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Salaberry-de-Valleyfield is an area that has many quality insurance brokers to rely on for their insurance needs. The brokers here will work hard at finding the best insurance at affordable prices for each client they serve.

St. Germain & Brisson

customer service

This is an insurance brokerage company that knows why their clients need them. They are intent on getting the best prices on an individualized basis. Each client has their own needs and requirements. This company recognizes this. For this reason, they are intent on offering customized customer service. They believe that insurance should be in place quickly. They have a team of experienced advisors to be able to care for this. The company has partnered up with more than 20 insurance companies. This gives them a wide range of choices. The broker works as the representative for the client. As such they will shop amongst their affiliates to find who is offering the best package for each client. This company currently has 50* reviews on Google reviews. It has given them a 5.* point star rating.

Assurancia Leduc, Decelles, Dubus & Associates

This is a large group of insurance brokers. There mandate is to serve each client with the very best in insurance packages. They have been in business since 2008. There are now 30* branches across Québec under the Assurancia umbrella. Shopping for vehicle insurance can be stressful. That is why one wants to deal with a company such as this. They make the process quick and easy. At the same time, they take the proper care of each client on an individual basis. Insurance shoppers have many questions that need answers to. This brokerage firm is going to make sure that each client gets their answers. Once the proper insurance package is chosen, the advisor will work on the appropriate discounts. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 37* employees with 272* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 2952* followers. They have received 40* reviews here giving them a 4.4* star rating. On Google reviews, they have 4* reviews giving them a 4.2* star rating.


This is a big brokerage firm but offers personalized service. Every client is treated as being the priority. Which they are for this company. The company offers a full line of insurance offerings. For those shopping for insurance, they can feel confident dealing with this company. The company focuses on those that are looking to renew insurance. Or for new clients that are purchasing insurance for the first time. Every vehicle insurance client has different needs. It is these needs that this company will focus on. They will find the insurance that is appropriate for them. Clients will then feel confident that they have the proper coverage at the best prices. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 548* followers. Their Facebook page shows that they have 4052* followers. Currently, on Google reviews, they have one* review giving them a 5.* point star rating.


Univesta has been dealing with insurance for more than 60* years. They are a dedicated company. Working on bringing the latest offerings in insurance packages to their clients. They believe in personalized service. Vehicle insurance especially is an individual product. Insurance shoppers for this type of insurance need the proper care. They need to know what insurance is best for them. They also need to know what they can do to bring their rates down. This company is going to help them find all of the answers they are looking for.

Pluriel Assurance


This is a brokerage firm that believes that insurance is more than just a quote. The company focuses on offering individualized attention to each client. No matter what type of insurance that they are shopping for they can expect this type of care. Clients can feel confident. Knowing that this is a company that is going to look after their best interests. Aside from good pricing, the proper coverage is critically important. For this type of insurance. This is a firm that is going to identify what is the best coverage for each driver. Currently, this company has 18* reviews on Google giving them a 4.7*-star rating.

Assur Experts

Any Canadian driver is well aware that they need vehicle insurance. This now gives them the responsibility of looking for the right assistance. Finding a good broker is a good step towards this. This brokerage company knows exactly what drivers need. However, every driver has individual needs. Therefore this company will focus on personalized service. It means taking the time to sit with the client to determine what their needs are. Then choosing insurance that is affordable is going to be the next big step. Those that want a quick and easy solution to their insurance needs can rely on this broker to do so. Currently, this firm has no Google* reviews.

Promutuel Assurance

This is a company that has several offices. One of which can serve the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield area with all of their needs. When it comes to insurance. What is important to this company is to bring as many savings to their clients as possible. They focus on great premiums, to begin with. Then they enhance the savings on this with different discounts. There are discounts such as multivehicle discounts as well as winning combinations discounts. On their LinkedIn page, they have 1007* employees and 6127* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 8998* followers. They have received 191* reviews with a 3.4* star rating. For Google reviews that they currently have three* giving them a 4.7* star rating.

Assurances Descoteaux

This is a company that has built their business on their professionalism. They also believe in offering personalized services. Insurance of any kind is a big undertaking. For vehicle insurance shoppers they need individual attention. This can be expected from this broker. The priority will be on determining the insurance shopper’s needs. Vehicle insurance shoppers need premiums at good prices. They also need to know that they have the coverage that is most appropriate for them. This brokerage firm will see to it that their needs are satisfied. The company currently has one* review on Google giving it a 5.* point star rating


This is an insurance company that has worked hard at building their business to where it is today. They try to have quality agents serving as many areas as possible. Here the agent is Alan Stevenson that supports this Company. Steven is a professional who knows the insurance industry well. He will bring the best products to each client that he serves. Currently, this agent has 2* Google reviews giving a 4.5* star rating.



This is a brokerage company that is intent on providing the best in insurance products. The experts here will provide quality advice to each insurance shopper. Those looking for vehicle insurance will find their needs are met here. The company stands for their values and their honesty. Their customers are their priority. Currently, the company does not have any Google* reviews.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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