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Sarnia Ontario

Shopping for vehicle insurance is quick and easy for residents in Sarnia Ontario. There are plenty of brokers and agents available to meet their needs.

Magermans & Raes

MR insurance brokers have the desire to make insurance shopping easy. They offer a full selection of insurance packages. Among these are some good choices for vehicle insurance. They have linked up with more than 15 insurance companies that offer the best rates. The company has several offices to best serve their clients. One of which is conveniently located in Sarnia. The Company is pleased to have 542* followers on their Facebook page. This has given them a 5.* point star rating here. On Google, they have one* review. Giving them a 5.* point star rating.



Cam Ron has been in business since 1896. There have been more than four generations carrying on the business. It is a family operated entity. They have two locations. With one of them being in Sarnia. They are pleased to be able to offer a large selection of insurance products. They believe in educating their clients about vehicle insurance. By doing this, it allows shoppers to make informed decisions. The company has teamed up with many of the leading insurance providers that serve Canada. For those that are new to vehicle insurance, it can be a little overwhelming. The professionals here at cam Ron take the stress out of insurance shopping. The company has one* review at the current time on Google reviews. It has given them 3.* point star rating.

Gamble Insurance

Gamble Insurance is the representative for  Hub International. Hub offers a full selection of auto insurance. As well as other types of insurance. It is a company that tries to offer as many choices and discounts as possible for their clients. The Hub office in Sarnia is prepared to offer the customized service that is needed. For all types of insurance. The Gamble insurance office has three* reviews with a 4.7* star rating.


BrokerLink is a network of insurance providers and has an office located in Sarnia. They work with three major insurance companies. This allows them to offer options to their clients that are in need of vehicle insurance. However, the company does offer other insurance packages as well. The LinkedIn page indicates that there are 927* employees affiliated with BrokerLink. The Facebook page for BrokerLink covers the entire network. It indicates that it has 20,090* followers. Google reviews show that for the Sarnia location there are six* reviews. Giving it a 3.8* star rating.

H.E. Passingham

This is a family-owned business. It has been providing services for insurance since 1954. They have catered to the Sarnia and surrounding area during this time. Also, they believe in personalized service. They are well aware that insurance is a personal product. Each client demands individual attention. They currently show three* experts on their site. Those that look at different segments of the products they offer. Not only do they insure personal vehicles, but they also ensure other types of recreational vehicles. This insurance brokerage firm currently has five* reviews on Google. They have a 5.* star rating.

There are also several Agents serving Sarnia. They are dedicated to specific insurance companies. These agents are committed to representing one specific insurance company.

State Farm Insurance

Chad Dreise Insurance

The agent for Sarnia representing this Insurance Company is Chad Dreise Insurance. This agent has been representing State Farm in Sarnia since 2008. When it comes to auto insurance, there are some good choices available. Within the various vehicle packages. Being able to deal directly with one agent has some distinct advantages. Insured individuals have one contact. One that they can turn to when they are need of insurance assistance. Chad Dreise has 8* reviews on Google. These have given a 5.* star review.

Jim Keyes

Jim Keyes is another State Farm agent helping Insurance shoppers in Sarnia.  This Company likes to focus on getting as many insurance discounts as possible for his clients. These can make a big difference when it comes to vehicle insurance. Currently, Jim has 5* reviews on Google. These have given him a 3.8 *star rating.

Louise Dottori

many agents

Louise is proud to be one of the many agents representing State Farm Insurance in Sarnia. Those that are looking for a quick and easy way to get vehicle insurance can rely on her services. She has been representing State Farm since 1985. Currently*, there are no reviews on Google for this agent.

The Co-Operators

Fabien Jagoo & Assoc.

This insurance company is represented by Fabien Jagoo & Assoc. This Company has a team of experts on hand to look after the insurance needs of those living in Sarnia. Co-Operators offers a full line of insurance products. Included in these is vehicle insurance. This is an insurance Company that believes in being involved in the communities. Referring to those that they serve. Currently*, this agent does not have any reviews on Google reviews.

Brian Joyce & Associates

Aside from himself, Brian has a team of three* professionals. They are available to assist in delivering top quality insurance services. His company is a representative for Co-Operators. Those living in the Sarnia area can count on this firm. To find them the insurance coverage they need. When it comes to car insurance one can count on some competitive rates. This company has one* Google review. Giving a* rating.

Filia & Associates


Franco Filia is an additional agent supporting Co-Operators in Sarnia. He has a team of 7* to assist him with the provision of insurance products to residents of Sarnia. Among these products is a wide range of choices when it comes to vehicle insurance packages. Currently*, this company has no reviews on Google.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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