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Stouffville is located just outside of the city of Toronto. A lot of the residents here commute to the city. This has created a demand for quality insurance brokers to meet their vehicle insurance needs.

Alsop Insurance


Finding the right insurance provider can be challenging. However, this insurance broker serving the Stouffville area should put an end to that. This firm is one that takes providing insurance seriously. They work with all types of clients in need of insurance. For those in this area in need of vehicle insurance, they want to be able to get it quick and easy. This is just one reason why they will turn to this company for the help they need. The company was founded in 1945. It was a one-person operation for many years until 2002. Throughout these years the mandate has always been quality customer service. It is an award-winning company. They have won the Stouffville Sun-Tribune Readers Choice Award for Best Insurance Company. Currently, the company does not have any reviews* on Google.

Lant Insurance

When one is buying life insurance, they need to be able to do so with some knowledge. This insurance brokerage firm realizes this. It is one of the reasons why they will work so hard at educating their clients. They will inform them as to which type of insurance is best for them. Plus, they will make sure that clients are going to get the attention they need and deserve. One of their vehicle insurance specialties is Classic Car Insurance. Currently, the company has 3* reviews on Google giving it a 5.* star rating.

Cassidy and Young

There are options for shopping for vehicle insurance. One of the easiest ways is to find a good quality broker. One that is going to serve your needs as a client. Most insurance brokers affiliate with several insurance companies. Then they will choose from these according to the client’s needs that they are serving. This allows them to do independent insurance shopping. This is the format this Insurance brokerage uses. The client has one* review on Google giving it a 1.* star rating.

BH Insurance

This company is intent on serving their clients in the best way possible. Their job is to find the best insurance products according to each client’s needs. There is no such thing as one form of insurance applying to everyone. When it comes to vehicle insurance especially. This is an individualized product. It demands individualized attention. This company is well aware of this. It has made the decision to be dedicated to their client’s needs. Their Facebook page shows they have 212* followers. The company has one* review on Google giving it a 5.* rating.

Moller Insurance


Those looking for vehicle insurance may want to consider this brokerage firm. They strive to get the best insurance deals. Along with this, they are intent on getting the best prices. They can only achieve this by getting to know their clients. There are vehicle insurance discounts available. This company will identify those that their clients are eligible for. By doing this in ensures that their clients are getting fair pricing for their insurance. They know that protecting your loved ones is your priority. This company makes it their priority. Currently, there are 2* reviews on Google giving this company a 3.* rating.

Hagerty Insurance

This is a company that believes in getting things done quickly. They are in the business of providing vehicle insurance. It includes a variety of insurance packages which also deals with vehicle insurance. Those needing this type of insurance usually need it as fast as possible. That is something that this company delivers on. But not by comprising the quality of the insurance or getting reasonable pricing.

Sandy McKenzie Insurance Agency

For quick easy and hassle-free insurance shopping in Stovall one may want to refer to a State Farm agent. Sandy has been a State Farm agent since 1981. He knows the residents of Stouffville and is ready to treat them as valuable clients. This agent is well aware that insurance is an individualized product. He is willing to take the time that each client is going to need. This is time well spent on finding the best insurance package at the best price. Currently, this agent does not have any reviews* on Google reviews.

Bret Meyers

Many want to do business with Co-Operators insurance company, and this is easily done. The residents in Stouffville can contact the agent here. Who is going to give them personalized service. Co-Operators offer simple vehicle insurance packages. Insurance is mandatory, in Canada for drivers. Co-Operators is ready to meet this need. For those that want more extensive insurance coverage, the option for this is here. Currently, this agent has no Google reviews*.

Axon Insurance

Axon is one of those companies that believe in offering personal customer service. They offer a full line of insurance products. One of the most popular is in their personal insurance category. Which is vehicle insurance. This is an insurance brokerage firm that serves many communities throughout Ontario. They believe in taking the time to shop for the best rates with the most comprehensive packages. They also believe in educating their clients as to what vehicle insurance entails.

Blair Insurance

vehicle insurance

For those who want to shop for their insurance outside of the Stouffville area, Markham is not too far away. There are several insurance providers here. Among them is Blair insurance. Yet again another quality insurance brokerage company. One that is prepared to offer the best in customer service to their clients. Customer service to them is listening. Paying attention to the needs that arise for vehicle insurance clients. Every client has a different requirement, and this company aims to be able to fulfill this. Currently, the company has 27* reviews on Google with a 4.5* star rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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