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Sherbrooke is credited with being in the 6th spot for largest cities in Quebec. As such there are plenty of roads to travel and lots of drivers that are in need of quality vehicle insurance. The following list is a good place for a driver to start their research for buying insurance.

Univesta Insurance


Univesta is an insurance broker that has several offices throughout Quebec. They have a full roster of insurance packages that they offer including vehicle insurance. Some of the special services that they offer are client service guarantee. They focus heavily on being able to help with claims no matter what the time. Plus, they also have the Rely network which is a collection of body repair specialists that they suggest for claimants. They have more than 50 years of experience in the insurance industry. Also, they are classed as one of the largest firms serving Quebec for insurance needs. Out of 16 reviews the Company has received a 3.3*rating on Google reviews.

Assurance Concordia


Assurance Concordia caters to clients that need vehicle insurance of all types. They pay particular attention to those that are having difficulty getting insurance for different reasons. For example, those that have had a suspended drivers license. Or those that are new drivers. Also, those that have had their previous insurance terminated. The Company has been offering their services for over 40 years*. The company currently has one review giving then a 5.* star rating.

Fernand Blais & Fils

This is an insurance broker that offers a full line of insurance packages. Among these is the vehicle insurance. Their focus is on encouraging clients to go beyond the mandatory basic insurance. They outline the necessity for this and what the company has to offer.

PMA Insurance

PMA is an Insurance broker serving Sherbrooke with vehicle insurance. As well as the most common other types of insurance. They have 553* followers on Facebook.  PMA uses Intact Insurance as their Insurance Partner. The Company has two Google Reviews giving it a 4* Star rating.

Simard Maheu Insurance

Simard Maheu Insurance is an insurance broker affiliated with La Capitale. For their insurance packages, they are intent on offering personalized service. On Facebook, they have 505* followers. They like to offer promotions. One of these is through the offering of contests. They also offer different incentives such as auto accident forgiveness. Many companies offer this for a first time accident. However, here they indicate that you may even get coverage for a 2nd accident forgiveness. You may also be able to purchase legal access insurance. These are just a few of several extras that they offer. They will increase the cost of the premiums. But the increase only seems to be a few dollars a month for each of these. As of yet* this company does not have any reviews on Google.

Chrystine Paquette

When you are buying vehicle insurance from this broker, there are some good incentives. You can buy a two-year package which can freeze your premium cost. They also offer the use of some handy apps.  One which you can use to make your claim. Another for being able to track the repairs being done on your vehicle. As a result of your claim. At the current time, this broker does not have any reviews* on Google.

Alpha Insurance

Alpha offers all different types of insurance. For their vehicle insurance, they have several different packages available. These packages cater to the different needs of the vehicle insurance shoppers.Some of the potential discounts can create some good savings on insurance costs. There is an option to take a two-year package. This means the premiums will stay the same for two years. They also offer flexible payment options. The Company also offers student discounts. For some professional insurance shoppers, there may be extra discounts for them. This company has made the Best Managed Companies List for Canada. Alpha has one review on Google giving it a 4* star rating.

AMR Insurance

AMR provides insurance coverage to insurance shoppers in Sherbrooke and surrounding area. They are a company comprised of 11* employees. According to their LinkedIn Page.  The Company is an award-winning company for the 2008 Distinction Courtier Relève Award. The company believes in transparency and credibility. This broker is affiliated with the RSA Insurance Company. They currently have 17 Google reviews giving the company a 5* star rating.

Assurancia Group Tardiff

This broker offers all of the standard auto insurance. They focus on offering customized service. On their website, they have several testimonies from satisfied clients. This brokerage was founded in 1954. This group has eight offices across Quebec. And they employ over 80* employees. They are active in their community. Participating in events such as the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. Plus they are involved with the LNAH-Thetford Team. Also, Sherbrooke Phoenix Team. Presently on Google, the Company has a 3.7*star rating based on three reviews.

Intact Insurance Brokers

good driving

For those interested in doing business with the Intact Insurance Company. One can easily find a broker that services the Sherbrooke area. It can be done through the Intact brokerage website. For those buying Intact insurance they offer a lot of great incentives. They have the My Driving Discount App. This program can afford a discount of about 25%. Then there is the good driving record protection. Plus the roadside assistance program.

This list gives several options for shopping for vehicle insurance in Sherbrooke. Each insurance broker works with their list of Insurance Companies that they have become affiliated with. It is a good idea to ask who they are partnered up with. If you are not happy with your insurance quotes, you can shop around. You would want to find another broker that deals with a different set of insurance companies, to get fresh quotes.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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