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Spruce Grove, Canada

Spruce Grove does not have a large population. They do have a lot of residents that depend on good quality vehicle insurance. To help meet their needs, there are several insurance brokers in the area.

Cumby Insurance

vehicle insurance

This is an insurance brokerage firm that is all about getting rid of the stress. Like that which comes with the insurance shopping. The firm deals with many different types of insurance products. One of these is the vehicle insurance. The experts here will help each client understand what their policy means. By having a better understanding insurance shoppers can make better decisions. The company is also proud of the customer service that they provide. They understand that each client is an individual. Each person has personalized needs when it comes to their vehicle insurance. The Company takes on the role of being a representative for each client they have. They take this role very seriously and will be there to meet their client’s needs. Currently, on Google reviews, this company has 23* reviews giving them a 4.8* star rating.


This insurance company offers a whole selection of insurance packages. Within their personal insurance category is the vehicle insurance. In here the company offers coverage for cars and trucks. Along with this they also include many other types of vehicles. The company focuses on engaging with their clients. Every client has their priorities that have to be met. The insurance advisor will tend to these priorities and make suggestions where necessary. They are intent on saving the insured shopper money wherever possible. They are also on intent on making insurance shopping convenient. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 6579* followers. Their Facebook page is indicating that they have 3610* followers. Currently, they have one* Google review giving it a 5.*point star rating.

Ashdon Agency Inc.

Some wish to obtain vehicle insurance through an agent. They may want to consider the cooperators. Ashton agency is here to help those that wish to do this. Cooperators have a full list of insurance products. Among these is auto insurance. One can either talk to the agent directly or use the online service. In any event, this agency is there to represent the needs of insurance shoppers. Currenteachly this agency does not have any Google reviews.


This is an insurance brokerage firm that is intent on making things easy for the clients. Those that want to renew their vehicle registration can easily do so here. Or they can book their online road testing from the site. Aside from that when it comes to shopping for insurance, the experts here have a lot to offer. This is a company that has eight* branches throughout Edmonton. They have in business since 1965.

They have linked up with many quality insurance providers. By doing this, it allows them the convenience of being able to shop for each client’s needs. When it comes to their insurance. Vehicle insurance is important and is mandatory. Therefore drivers must have good resources for obtaining the coverage they need. On their LinkedIn page, they have 97* employees with 340* followers. On their Facebook page, they are showing 382* people following them. They currently have 73* reviews on Google giving them a 4.* point star rating.

Conrad Yaremchuk

Conrad is the agent that is representing State Farm. He has been acting as an agent for 15* years. He is here to answer any and all questions that insurance shoppers may have. For those that are looking for vehicle insurance, this agent is going to make it quick and easy. State Farm offers a full selection of insurance products. For clients to choose from. Along with potential discounts for some money saving opportunities. This agent currently has one* Google review giving it a 5.* point star rating.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate is a large company that provides various types of insurance. They do this directly to clients. To make this an easy process they will work through designated agents. For the Spruce Grove region, there is an Allstate Agent ready, willing and able to help them. This office will help to take the confusion out of shopping for vehicle insurance. This company takes pride in keeping insurance costs low. Currently, the company has 6* reviews on Google giving it a 3.2* rating.

Access Insurance

Some like to shop for all their insurance needs in one place. They may want to consider Access insurance. It is an insurance company that serves this area with all of their insurance needs. Those looking for auto insurance can count on this company. To get them the great price that they are looking for. Pricing is built on the different metrics insurance companies use to set premiums. This insurance broker will work with the different insurance companies. Those that best suit a particular client. Not having to do this themselves is a great time saver for the insurance shopper.

The terms that come with vehicle insurance can be confusing. It is mandatory across Canada to have basic insurance. But there are many drivers that want more coverage than this. Often they are not sure what to choose. By using a broker such as this, it takes the guesswork out of what one should buy. The company’s LinkedIn page shows they have 46* employees with 130* followers. On their Facebook page, they are showing they have 877* followers. They currently have three* reviews on Google giving them a 5.* point star rating.

Darson Insurance

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Darshan insurance has a great team of experts working with them. Their combined experience offers 40* years of expertise to the insurance shopper. They service the Spruce Grove and surrounding area. They are an independent insurance broker. One that works with all different types of insurance packages. They like to specialize in the individual needs of each person. Those who are looking for an insurance package. What one of the most common types of insurance is vehicle insurance. This is a confusing type of insurance. The agents here will make sure the clients have a full understanding of what they are buying. Currently, this company has one* Google review giving them a 3.* point star rating.

Getzinger Insurance

This is another agent that services the Spruce Hill region from Stony Plain. He specializes in what the State Farm Insurance Company has to offer. State Farm has some comprehensive insurance packages. Ones that are appealing to most vehicle insurance shoppers. There are a lot of options that come with vehicle insurance. Many drivers are not aware of these. They are also not aware that they can often get discounts that can help to reduce their costs. This agent will make sure that his clients are aware of these. He will also offer sound advice as to what the best coverage is for each client. It will be based on their personal needs. Currently, this agent has 21* reviews giving him a 4.2* rating.

Grandin Insurance Agencies

Grandin was originally started by one person. This was back in 1963. Over this time the agency has grown and now currently has eight* employees. All of which are dedicated to bringing good customer service. To clients in need of vehicle insurance. They also service the Spruce Grove area. One can either work with this company online or work with them directly. They will take the time to answer any and all questions related to insurance. Clients can take confidence in knowing that this company is going to work hard. At getting them the best insurance coverage at the best prices.

MBS Insuransurance Brokers

This firm is located in Edmonton. It is only about a half hour drive from the Spruce Grove area. Therefore those looking for insurance can easily use what this firm has to offer. They have been in business since 1969. The Company has grown to become one of the largest local independent brokerage firms in Alberta. They have a strong team. That is prepared to work hard at getting the best rates in insurance. Specifically for those looking for vehicle insurance. Discounts play a big role in reducing the cost of this type of insurance. Being aware of them helps the drivers take advantage of this. The professionals here will make sure that clients are aware of what might be available to them.

Capital Insurance


Capital insurance is prepared to serve the residents of Spruce Grove. To meet their insurance needs. Buying car insurance from this company will be an easy task. They take all the confusion out of this type of insurance. They will work hard using their affiliates to get the best quotes for their drivers. In addition to this, they will seek out the best the discounts as they apply to each individual.

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