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What Are Snowbirds?

Snowbirds are those that move from the colder countries to warmer countries. During the winter months. Canadian snowbirds will often spend a portion of the Canadian winter in Florida. So they can enjoy the warm weather there and avoid the harsh Canadian winters.

Canadian winters

Can Snowbirds Drive Their Vehicles When Away?

There is nothing to stop the snowbirds from driving their vehicles when away. One of the common destinations for snowbirds from Canada is the US. What they do have to realize is there are regulations for driving in the US. Those that may be different than those in Canada. It is up to the snowbird to know what these driving rules and regulations are. It is not uncommon for Canadians to drive to their destination in the US. Rather than flying or using other means of travel. One of the reasons they want to do this is so that they will have access to a vehicle during their stay while there. According to the rules of the US, snowbirds are allowed to stay in the US for a total of 180 days. Individuals have to know how their insurance companies will perceive this.

Does Vehicle Insurance Cover the Snowbirds?


Every insurance company is different. They have their own set of rules of what they are going to cover. There are also different rules that apply to the different insurance products. About those who are selling vehicle insurance. Any snowbird should have a conversation with their insurance company. To know exactly what they are covered for and if there are any limitations. Also, reviewing their specific insurance policy will also give specific information. About what the policy covers. There are some organizations affiliated with the snowbirds. Some recommend the insured check the limit on their liability. They are making the suggestion that there should be 2 million of coverage. One reason for increasing the liability coverage is because of statistics show. Statistics show that claims can be far more expensive when they occur in the US.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to take their insurance coverage for granted. Most often individuals make assumptions. That once they have auto insurance that is going to cover any mishap that may occur from an accident. No matter where this may take place. This is not always the case. It is far better to know beforehand what coverage is in place. Rather than to learn that there is not enough when a mishap does occur.

Although there is a 180-day rule of how long Canadians can stay in the US. Quite often individuals exceed this period. What they don’t realize is that their insurance company may have the same stipulation. Meaning that they will only provide vehicle insurance coverage for 180 days. While being in the US. So individuals that are exceeding this time are breaking the US laws. They may be driving without insurance coverage. This is something that has to be specifically determined. With each insurance company.

Can I Put My Car Insurance on Hold in Canada

While there are a lot of people that drive their vehicle as snowbirds that there are also many that don’t. In this case, they want to know what they should do in regards to their vehicle insurance. The car may be parked in a garage or secure location during the period that the snowbirds are away. Their concern is why they should pay standard insurance if they are not going to be driving the vehicle. In this case there may be an option to reduce the coverage for the particular time.

It may be that nobody is going to be driving the vehicle. Then the insured may want to remove the liability and collision coverage. For those that have comprehensive insurance, they may want to think twice. About removing this insurance altogether. Wherever the car is stored, there is still the potential of a mishap. There could be an act of nature at that could damage the car, and if the insurance is not in place, then it will not cover it.

Canadian Insurance for Canadian Snowbirds

Often individuals take out vehicle insurance and just go about renewing it each year. They may not pay much attention to any potential changes that of taken place. Except if the insurance premiums have gone up significantly. What they don’t realize is that there may be a lot of potential discounts that are available to them. They won’t know about these unless they question their insurance company about it. Some insurance companies are more inclined to let clients know what discounts may be available. As they pertain to the insured. If this is so that they can ensure that they maintain their database.

Some individuals inform their insurance companies that they are snowbirds. They do this at the time they buy the insurance.

There are many that become snowbirds after they have obtained their vehicle insurance. It is important that they let their insurance company know that they are now participating in this activity. That way if there is anything that the insured needs to be aware of it can be brought to their attention

Snowbird Vehicle Insurance Shopping


There are many different ways that snowbirds can shop for vehicle insurance. They can shop directly from the various insurance companies. Or they have an option of going through brokers. An even better option is for them to take the time to get some online quotes. This way they can do some comparisons. It would be worth mentioning when talking about insurance. This gets taken into account immediately. The premiums if necessary can get adjusted for this. Also, it allows the insured shopper to know what the differences are. Among the insurance companies when it comes to snowbirds.

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