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Those who are living in the St. Catharines Niagara region will have no difficulty finding a broker. There are many that offer full vehicle insurance packages. They each have their uniqueness. It is worth doing some insurance shopping comparisons to be able to benefit from what they each have to offer.

Verge Insurance Group

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St. Catharines and Niagara region insurance shoppers can utilize the services of Verge insurance group. They are a brokerage firm that offers all types of insurance packages including vehicle insurance. They offer a good selection within this category. According to them, they offer 24/7 claim support. Among the type of vehicle insurance, they offer they have also included packages for classic and antique automobiles. They have a large network of insurance providers. That they rely on to bring comparable insurance rates to their clients. Their LinkedIn status indicates that they have 51* employees on board. The company began with a two-person a partnership in 1953. Where they operated out of a one-room office. It has now grown to the point where it is in the top 5%* of brokerage firms in the province. Google is showing that for reviews for this company it has given it a 3.* rating.

Hope & Harder

For more than 50 years this insurance broker has been serving in this region. They are currently indicating that they have more than 21 employees. They are a full insurance brokerage firm including the offering of vehicle insurance. They have only collected one review on Google which is given them a five-star rating.

Youngs Insurance Brokers

Individuals shopping for vehicle insurance in the St. Catharine and Niagara region can check to see what Youngs insurance brokers have to offer them. They focus on offering customized packages. To meet the individual needs of those requiring this type of insurance. They are heavily involved in the community through giveback Ontario campaigns. Also, they are classed as one of the largest insurance brokerages throughout Ontario as independents. They have been in the business since 1910. They have continued to grow over two decades. On LinkedIn they are reporting to have 139* employees on staff. Google has recorded ten reviews left by interested parties for this company. Out of this, they have been given a 2.7* star rating.

All Risks Insurance Brokers

The staff at All Risk insurance brokers are ready willing and able to discuss vehicle insurance needs. They catered to the St. Catharines and Niagara region. According to LinkedIn statistics this the company is employing 192* employees. They are currently listing 693* followers on their Facebook page. It is an insurance broker that believes in providing ample information for clients. In order to be able to take advantage of discounts and savings. When it comes to their auto insurance. Although seemingly a fairly large firm they have limited reviews on Google reviews. The total of two reviews is listed there giving a 4.5*star rating.

Olsen-Sottile Insurance

There are 14* employees working for Olsen-Sottile. The company offers a full range of insurance packages. It includes a good selection of vehicle coverage. They work closely with their clients to arrange for payment of premiums. Ones that are comfortable and easy to handle. The company has been providing 30 years of service in this industry for this area. They are actively involved in the community through many different charitable organizations. These include the United Way and the Boys and Girls club.Plus, the  Arthritis Foundation and the Terry Fox Foundation. And the list goes on. They are members of the Chamber of Commerce. Also, they have many resources to rely on for providing the type of insurance their clients need. With a one Google review, they have a 5.* rating

Keller Insurance


Founded in 1984 this is an insurance brokerage firm that has been serving the residents of St Catharines and Niagara since then. With the provision of both vehicle insurance as well as other types. Along with a selection of vehicle insurance plans, the company also arranges insurance for antique and classic cars. Keller Insurance has an A+* rating with the Better Business Bureau. This brokerage is a small firm utilizing a staff of 5* people according to their LinkedIn page. Google reviews have provided a 3.7* star rating based on three reviews.

Thompson Insurance Brokers

Part of the Insurance Products offered by Thompson Brokers includes vehicle insurance. Also, they do also cater to high-risk drivers. Plus, they have a long list of reputable insurance companies that they are affiliated with. They focus on insurance discounts. Out of 3 Google reviews the company has received a 4.3* star rating.

F.E. Coyne Insurance

For a full selection of vehicle insurance products, this is an Insurance broker that offers it. They cater to the St. Catharines and Niagara areas. Included in their vehicle coverage is all-terrain vehicles. It is a company that has been around for over one hundred years. They are heavily involved in the community through organizations such as Crime Stoppers of Niagara, Autism of Niagara and the Canadian Cancer Society. They have 154* followers on Facebook. With six reviews they have gathered a 4.8* star rating on Google Reviews.

Billyyard Insurance Group

All of the vehicle insurance that anyone may need can be obtained through this Insurance Brokerage company. They also pay attention to what discounts that they can get for their clients.  The Company has a business page on Facebook showing 354* followers. A lot of clients have taken the time to leave a Google Review. Out of 86 reviews, this company has a 5.* rating.

Seymour Fair

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This is a brokerage company for insurance that is relatively new. As compared to others servicing the same area. It was founded in 2008. But before this, it was Northwood Fair and Associates. The Company offers a full line of auto insurance. They have a full roster of insurance companies that they are partnered up with. On the Google Reviews, there is only one review present giving it a 4.*rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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