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st-jerome QC

St. Jerome is a city in Quebec. It has access to many major highways. There are many residents here who are in need of quality and affordable vehicle insurance. To meet these needs, there are several Insurance Brokers who carry on business here.

Assurances Groupe Vezina

auto insurance

This group of insurance brokers is dedicated to their business. The company focuses on bringing the very best in insurance services. They offer a full line of insurance. Including auto insurance that offers a variety. One of their mandates is to work quickly for their clients. They know that insurance shopping can be a hassle. The company has been in business for over 65 years. They claim that they have 90* employees on staff. To meet their client’s needs. They offer a variety of insurance packages.

They also cater to those that need vintage car insurance. Plus, those that have modified their vehicles will want to shop here for their insurance. This brokerage firm has partnered up with some of the leading insurance companies in Canada. On their Facebook page, they have 994* followers. Giving them a 5.* point star rating. Presently on Google, they have one review. Giving them a 5.* star rating.

La Capitale

La Capitale has many branches across Canada. They are intent on looking after the insurance needs of drivers. As well as other clientele. They service the St. Jerome area. By meeting the insurance shoppers requirements. For those shopping for vehicle insurance, the company likes to focus on discounts. Those that they can get for their clients. For those utilizing electric or hybrid cars, there may be an opportunity to get a 15% discount. They also offer protected claims protection. Their LinkedIn page encompasses all of the employees that they have within this group. Which is comprised of 1,902*. Here on their LinkedIn page, they show a following of 11,535* individuals. They have 2* Google reviews. Giving them a 1.* point star rating.


For those in need of dependable and affordable auto insurance, this is a company that can help meet their needs. They believe in personalized service. Understanding that vehicle insurance is a personal product. The company has over 150 years of experience. They like to be able to offer advice and suggestions to their clients. It is a company that has received many awards applicable to the insurance industry. At the present* time the company does not have any reviews on Google.

Assure Forget


Insured shoppers have many different needs. Assure Forget is a company that can meet these needs. Also, they offer a full line of insurance products. Plus, they promote the fact that they have 50 years of experience that allows them to do this. They want to take the hassle out of this type of shopping. Which vehicle insurance shoppers often experience. The company offers vehicle insurance for passenger vehicle drivers. Plus, they will take care of the needs for motorcycles. As well as ATVs and snowmobiles. At present this company has four* reviews on Google reviews. It has given them a 4.8* star rating.

Cadieux Beausejour Dupras

This is a company that knows how important a broker is for insurance clients. They are prepared to offer efficient and quick service. To meet those in need of insurance. In their vehicle insurance division, they cover many different types of vehicles. This includes pleasure vehicles. As well as seasonal vehicles. They are insistent on helping all clients with their vehicle insurance needs. This includes those that are having difficulty getting insurance. This relates to drivers that have a bad record or high-risk drivers. Currently, the company has two* Google reviews giving them a 5.* star rating.

IA Insurance

For those in the St. Jerome area that is in need of vehicle insurance, this is a company that can help. Not only do they offer vehicle insurance but other types as well. They offer many reasons why one would want to use their services. One of the main focuses is their intent to offer and meet the needs of personal requirements. They rely on the latest technology. That is available to the insurance industry. On their LinkedIn page, they have 20,642* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 11,686* followers. The company has been in business since 1892. They are very active in the community. The Company focuses primarily on giving donations to needy organizations. They currently have one* review on Google reviews. It gives them a 5.*point star rating.

Isabelle Desormeaux

This is a broker that is intent on listening to her client’s wants and needs. She services the St. Jerome area.  Her mandate is to offer personalized service. This broker makes her services available in the case of an emergency 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The broker likes to support the potential of discounts. According to each driver’s needs. Technology is utilized here by way of apps. And with the auto tracking of car repairs, these are quick and easy. Currently* this broker does not have any reviews on Google reviews.

LA Turquoise

This is a broker whose mandate is to find the best insurance packages for their clients. They understand that this is a personal product. Each client needs individual insurance. The broker acts on behalf of Intact insurance. For those that need auto insurance. The broker promotes the My Auto Privilege. Which is an insurance package provided by Intact insurance. Included in the vehicle insurance offerings is the good driving record protection. There is also a possibility for a roadside assistance service.

The company has 50* years of service. Catering to the insurance needs of their clients. Recently the company went through a merger with Group Cyr & Lyras. This merger resulted in the company becoming one of the five largest brokerage firms. For insurance in Quebec. Their LinkedIn page indicates they have 127* employees on staff. They also show a following of 1,205* followers. On Facebook, they have a following of 1,762*. Here on Facebook, they have a 3.2* star rating. Currently* they have no reviews on Google reviews.


When a driver is in need of vehicle insurance, they want to get it as quickly as possible. This is a broker that serves the St. Jerome area. As such, they can cater to the insurance needs of drivers here. They offer a full selection of auto insurance. Focusing on the individual client’s requirements. The broker acts as the intermediary with the insurance company. This broker has chosen to partner up with many of the top insurance companies across Canada. It allows them to find competitive pricing based on their client’s needs. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have nine* employees. Their Facebook page indicates 215* followers. And they have a 5.* point star rating. They have three* Google reviews. Giving them a 4.7* star rating.

RPA Insurance


RPA offers a full line of insurance. They cater to the St. Jerome and surrounding area. They have made themselves unique in comparison to their competitors. They believe in listening to their clients. By doing so, they can provide them with insurance coverage that best suits their needs. Also, they rely on their experience to be able to provide the necessary insurance. This company is involved in the community by participating in local events. They have partnered up with some quality insurance companies. By doing this, they can shop effectively. They do this for each of their client’s vehicle insurance needs.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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