Penalties are steep for driving without adequate insurance. So it is highly recommended to have insurance in any situation.

Visitors Driving a Car in Toronto

You may need temporary insurance if you are a visitor to Canada and you want to stay in Toronto for a month or two. Instead of renting, you may intend to buy a car. It is cheaper to buy a used car than rent on a daily basis. Many visitors to Toronto abandon the idea of getting car insurance and driving a car. To them, the cost is not worth it. They do not like the fact that they have to pay six months’ worth of insurance even if they will only stay for two months. The cancellation fee is another stress to the pocket. Also, Ontario requires a valid Ontario driver’s license before you can apply for any insurance policy.

If you are planning to visit Toronto for a period of fewer than 3 months and prefer to drive, there is a provision as per law in Ontario. While visiting, you may still use your valid driver’s license from another country, province, or state. You may also have to adhere to the following rules:

  • Minimum age of 16 years as that is the minimum legal driving age allowed in Ontario
  • Carry active car insurance with mandatory coverage for the car that you may drive
  • While you drive you must have a copy showing proof of ownership for the vehicle
  • You also need to keep a copy of the legal vehicle permit while you drive
  • Strictly follow traffic rules, drive cautiously and steer clear from impaired driving
  • Stay away from any traffic violations or citations. Avoid any collisions when you drive

Other Motorists Driving Temporarily

Some motorists may need to drive only for a little while. Some may want to test drive cars. Some need to only fill in for a driver. Or some individuals may be moving to another province and just need to stay a few more months in Ontario. Still, you need to be insured. There is no provision in Toronto law to exempt an individual from getting car insurance. In the eyes of the law, whether you drive for a day or a year, you are still part of the risk on the road.

Temporary insurance can come in handy for various reasons. Below are some reasons why you need to purchase a short-term policy.

  • Students on a vacation may need to drive while at their parents’ home
  • Students who just got their G1 license will only practice before going back to school
  • Those who bought a new car but remain undecided which full coverage to buy
  • The car is for sale
  • The car is not in use but will stay in storage
  • A borrowed car
  • You are transitioning in between policies and do not want to have a gap in insurance
  • You plan to go on a road trip driving a rental car

What Are The Options For Temporary Car Insurance In Toronto


There are several methods that you could choose to get temporary insurance. It is a good idea to try all of this. So that, you could get the best value out of your money. It is recommended to check if the coverage only applies to a collision, personal injury, or both. You may always ask for the maximum amount of coverage that you could afford and is mandatory.

Option 1

The first method could be to call your current insurance provider and ask for various options. If you need temporary insurance because your child is back home from school, you may not need to pay at all. All you need to do is to inform the insurance company that someone else is using the car. If your relatives from another country are visiting, it is best to check with your insurer. You may find out if there are any provisions to add to your car insurance coverage for a short period.

Option 2

If your current insurance provider does not offer short-term coverage plans, your next option is to shop for it. It is best advised to do so online so that you may save time. You may check our car insurance calculator to get many quotes from different providers. You could compare and save easily.

Option 3

If you are driving a rental car, you may buy short-term insurance from the rental car facility. Rental car businesses receive quotes and rates from insurance companies due to the nature of the services they offer. Car rental companies offer insurance coverage at the store to make it more convenient for customers. However, these quotes can be overpriced.

Option 4

You may check with your credit card provider. Many credit card companies provide cars and other forms of insurance to their customers. You could ask carefully if the policies apply to you and your family or the primary cardholder only.

Car insurance is meant to protect the insured from any potential damages and expenses. If you are a resident of Toronto, you may plan your car use ahead. Not all insurance companies in Ontario offer temporary car insurance.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.